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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Gerhardt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Gerhardt, often where they are interviewed.

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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dave Gerhardt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dave Gerhardt, often where they are interviewed.

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Dave Gerhardt: The power of building an audience

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Have you ever wondered what comes first, sales or building an audience?

Recently I interviewed one of my marketing mentors, Dave Gerdhart, Chief Marketing Officer at Privy and former VP of marketing at Drift. He tells me why building an audience is the most important thing that a start-up can do before launching a product. He tells us how building a brand can help drive product demand and how he got over 1,000 people to his first event at drift.

You’ll also learn:

How to learn from the experts in marketing
Dave’s from POOP to GOLD moment
How Dave has perfected his marketing skills

Click below to listen to this week’s episode.

And don’t forget about Thursdays episode where we meet up with famed penny stock trader, Tim Sykes. Tim will teach us how he went from stock trader to stock teacher.

To Sharing Better Stories!
Aug 18 2020 · 28mins
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How To Stop Making Excuses and Start Your Podcast with Privy's Dave Gerhardt

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Today’s conversation is with Dave Gerhardt, Chief Marketing Officer at Privy, and host of The Ecommerce Marketing Show podcast. Privy is an e-commerce marketing platform, however, podcasting was the first step in their marketing strategy. As a podcast lover, Dave has hosted three podcasts and has helped other companies start their own. He believes in the power of content as a marketing tool and uses podcasting as a way to appeal to niche markets and loyal consumers. through podcasting. Hear about why you should stop making excuses and start your own podcast in today's conversation.

Key Takeaways:
🏛 4:59-5:28: How podcasting can be a pillar of marketing
📈 6:31-7:32: Appealing to niche markets and loyal followers through podcasts
💡 9:27-9:53: Thinking about evolving all your channels as a marketer
🗣 10:24-10:55: Listening to what your customers are saying
👣 11:18-13:18: Why podcasting was Dave's first step in the marketing strategy at Privy
🎙 14:41-15:25: Using podcasting as a way to get content for your brand
🧑‍💻 16:25-17:16: Creating more on-demand content during the pandemic
🚫 19:37-21:26: Stop making excuses and go make your podcast

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Aug 12 2020 · 24mins
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11: Privy CMO Dave Gerhardt on Why Self-awareness Is the Key to Personal & Professional Growth

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May 27 2020 · 39mins
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EP 67: Why You Need Owned Channels Now More Than Ever with Dave Gerhardt of Privy

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In "Why You Need Owned Channels Now More Than Ever," Jeremy speaks with Dave Gerhardt of Privy and was lucky enough to be a guest on the Ecommerce Marketing Show. They talk owned channels, what SMS tactics you should be taking today, and how you can set up your business for success in any climate. This is a re-share of the Ecommerce Marketing Show presented by Privy.

For more on the Ecommerce Marketing Show, visit:

For more about the Messenger Mastermind Team, visit:

May 13 2020 · 45mins
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A comprehensive Marketing Q&A with the CMO of Privy, Dave Gerhardt

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 Dave represents one of the most exciting practitioners in the marketing industry today. Working in several of Bostons best-known companies since 2009 including Constant Contact and HubSpot, although, Dave came into view with his work at Drift. For TMM, during these times whenever anyone asked who was killing it in the marketing world, we would always revert to the work being done by Drift at the time.

Since December 2019, Dave has been the CMO of Privy, a company focusing on helping e-commerce brands increase their growth through conversion and email marketing tools. In his spare time, he also is a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, and maintains his Patreon following – the A-List, which you can be part of too.

There are two things we’ve really come to admire about Dave. The first is that he is a dedicated family man . But perhaps the thing that has most impressed me about Dave is his willingness to share. He could probably sneeze on Linkedin and get 1000 likes on the platform these days, but we know we have personally gained a lot from Dave’s work.

Apr 22 2020 · 57mins
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How Privy Podcasts (w/ CMO, Dave Gerhardt)

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The ROI of podcasting.

“I think of the ROI of a podcast in two ways. Number one is that it’s a kind of the Trojan horse for creating [and capturing] content. And then number two is that it’s a way to build an audience…”

Lots of companies are interested in podcasting, but aren’t sure how to measure its ROI.

And that makes sense, because (at least in our minds) podcasting is really more a “brand marketing” play (vs. a “direct” one). In other words, it’s primary use is to build an audience, build trust, and establish yourself as the expert in your industry.

And we were encouraged to hear that DG’s thinking on this wasn’t far from ours. In the episode, he gives a nice breakdown of the 2 main benefits podcasting gives:

#1 – It provides a way to produce a lot of content. Each episode could yield 10, 20, or 50+ pieces of content (long-form articles, social posts, etc.).

#2 – It lets you build an audience that trusts you, and is more likely to buy from you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Oh, and he talked about this concept for both B2B  and B2C brands.

Using your podcast as a core part (or “anchor”) of your marketing strategy.

Another helpful insight DG pointed out was that, if you _already _have a strategy, and are producing content on a number of channels, you might find it difficult to know how or where a podcast would “fit in”.

At Privy, their podcast is the strategy. It’s an “anchor” or a core part of their marketing efforts.

What this means is that instead of them figuring out when and where to share podcast episodes amidst all the other content they’re sharing, they draw content from the podcast, and add miscellaneous audio content to the podcast.

In other words, they start with Privy’s podcast and draw inspiration from that, which translates into long-form articles, webinars, interviews, social posts, and more.

This is why DG sees content production as one of the biggest reasons every brand should be podcasting. If you start with the podcast, and capture the content in audio form, you can both:

  1. Draw social posts, blog posts, website content, etc. from the show, and…
  2. Take other content (recorded webinars or YouTube videos), strip out the audio, and add it to your podcast (provided it fits the “feel” of the show), to add more value to your listeners.

