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Chapter 11 - A Violent, Chaotic Sport of Delight with Anna Meriano

Beyond the Veil

Join hosts Madison and Rebecca and special guest Anna Meriano, author of the Love Sugar Magic series and the upcoming This Is How We Fly, for a discussion on the eleventh chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, “Quidditch.” On this episode, we discuss… →Limping, betrayal, and mystery: a regular weekday for Harry Potter →Relatable snitch on pitch feels →Evil stepmothers and Quidditch →The murky world of gender identity →Breaking Texan stereotypes →Is Tumblr for old farts? →Capturing Quidditch culture →Distraction as a tool for mental health →The power of fandom spaces →Tea: the second-best mental healthcare in the books →This week's relevant tangent: food carts and college memories Share your thoughts on this episode with us below in the comments! Be sure to check out Beyond the Veil on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, Potter and mental health discussions, and more! Listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, Pocketcast, and Google!

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11 Nov 2020

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"Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble" by Anna Meriano; Read by Kendra

Chapter One with HPL

Leonora Logroño hopes that this year she'll be able to help her family prepare for the annual Día de los Muertos festival but is once again told she's too young to help at the Bakery. When she sneaks down to the bakery to try and help out anyway, she discovers that her mother and aunts are brujas—witches of Mexican ancestry who mix a bit of magic into everything they bake. Determined to prove that she can do magic to, Leo decides to help a friend. It's just one little spell, what could go wrong? This title is intended for tweens and is suitable for most audiences. Recorded with permission of Waldon Pond Press, an imprint of HarperCollins. Click here  to see this title in the Houston Public Library catalog.


1 Nov 2020

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65 Author Anna Meriano

Middle Grade Ninja

Anna Meriano thrills with tales of full contact quidditch, including the time she broke her pelvis, and teases her upcoming book on the subject. We primarily discuss her series LOVE SUGAR MAGIC and the release of its third installment, A MIXTURE OF MISCHIEF. She talks about eating the right cheese at the right time, which introduced her to Cake Literary. She walks me through her interview process and securing a book deal. We also chat about creating rules of magic, keeping track of a large group of characters over a series, inserting joy in diverse stories, parallel universes, and so much more.Anna Meriano grew up in Houston, Texas, with an older brother and a younger brother but (tragically) no sisters. She graduated from Rice University with a degree in English and earned her MFA in creative writing with an emphasis in writing for children from the New School in New York. She has taught creative writing and high school English and works as a writing tutor. Anna likes reading, knitting, playing full-contact quidditch, and translating English song lyrics into Spanish and vice-versa. Her favorite baked goods are the kind that don’t fly away before you eat them.

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21 Mar 2020

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Anna Meriano, middle grade author

F***ing Shakespeare

Photo credit: Rita MerianoEver wondered what you should do if your professor thinks you should write literary fiction, but you know you’re going to write something else? Today’s guest, Anna Meriano, talks about how much she appreciated that prof and also why choosing to disregard his suggestion was the best decision she could have made. Also, we investigate the weird and fascinating triple Venn diagram of the arts, people who speaks Spanish, and firefighters in Houston. Follow Anna on twitter @annamisboring and check out her website here.Plus, don’t forget to grab yourself copies of Anna’s beautiful books, A Dash of Trouble and A Sprinkle of Spirits from the Love Sugar Magic series.*Suggested Reads and Honorable MentionsMatilda by Roald Dahl“Hot Dog, Katsa!” by Kristin Cashore on The Horn Book Inc.Rebecca Roanhorse (Trail of Lightning and others)Anne McCaffrey (Dragonsong, Dragonflight, and others)N.K. Jemisin (The Fifth Season, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and others)The Last 8 by Laura PohlClub de Cuervos television show, available on NetflixKim’s Convenience television show from CBC, available on Netflix and Amazon Primemiss translated poetry series by Elisa ChavezThe First Rule of Punk by Celia C. Pérez (+ Anna’s essay on it called “Coco, the First Rule of Punk, and Every Mexican (American) Story Out There” on Nerdy Book Club)The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, the Three Magical Children and their Holy Dog by Adam GidwitzHurricane Child by Kheryn CallenderCilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire by Susan Tan The School Story by Andrew ClementsAnd be sure to take a peek at CAKE Literary, founded and run by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle J. Clayton, and their books including Tiny Pretty Things, The Belles, The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi, and others Bonus for our Houston listeners: Stop by El Bolillo or 85C Bakery Cafe for all of your pastry needs!We Also DiscussedThis article from KPRC/iHeart Radio, “Houston Hires Poet After Laying Off Firefighters” by Ken WebsterThe Superman horror movie, Brightburn (if you’re feeling really brave, here’s the trailer, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you that it’s scary and violent)Justin Cronin’s novels, including The Passage (he currently teaches a class on Narratives in Longer Fiction at Rice)The awesomeness of Coert Voorhees and Ian Schimmel, a lecturer in Creative Writing at Rice*A special thanks to Anna’s friends for pulling her away from a cheese plate at a party. It is because of you that the beautiful Love Sugar Magic books exist.

