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Moving On and the Value of Your Divorce Community with Michelle Dempsey-Multack

How to Split a Toaster: A divorce podcast about saving your relationships

Let’s just say you’re a woman and you’re about to divorce. We know, crazy, right? But stay with us on this. When you walk away from your marriage, what is it that you most want your former spouse to know? If you could wave a magic wand, not to somehow recover your relationship, but to cast a spell that would ensure that your former spouse truly understood your perspective, what would you say? This week on the Toaster, Michelle Dempsey-Multack joins us from the Moms Moving On Podcast and she is here to wave just such a wand. She has turned her own divorce into a thriving practice, writing, podcasting, and coaching others. And after we talk about the value of that shared perspective, we dive deep on the importance of finding your own community for support and guidance through your divorce process. And make sure you follow the links below to sign up for notification about Michelle’s new book... coming soon! Links & Notes Moms Moving On Get notified about Michelle’s new book, Moms Moving On: Real Life Advice for Conquering Divorce, Co-Parenting with Conflict and Becoming Your Best Self Subscribe to Michelle’s Podcast


29 Jun 2021

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The Importance of Healing, Having Community and Relatable Advice with Michelle Dempsey-Multack

Healin Podcast

I had the pleasure of speaking with Michelle Dempsey-Multack about her work in helping support other divorce women, and how this was inspired from her own painful past as the child of divorce, to then being divorced herself. She shared her healing journey that started with self-acceptance, and included the use of three different therapists and journaling and how it truly helped her heal, love herself, find healthy love, and now fuel and drive her work in helping women "Move On" through her social media platforms, Moms Moving On Podcast, her monthly subscription Facebook community, coaching services and her upcoming book "Moms Moving On: Real Life Advice for Conquering Divorce, Co-Parenting Through Conflict, and Becoming Your Best Self".  You can find Michelle at @themichelledempsey and @momsmovingon on Instagram and www.momsmovingon.com.


16 Apr 2021

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Divorced not DEAD with Michelle Dempsey-Multack

The Fruits of Motherhood by Linda Fruits

Talk about the ins and outs of getting divorced with kids. Spoiler alert, the kids are going to be just fine.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fruitsofmotherhood/support Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


14 Mar 2021

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Moms Moving On with Michelle Dempsey-Multack

Mimosas with Moms

This week on the Mimosas with Moms Podcast, Abbey welcomes Michelle Dempsey-Multack! Michelle is a divorce specialist who has created the Moms Moving On Community to empower and support moms through divorce and co-parenting. We chat about the challenges that come with divorce and coparenting and ways to navigate this hard road to get to a happier destination. Michelle shares her real life experiences and what she is doing to help moms. How can we turn lemons into lemonade and empower moms moving on? Let's talk about it, CHEERS!———————————————You can find Michelle Dempsey-Multack:IG: @themichelledempseyFB: Moms Moving OnMoms Moving On Community: https://momsmovingon.com/become-a-member/Podcast: Moms Moving On - available wherever you podcast ———————————————Instagram @mimosaswithmoms FB /mimosaswithmomsEmail 2mimosamoms@gmail.com


7 Dec 2020

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Co-parenting During the Holidays, During a Pandemic with Michelle Dempsey-Multack

The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Doing the holidays and divorce — at the best of times — can be super complicated. Co-parenting during the holidays during a pandemic? What a shitshow, amiright? Well, it doesn’t have to be. This week, Michelle Dempsey-Multack joins me to offer tips and advice on how to handle the holidays during this crazy time. Michelle is a writer, coach, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®), and host of the Moms Moving On Podcast.  There is no guidebook for parenting during a pandemic. But through our conversation, we hope you find some insight, inspiration, and tips to help you move through the upcoming season with confidence and grace.  Show Highlights The shift in the divorce and co-parenting space and the role COVID-19 plays. (3:35) How to have an uncomfortable conversation that is non-threatening about making the holidays safe for your children. (8:49) Distinguish between the ex-partner who will balk about everything vs the ex-partner who is truthly concerned because they deem your actions as reckless. (12:06) Uncomfortable conversations lead to comfortable situations. (14:16) You can’t tell COVID to go away because it would make divorce easier. But COVID is forcing new divorcees to slow down post-divorce. (15:33) Some tips on how to handle the holidays as co-parents, including how to share or split holidays. (24:48) Make your goal about you, moving on in a healthy way and doing what is best for your children. (34:57) Creating new holidays and traditions for yourself, post-divorce. (35:10) Learn More About Michelle Dempsey: Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a writer, coach, Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) and host of the Moms Moving On Podcast. As a divorced, co-parenting, and remarried mother, nothing makes Michelle happier than being able to guide other women as they move on through the divorce process, and helping them turn their divorce lemons into lemonade - just like she did. A native New Yorker, Michelle now resides in Miami with her husband, Spencer, and each of their daughters, Bella and Jolie.  Resources & Links: Michelle’s website Michelle on Instagram Michelle on Facebook Mom’s Moving On Podcast Kate Anthony on Instagram The Ultimate Divorce Survival Guide Should I Stay or Should I Go Facebook Group


