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S4N 065 David Newman on Marketing for Consulting

Sales for Nerds

David Newman, owner of Do It Marketing, teaches you how to market effectively as a consultant-- something he struggled with himself. Stop commoditizing yourself-- most consultants do such a good job of this that clients barely get a chance.


5 Aug 2021

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428: “Rx Smart Gear started as a passion project to fix my own s*it.” - David Newman | Rx Smart Gear

Best Hour of Their Day

David Newman sucked at double unders, so he started a company to fix his own athletic shortcomings. As he dove into the business, he learned that a number of people liked learning about efficiency, especially with regards to double unders. You do not want to miss hearing about Newman's journey through entrepreneurship and the advice he gives in today's special Coaches Development episode of the Best Hour podcast. The Coaches Development Course is expertly designed to help you become the best CrossFit coach you can be by focusing on the six criteria of an effective coach: teaching, seeing, correcting, demonstrating, group management, and presence and attitude. Follow this link to sign up today: courses.ownyoureating.com/courses/coachesdevelopment So you never miss an episode, subscribe on YouTube and on all major podcasting platforms at Best Hour of Their Day. If you want to learn more about our sponsors, Doc Spartan, WheelPay, and RX Smart Gear, checkout docspartan.com, wheelpay.com, and rxsmartgear.com. At checkout, use the code BESTHOUR to get 15% off all DocSpartan purchases and 10% off all RX Smart Gear purchases.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jason-ackerman/support

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5 Jul 2021

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Ep 80- David Newman- Change the Path, NOT the Goal

15 Minutes of Mental Toughness

David Newman is a Certified Speaking Professional and member of the NSA Million Dollar Speaker Group. He is the author of 2 business bestseller’s “Do It! Marketing” and “Do It! Speaking.” He is the host of one of the top business and speaking podcasts: The Speaking Show. His team's mission: Build your platform, create authority, grow your business.  https://doitmarketing.com 3:20 Becoming a million-dollar speaker. 4:55 Hiding behind big names. 8:10 Do it before you’re ready: Perceived risk.  9:33 Humility in accepting B-average performances. 13:10 Goals without attachment: The external spectator. 15:35 The 3 questions after March 16, 2020. 21:27 Changing the path, not the goal. Understanding successful DNA.  25:28 How comfort hinders success.  30:01 Post-pandemic: “Yes, and…”  34:12 Personal branding and commercializing expertise.  40:06 What David offers for free. Download The Best Mental Toughness Quotes That Will Make You BETTER TEXT DRROBBELL to 33444 If you enjoyed this episode on Mental Toughness, please subscribe and leave a review! Dr. Rob Bell drrobbell.com 


1 Jul 2021

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#3 | David Newman got into the family business

Score: The Podcast

Kenny and Robert being the show discussing the return of live concerts, specifically film music, as the nation begins to return to normal post-pandemic. The Hollywood Bowl announced their summer lineup which includes the return of John Williams' "Maestro at the Movies" show featuring David Newman as conductor and a live-to-picture performance of Ludwig Goransson's Oscar-winning score of Black Panther.Subscribe to MORE SCORE on Patreon for year-round interviews, film music talk and even cool merch: http://Patreon.com/MoreScoreLater, Oscar-nominated composer David Newman joins the show discussing his family legacy in film music, why he always had his heart set on conducting the orchestra, what it was like growing up around film music legends like John Williams and ultimately being a session player on iconic scores like ET and teaming up with Steven Spielberg on the highly anticipated remake of West Side Story.This episode is presented by Spitfire AudioFollow us on Twitter @ScoreThePodcast or send Kenny and Robert your questions for the mailbox at ScoreTheMailbox@epicleff.comHosts: Robert Kraft & Kenny HolmesExecutive Producer: Matt SchraderCoordinator: Carol Kuswanto © 2021 Epicleff Media

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2 Jun 2021

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Doubling a Business in a Recession - Interview with David Newman - 178

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Podcast with Peter Boolkah | Business Coach | The Transition Guy®