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6 Aug 2019

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Anna Meriano

Get Yourself the Job

Jennifer Hill speaks with children’s book author, Anna Meriano, about how she created a successful children’s book series. She talks about how she was inspired to write from a very young age, and how she was able to partner with a literary packaging company to help get her first book published. She also emphasizes how writing can be a collaborative experience. Anna also mentions a new book that she is writing on the subject of her favorite sport: Quidditch.annameriano.comAnna Meriano is the author of the Love Sugar Magic series, which has received starred reviews from Kirkus, School Library Journal, and Shelf Awareness. She grew up in Houston, Texas, graduated from Rice University with a degree in English, and earned her MFA in writing for children from the New School. Anna works as a tutor and part time teacher with Writers in the Schools, a Houston nonprofit that brings creative writing instruction into public schools. In her free time, she likes to knit, study American Sign Language, and play full-contact Quidditch.


23 Apr 2019

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A Sprinkle of Spirits by Anna Meriano

Not Now, I'm Reading

Y'all, we are back this week with a book that was just the biggest of warm, magical hugs. We so adored A Sprinkle of Spirits, the second book in Anna Meriano's absolutely delicious Love, Sugar, Magic series, and we tried our best to be gushing adoration while being sparing in our spoilers! So tune in to hear all about our love for witch books, our differing opinions on ghost stories, and a surprising number of Law and Order: SVU mentions. TIME STAMPS: 00:00-20:24 – Intro & Current Reads 20:24-33:52 – A Sprinkle of Spirits by Anna Meriano 33:52-38:17 – What’s Coming Up, Outro, and Outtakes


25 Feb 2019

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#43 - Anna Meriano, 3 Fails & 1 Win