24 Nov 2020

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Michelle Dempsey-Multack

Squats and Margaritas

Michelle Dempsey-Multack knew she would be getting a divorce when she was walking down the aisle! She shares her unbelievable story of re-invention, her battles with anxiety (and how that multiplies by 100 when you have a kid!), co-parenting when you hate your ex, and finding love after divorce.


19 Oct 2020

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Giving Up the Guilt with Michelle Dempsey-Multack, Certified Divorce Specialist and Coach Extraordinaire!

Divorce, Healthy!

Moving on after divorce is easier said than done. Loneliness, isolation, shame, and guilt are all commonplace after separation and divorce. Often, people going through separation feel like they won’t ever be able to get back on their feet and may even worry that they will never find love again. If these feelings sound familiar, this is the episode for you.On this episode of Divorce, Healthy!, attorney and author Ashley-Nicole Russell welcomes Michelle Dempsey-Multack, Certified Divorce Specialists and host of the Moms Moving On Podcast, to discuss her system for overcoming the emotional complexities that accompany divorce and how women can come out stronger on the other side. Michelle reveals how she uses what she learned during her own divorce to help other women overcome their suffering and thrive.Ashley-Nicole and Michelle open up about their respective divorces and how the process was ultimately a teaching experience. “I truly feel I had to be married to him for all of these unresolved demons and issues and traumas from my past to surface once and for all so that I could confront them. Because I had been ignoring them and living in denial for a really long time.” (8:15) Michelle also reveals how she discovered that she suffered from an anxious attachment style because of her parents’ divorce and how this affected her relationships and divorce.Today, both Ashley-Nicole and Michelle are in loving and healthy relationships with partners that understand the struggle they’ve experienced. Michelle advises acknowledging to yourself that the situation will be challenging, “you know it’s going to be hard. It’s an unfortunate situation that’s happened, but it is also an opportunity to move forward in a way that works best for you, to put your best foot forward, to honor what you did wrong, and vow to not do it again. So if you’re willing to do the hard work, you’re going to get to a good place. Nothing good comes easy. Don’t expect it to be easy. And if you feel like it’s easier than you expect it, then good for you, then you’re in a good place.” (17:56) For more information on Michelle Dempsey-Multack’s podcast, visit MomsMovingOn.com. You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook @themichelledempsey.Like this interview with Michelle Dempsey? Check out The Myth is Busted, Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Horrible. With co-parents and co-authors of Our Happy Divorce, Ben Heldfond and Nikki DeBartolo.To inquire about speaking engagements, purchase your copy of Ashley-Nicole’s book “The Cure for Divorce Culture,” or to schedule your private orientation meeting, head to www.anrlaw.com. You can also find us on social media @ANRLaw. Find a better way forward, right here, on Divorce, Healthy!


11 Oct 2020

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Moving On From Your Divorce with Michelle Dempsey-Multack on The Divorce & Beyond Podcast #140

The Divorce and Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie, Esq.

