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Noah Wilson-Rich: The Bees Are Dying - How Businesses Can Save Them While Helping Themselves

Virtually Speaking

Noah Wilson-Rich has a Ph.D. in behavioral ecology, is a viral TED speaker with millions of views, and a bestselling author. Noah founded The Best Bees Company which has thousands of beehives for research on corporate campuses and rooftops nationwide, as well as collaborations with MIT, Harvard, TED, National Geographic, and NASA. He’s also known as the ‘beekeeper to the stars’.Each client beehive is a bio-indicator for environmental health, including acting as active data sources for NASA’s studies on pollinator populations and climate change, Harvard’s studies of pesticides in the environment, and National Geographic’s reporting of pollinator habitat.As an academic scientist, Noah has held faculty appointments in biology at Tufts University and Northeastern University and his research focuses on what’s saving bees, rather than solely on what’s killing them. Using a custom-built digital platform to collect bee health data at scale, Noah makes an out-sized impact on the larger mission to save the bees while helping clients understand the quantifiable impact they have on the environment by opening their rooftops to pollinators.Noah has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Fortune, Business Insider, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and many more.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! https://www.calentertainment.com/virtually-speaking/


2 Apr 2021

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#88 - Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich | Human Survival & Honey Bees

The Heroic Minds Podcast

Noah is a behavioural ecologist and published author. He is the founder of The Best Bees Company, a top to bottom bee keeping service. The company also functions as a means to raise funding for scientific research to improve honey bee health. Did you know that investing into the health of honey bees we can enhance our environment, secure sources of food and improve our economy? Before we get to the bees we unpack Noahs empowering journey through life as a young boy that went from insect avoiding to insect studying and the life/business lessons learnt along the way. Bees. We begin with what we can learn from bees when it comes to our own survival both physically and socially. We then move into what bees do for us, why some bees survive better in the city, and last but not least how you can help strengthen the bee population with your own garden or balcony. Did you know that scientists can track exactly where and what plants your honey came from?


7 May 2020

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Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D. | The Best Bees Company

Beekeeper Confidential | Bees & Beekeeping

On today’s show we visit with Noah Wilson-Rich Ph.D, author of The Bee: A Natural History, a TED Speaker, and founder of The Best Bees Company.  Check out our website at www.beekeeperconfidential.com and join our community forum! You can also find Beekeeper Confidential on Facebook and Instagram. To become a patron visit Mandy's Patreon page at www.patreon.com/mandyshaw Cover art by Meggyn Pomerleau


15 Apr 2020

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Noah Wilson-Rich, “Our Future with Bees”

Boston Athenæum

November 29, 2017 at the Boston Athenæum.If you eat food, you need bees. The world’s bees can create economic and ecological sustainability, if only we let them. As pollinators, bees bring us over 100 fruit and vegetable crops and provide feed for our livestock industry. Yet bees are dying at an alarming rate. Data from urban environments indicate that bees are doing better in cities. Why is this? Learn how to get involved in urban beekeeping, and how to save these vitally important creatures.


30 Apr 2018

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