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Tearing Down Bad Foreign Policy, One Brick at a Time, with Chris Preble

Empire Has No Clothes

On this week’s episode, Kelley, Matt and Daniel talk to Chris Preble about his New American Engagement Initiative at the Atlantic Council, leaving the Cato Institute, and how there is no better time than now to change people’s minds, on the left and right, about our failed foreign policy. In the first segment we talk about the new Israel-UAE-US deal—and what might be lurking just beneath the surface.


21 Aug 2020

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Chris Preble on U.S. Foreign Policy, #ORadio

The Michael Ostrolenk Show

Ostrolenk speaks with Chris Preble, Vice President of Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at Cato Institute and author of Peace, War, and Liberty. Preble begins by discussing our Founding Fathers’ vision for U.S. Foreign Policy, specifically the Constitution’s called for a standing Navy, but the ability to raise an Army. This is an important distinction, meant to limit the United States’ tendency to go to war; a deviation from the U.S. Government’s current interpretation and use of war powers. Washington in his Farewell Address warned of alliances and the internal disputes of foreign countries and how we rectify this with the territorial expansion common of the U.S. at the time. Preble and Ostrolenk further discuss the now permanent war state reflected in our current approach to foreign policy and the costs to American of this approach. To learn more about Chris Preble’s work, visit Cato’s website (https://www.cato.org/) and find his book at (https://store.cato.org/book/peace-war-and-liberty).


15 May 2019

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