In this episode Susan Guthrie speaks with writer, coach and podcast host, Michelle Dempsey-Multack who shares her signature wit and wisdom on making the best lemonade that you can out of the lemons of your divorce so that you can MOVE ON to a sweeter future. So often on our journey through divorce we feel as if we are alone, misundstood and oh so fearful of what lies ahead.  Michelle Dempsey-Multack is famous for being the voice that can reach out to you in the scary world of divorce limbo and for putting in to words what you need to hear to move out of those shadows.  Michelle has a gift for being able to put into words just what you are feeling and then tell you how to deal with it and turn that pain around so that you can move on to a happy future BEYOND DIVORCE! Some Highlights from the Episode:   Find out how Michelle's parents' horrendous divorce turned out to be a gift to her. Hear why Michelle says the failure of her first marriage was "on her" and why she is ok saying that. Discover what it is about Motherhood that defines Michelle's every act and decision. Learn the key to finding happiness after divorce and . . . . SO MUCH MORE! This episode is the glass of lemonade that you need so sit down, put your feet up and take a listen now! JOIN THE MOMS MOVING ON COMMUNITY! This is the place for moms looking for help navigating divorce, co-parenting, and single motherhood. Because we all know that doing this alone is hard, and a little unbiased, “I’ve been there too” support can go a long way!  Get more information and sign up at www.momsmovingon.com. Listen to the Moms Moving On Podcast More About this Week's Special Guest:  Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a writer, mom, coach, speaker, and genuine girl power enthusiast. Michelle attended American University as a Journalism major, graduated Hofstra University’s Communications program with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, and then earned a Double Masters Degree in Education from Adelphi University. Originally from New York, Michelle grew up fascinated by the hustle and bustle of New York City. She was aching to “make it” as something, anything, ever since 9th grade. “I remember walking into my first day of high school, and one of my teachers announcing “Whoa, this one is powerful – we’re going to have to watch out for her,” Michelle recalls. That sentence has always stuck with her and has motivated her to always keep moving, harder and faster, toward her dreams. Michelle moved to Miami in her late 20’s where the “second part of her life” began. She married her daughter’s father and they brought beautiful Bella into the world. Years later, Michelle remarried her now-husband Spencer, and they live in North Miami Beach where they are raising their beautiful blended family, sneaking in as many ski trips as possible, going to every concert they can, and truly enjoying this new phase of their lives.  Follow Michelle on Social Media: Instagram:  @themichelledempsey Facebook:  @themichelledempsey *********************************************************************************************** ABOUT THE PODCAST CREATOR AND HOST: SUSAN GUTHRIE, ESQ., is nationally recognized as one of the top family law and divorce mediation attorneys in the country.  She is one of the Co-Chair's of the American Bar Association's DR Section Mediation Committee and is the Founder of Divorce in a Better Way which provides a curated selection of resources and information for those facing divorce and other life changes.  Susan has created a website of curated resources for those facing divorce.  Find out more at www.divorceinabetterway.com. ************************************************************************************************ THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! SOBERLINK:   As the Experts in Remote Alcohol Monitoring Technology, Soberlink combines a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity and is the only system with facial recognition, tamper detection, and Advanced Reporting™. The real-time system reduces litigation, fosters peace of mind, and ensures child safety.  SPECIAL OFFER:  For a limited time, get an exclusive $50 off your device by emailing info@soberlink.com and mentioning Divorce and Beyond. 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Also available at the LTMO ACADEMY:  Social Media Musts for Professionals and DIY Website Builder! ********************************************** ***************************************************************************** SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE! If you would like to sponsor the show please reach out to us at  divorceandbeyondpod@gmail.com for pricing and details!!! ********************************************************************* Remember to follow Susan Guthrie and THE DIVORCE AND BEYOND PODCAST on social media for updates and inside tips and information: Susan Guthrie on Facebook Susan on Instagram Susan on Twitter Divorce & Beyond Podcast on Instagram Divorce & Beyond Podcast on Twitter If you want to see the video version of the podcast episodes they are available on The Divorce & Beyond YouTube Channel!  Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a single episode! Finally, we'd really appreciate it if you would  give us a 5 Star Rating and tell us what you like about the show in a review - your feedback really matters to us!  You can also get in touch with Susan at divorceandbeyondpod@gmail.com.  Don't forget to visit the webpage www.divorceandbeyondpod.com and sign up for the free NEWSLETTER to receive a special welcome video from Susan and more!! ***************************************************************************** DISCLAIMER:  THE COMMENTARY AND OPINIONS AVAILABLE ON THIS PODCAST ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT FOR THE PURPOSE OF PROVIDING LEGAL ADVICE.  YOU SHOULD CONTACT AN ATTORNEY IN YOUR STATE TO OBTAIN LEGAL ADVICE WITH RESPECT TO ANY PARTICULAR ISSUE OR PROBLEM


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