This is a pretty helpful concept for a lot of companies, who otherwise are just recording episodes, not doing anything with them, and hoping that people just “show up”.

It also helps to give you an idea of what “place” a podcast might have at your company.

You don’t need thousands of listeners, or “viral” growth to be successful.

“If you were Salesforce, and you did a podcast, and that podcast only had 250 downloads per month… but the 250 people listening were all marketing ops people at enterprise cloud companies, the ROI on that podcast would actually be huge! Because you’re literally in the ears of your dream customers while they’re at the gym, cleaning the house, going for a walk on a drive. I don’t know how you could think of a better marketing channel than that.”

Lots of companies who are considering starting a podcast think it’s only worth it if the show gets thousands of listeners, or grows by 25%+ every month. They think that if they don’t have thousands of downloads and subscribers, it’s not worth the investment.

DG breaks down how that’s absolutely not true. Instead, he shares how reality is that most shows won’t attain more than 5-10% growth each month, and most shows get tens of thousands of downloads, ever.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. Far from it.

If you’re a B2B brand, you could top out at just 500 listeners (and most anyone could scratch and claw their way to 500 listeners), and provided those listeners are you’re target audience, that means you literally get to talk to them every time they tune in.

The two biggest factors to growing your show are content, and consistency.

“It really is about guests and content. At the end of the day, that’s all I’ve seen.”

While there are a lot of specific tactics you can try to share your podcast with your ideal audience, DG is confident that, at the end of the day, growing your show boils down to having on great guests or creating amazing content, and being consistent with it.

While it might not be what a lot of companies want to hear who may be looking to podcasting as some magic bullet, it’s what we’ve found at Lemonpie as well. Don’t get us wrong, you can definitely do certain things to reach more listeners. Heck, we’re writing a book about that.

But at the foundation you need to be patient, and persistent. In fact, that’s why we wrote this article on how your podcast isn’t that different from your website. You didn’t launch your website and expect thousands of visitors overnight, right? You were committed to letting your audience know about it, and getting it in front of them to prompt consideration. Your podcast isn’t any different.

Check em’ out

Apr 14 2020 · 41mins
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EP 62: Keys To Writing Killer Copy With Dave Gerhardt, CMO of Privy

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In "Keys To Writing Killer Copy," the Messenger Mastermind team interviews Dave Gerhardt, CMO of Privy, about his copywriting skills and his unbelievable content. We cover the "First Line Second Line" strategy, how to repurpose content, and how his mind works while he is writing copy.

For more about the Messenger Mastermind Team, visit:

Apr 10 2020 · 46mins
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SaaS Marketing with Dave Gerhardt CMO of Privy

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During this 196th episode of “Marketing Today,” host Alan Hart interviews Dave Gerhardt, the chief marketing officer of Privy.  Gerhardt was formerly the vice president of marketing at Drift, has been featured in numerous national publications, and co-authored the book “Conversational Marketing.”

We discuss how Gerhardt's early interest in working for a startup led him to join Privy at a previous point in his career. Then we learn how Gerhardt leveraged his podcast to land a job at Drift.  He shares tons of insight into building out a highly efficient marketing team.

Gerhardt has excellent advice for creating your personal brand and starting a podcast. "If you start with a show first, you can get all the other content with it." In his view, audio drives everything. He adds, "Even if nobody listens to our show, we're going to get enough content to feed our funnel for a year if we do it right and that alone is worth the investment."

Gerhardt also shares why he went all-in on growing his following on LinkedIn and how he moved many of his marketing conversations over to paid subscribers on Patreon. He says, "If you can continue to understand people, and just evolve with whatever comes with that, I think that's how you become successful in the long term.” Gerhardt's passion for marketing comes through as he emphasizes the importance of continuing to learn and focus on creativity as the marketing world shifts.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Dave shares his background and how he became involved in marketing. 01:30
  • Dave describes how his interest in working at a startup led him to join Privy for the first time and where he went after that. 03:26
  • Learn how Dave landed a job through a connection he made on his podcast. 05:19
  • Learn more about Privy. 08:58
  • Dave shares his vision for his marketing build-out at Privy. 11:33
  • Dave’s theory about how demand gen can work on his team. 15:38
  • How to measure brand awareness without a big survey. 17:25
  • Why podcasts are the form of marketing you can gain the most leverage from when done right. 19:07
  • Learn how Dave is currently using Patreon as a platform. 21:26
  • Why he feels that even ten subscribers would make the Patreon experiment worthwhile 25:06
  • What's next for Dave at Privy in 2020? 26:10
  • Is there an experience in his past that defines who he is today? 28:10
  • What advice would he give his younger self if he had to start all over? 29:39
  • Are there any brands, companies, or causes that Dave follows that he thinks other people should take notice of? 30:52
  • Is there a threat or an opportunity he thinks marketers should be aware of as they enter 2020, or is there something he thinks marketers need to be doing? 32:14

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Feb 26 2020 · 34mins
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Respect the Process but Call the Shots with Dave Gerhardt

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Dave Gerhardt, the Vice President of Marketing at Drift, takes on a touchy topic: How do you sell to people when you know they don’t want to be sold? Dave and Jeremey go down some interesting avenues that bring listeners into the land of social psychology. Visit for show notes and insights from this episode.

Dec 10 2019 · 23mins
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INBOUND INFLUENCERS with Dave Gerhardt: How to do great B2B podcasting

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INBOUND INFLUENCERS with Dave Gerhardt: How to do great B2B podcasting by Digital 22 Online Ltd
Aug 07 2019 · 36mins