Books Between Podcast

Intro Hi and welcome to the Books Between Podcast! I believe that books can change your life for the better. I know because books did that for me. And I want to help you connect kids with those amazing, life-shaping books and bring you inspiring (and fun!) conversations with the authors and educators who make that magic happen.  Every other Monday, I bring you book talks, interviews, and ideas for getting great books into the hands of kids between 8-12. I am Corrina Allen - a mom of an eight and ten year old, a 5th grade teacher, and excited about two things this week!  First, the Winter Olympics.  And second - today’s announcement of the American Library Association Youth Media Awards including the Caldecott, the Newbery, The Coretta Scott King, and lots more!  I am so excited for those authors and illustrators who will be getting those early morning phone calls. I’ll be streaming it with my class and can’t wait to chat more with you about it! This is Episode #43 and today I’m talking about some fails, some wins, and bringing you a conversation with author Anna Meriano about her debut novel (and the MG at Heart January Book Club pick) Love, Sugar, Magic! But first I have some exciting news to share with you — I’m joining the fabulous team at MGBookvillage.org!  MGBookVillage has become THE place for all things middle grade, and I’m so thrilled to be working with Annaliese Avery, Jarrett Lerner, and Kathie MacIsaac who’ve done such an incredible job developing a home for lovers of middle grade that I can’t imagine we ever made do without it! MGBookVillage has it all; a book-release calendar, a Kids’ Corner, a monthly book club (MG at Heart), an all-day twitter chat on Mondays (#MGBookathon)—and so, so much more. And from now on it will be the new home of the Books Between podcast and where you can find all our transcripts. Three Fails & One Win And now a new segment I am calling three fails and a win. So - I am going to share with you three failures.  And then one thing that went well recently.  I think we all have the tendency to share our achievements and hide our failures, only revealing things that put us in a positive light. Inadvertently, it can lead to people feeling like they aren’t living up to all the amazingness they see on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest, and next door. It’s an unrealistic view of teaching and parenting and it makes it seem like there are just these amazing rockstar kidlit advocates who have success after success. Nah! In the interest of acknowledging that the most learning happens through our mistakes, I’ll share three of mine with you today. And then I share something good that happened. Fail #1 Last summer I had an great conversation with Jillian Heise about #ClassroomBookADay and was so inspired to give it a try this year. (If you want to hear that conversation about the power of reading one picture book a day with your students, check out episode 30). So, at the beginning of the year I made this GIANT public display of 280 blank polaroid-style frames - all waiting for me to post colorful pictures of the books we are reading. And I have! Up until about like 40. Now - we have STILL been reading those picture books. Mostly.  We’ve missed a few days here and there, but - ugh that display has embarrassingly just... stalled. And I want to catch up but now I can’t quite remember the order of the titles we’ve read or even the names of them all.  And in fact, one of my eagle-eyed gals noticed that we have Not Quite Narwhal on there twice.  Not my best moment of this year. Fail #2 - So last summer, I secretly pre-ordered a certain book for my daughter.  I will withhold the name because it doesn’t really matter but I’ll just say that it was the next title in a fun graphic novel series that my 8 year-old daughter LOVES. She’s picky with her reading, so when she finds something she likes, I RUN to the ball. Well, I thought I was getting the Best Mom Ever award when a few weeks ago the book arrived on our stoop Tuesday afternoon and I gleefully called her into the kitchen as I whipped the book from around my back and held it out to her with a GIANT grin on my face! TA-DA!! And she….backed out of the room cringing. And then told me she’s just not into those books as much anymore.  Okay then - mom win turned into major mom fail. Fail #3 This is the one I refer to as The Armadillo Book Debacle. So, a couple weeks ago my daughter comes home upset because she’s going to have to pay $15 to replace a missing library book. Well - High Alert in the Allen household! We tear apart the house looking for it. All the bedrooms, under the couch cushions. I look at school. I call the grandparents! Nowhere is this darn Armadillo book. And my husband and daughter start to think they saw it go in the backpack and back to school. And mistakes happen, so we email the librarian and explain that we think it was returned and could she look? And I just want to say - she was extraordinarily nice about it!  And so - she’s looking all over the school for it. Yeah, you know where this is going don’t you? A couple months ago we had a party at our house. And, like happens, there comes a point when you have cleaned and scrubbed and dusted and vacuumed and people are just about to arrive! So you switch from cleaning mode to hiding mode. You know,  there’s that one dirty casserole dish in the sink so you shove it in the oven. And there’s a stack of random papers and mail and books that you haul down into the basement. Including an Armadillo book that ended up tucked away in a corner of our basement for two months. My fault.  