How can you double a business during a recession? The answer lies in pivoting your business, increasing advertising spend, and taking calculated risks. Ad Lab is an excellent example of a business that has managed to double itself, seeing exponential business growth throughout the recession.  Lockdown has been rough on many businesses. Some businesses responded to the uncertainty in the market by reducing business costs for fear of revenue loss, but unfortunately, many of them have still suffered significant losses.  Other businesses have done the opposite, choosing instead to invest more resources in advertising and take more risks. That has definitely paid off.  One such business is Ad Lab (The Advertising Lab).  So how did David Newman manage to double his business during the lockdown? David is the founder and managing director of Ad Lab. His company has positioned itself as a specialist in Magento websites, helping companies grow their sales online. During the lockdown, his business intensified its advertising and helped other companies grow their revenue in different marketplaces. Recognizing that sales is the lifeblood of any business and that advertising is a brilliant way to increase sales, his business has exceeded its target multiple times in a very short space of time. Time Stamps: 00:30 – How did David’s journey begin? 01:08 – How setting targets pushed David's company to exponential business growth. 02:24 – Adapting business strategies to lockdown constraints. 05:00 – Why increasing advertising spend during the lockdown was important. 06:15 – The importance of companies being confident in their advertising. 07:38 – Where has the biggest growth come from in other businesses? 10:50 – There’s no more going back to normal. 12:16 – The danger of the “short wind” in pivoting your business. 13:12 – So, what’s next for David Newman’s business? 18:09 – Looking forward: setting future targets.  -------------------- CONNECT WITH PETER BOOLKAH: -------------------- http://www.Boolkah.com https://www.facebook.com/Boolkah https://www.instagram.com/pboolkah/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/boolkah https://twitter.com/boolkah  -------------------- ABOUT PETER BOOLKAH -------------------- Peter Boolkah (AKA The Transition Guy) is the World’s #1 Business Transition Coach whose main passion in life is to work with talented and high performing business owners who are in the process of creating exciting, high growth businesses. Peter helps you to navigate and transition through the crucial growth pains that all growing businesses experience making it as painless and exciting as possible. It is important to remember that businesses do not just grow and develop on their own, it is up to us and our teams to make this happen by making every day purposeful. As businesses grow some parts of the journey will be easier than others and most owners do not have all the answers. Starting a business is one of the most exciting things we get to do and we all have aspirations of achieving great things. In fact Peter is yet to meet someone who started a business with the intention of failing. Peter’s ultimate life goal is to inspire and empower over 100,000 Entrepreneurs to create long term thriving businesses resulting in the creation of 1,000,000 jobs. 


11 May 2021

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In Conversation - David Newman - Double your price

Business Excellence

"The only people who suffer from that imposter syndrome or that challenge with their self worth are the truly excellent people.""But truly only people that have genuine excellence will ever suffer from that imposter syndrome. It's a very interesting paradox."1:38    Dont give it away 4:42   How much are you worth ?7:02   Imposter Syndrome 9:55   Three Strategies for doing it right 12:54  Differentiation 17:18  Get better Prospects 21:30  Is it easier of harder in this world resources - www.Doitmarketing.com www.doitmarketing.com/webinar www.doitmarketing.com/manifestoDavid Newman is a Certified Speaking Professional and member of the NSA Million Dollar Speaker Group. David is the author of the business bestseller “Do It! Marketing” and “Do It! Speaking.”David helps executives and entrepreneurs master speaking as the ultimate marketing tool, personal brand builder, and 1-to-many sales platform.


9 May 2021

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NBC 709: David Newman: How to Be A Trusted Advisor

Natural Born Coaches

David Newman is the founder of Do It! Marketing, a Certified Speaking Professional and a member of the NSA Million Dollar Speaking Group. He is the author of the business bestseller Do It! Marketing and Do It! Speaking. David helps executives and entrepreneurs master speaking as the ultimate marketing tool, personal brand builder and 1-to-many sales platform. To learn more strategies from David about how to become a trusted advisor to high-free VIP clients, join his FREE masterclass happening Tuesday, April 27th. 2021 at 2 pm EST. The link to register is http://www.naturalborncoaches.com/vip. See you there!


19 Apr 2021

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Capturing Your Story Bank With David Newman

The Leader's Chair

How do you hone your voice as a leader and make your message clearer? Today's guest is David Newman, the Founder of Do It Marketing, who's helped thousands of people move their business forward and find their voice. In this episode, David discusses with Jeffrey Edwards why personal branding is essential to commercialize your expertise. To start forming your personal brand, you need to capture your story bank, a collection of life stories, incidents, anecdotes, or things that have happened to you. Your story bank helps you find your voice, clarify your message, and cements your individuality to the public, making you easy to remember as an expert in your field. Join in the conversation and listen to David's experience on utilizing his own story bank.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join The Leader's Chair Community today:FacebookTwitter


7 Apr 2021

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Day One | CEO David Newman on leading a hybrid law firm and the future of young lawyers

Maddocks on the Mic

Amelia and Declan sit down with Maddocks CEO, David Newman. David was appointed to the role in October 2020 and since then has been navigating a new normal, leading a hybrid law firm. Declan and Amelia find out more about David's start as a junior lawyer, his outlook for the firm and what young lawyers need to do to stand out. 


7 Apr 2021

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Episode 14: David Newman - Singing solfege songs

Note Doctors

Paul, Jenn, and Ben talk with David Newman, instructor of voice and aural skills at James Madison University. Well-known for his Youtube solfege song videos, David talks with us about why he started writing songs for his aural skills students and how he uses humor in his classroom teaching. David's first music theory album, “The Well Trained Ear,” is available on Bandcamp.


22 Mar 2021