Awkward email back to the librarian. And…. a WIN! I have to end on a positive note. So I have this student who I love but he was tough nut to crack when trying to find a book that would hold his interest. In September, I discovered he had liked The One and Only Ivan, so I handed him my ARC of Wishtree weeks before it came out. Nope. I piled book after book after book on his desk - asking him questions about what he liked - to no avail.  It seemed like he was going to be one of those kids that you just hope the next person can help them find books they’ll love because it just didn’t click with you. But, then - I found out that he LOVES wrestling - like WWE wrestling. And a friend on #mglitchat recommended these Choose Your Own Adventure style WWE wrestling books. I order them on Amazon Prime and two days later, I slid one across his desk and his eyes just lit up!  I even caught him reading it as he walked to the bus! He read those books back and forth cover to cover for weeks. And now - he’s on to the second Tapper Twins book and on a roll and YES!!!  (I’ll link to those wrestling books in the show notes if you want to check them out. As far as I can tell there are only two of them - Race to the Rumble and then Night of Champions. Both are by Tracey West) So, maybe my hallway display has stalled out, and I got overzealous with my child, and I embarrassed myself with the school librarian, but I helped that one kid get himself on his way. Anna Meriano - Interview Outline This week I had the opportunity to have a fantastic conversation with two authors debuting middle grade novels in 2018. Joining me today is Amanda Rawson Hill. She is the author of the upcoming book Three Rules of Everyday Magic and one of the organizers of the MG at Heart Book Club. Her and I hopped on Skype to chat with Anna Meriano about her debut novel (and the January MG at Heart Book Club pic), Love Sugar Magic. Take a listen….. Interview Outline Love, Sugar, Magic CA: Your first middle grade novel, Love Sugar Magic, debuted last month. For those listeners who haven’t yet read the book - can you tell what the story is about? CA: One of things I loved about this book was that passing down of family recipes from mother to daughter generation to generation. So - did I hear that you aren’t actually much of a baker? CA: Where did the recipes come from? CA: In your novel, each sister has a special power, depending on her birth order. First born daughters have the gift of influence, second born daughters have the talent of manifestation, and the third borns have the gift of communicating with the dead.  Which gift would YOU want to have?   ARH: I wanted to get some insight into how you wrote a big family so well... Your Writing Life CA: How long ago did you start writing Love, Sugar, Magic? ARH: You’ve talked a lot about how you worked with Cake Literary, a book packager. I was wondering what the experience of doing that from the beginning with someone else was like compared to when you’re writing a book all on your own.  And how did it affect your creative process? CA: What is Cake Literary and what is a book packager? CA: How did you end up connecting to Leo? JL: I’d be interested to hear about Anna’s experience with her debut group. The Electric Eighteens seem like such a positive and supportive bunch, and they’re so active in promoting one another. I’d love to hear what Anna got out of being a part of such a group — both in practical terms of promotion and things, and emotionally and psychologically, too, since the debut experience can be so confusing and exciting and overwhelming and joyful and terrifying and a million other things, too! CA: The more I chat with authors about their process, the more I want to share with my students the idea that what they see as a finished story is the very tip of a gigantic iceburg of planning and writing and revising that never sees the light of day. What below-the-surface part of your writing process do you really enjoy? And what parts are challenging? Your Reading Life CA: Something that I think about a lot is how sometimes it only takes ONE person to really influence a child’s reading life - either in a positive way or sometimes in a negative way. Was there someone in your life who impacted you as a reader? C: What have you been reading lately that you’ve liked? Links: Anna on Twitter Cake Literary website - http://www.cakeliterary.com Electric Eighteen Debut Group website - https://electriceighteens.com Anna’s Nerdy Book Club Post is here The Coco Movie Books & Authors We Chatted About: The First Rule of Punk (Celia C. Perez) Goosebumps (R.L. Stine) Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Watterson) The Inquisitor's Tale (Adam Gidwitz) The Gauntlet (Karuna Riazi) Betty Before X (by Ilyasah Shavbazz & Renee Watson) Closing Alright, that wraps up our show this week! If you have a question about how to connect kids between 8-12 to books they’ll love or a suggestion about a topic we should cover, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at booksbetween@gmail.com or message me on Twitter/Instagram at the handle @Books_Between. Thank you so much for joining me this week. You can get an outline of interviews and a full transcript of all the other parts of our show at MGBookVillage.org. And, if you are liking the show, please leave us some love on iTunes or Stitcher. Or even better - tell a friend about us! Thanks and see you soon!  Bye!


12 Feb 2018