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A Conversation with Katie Allred about Empowering Women in Ministry

Social Media Church Podcast

Empowering women has been a focus in different industries but it's not always talked about within the church. We believe it's time we start a conversation as women offer tremendous value to the faith community.  Women in the church are important so it's a must that churches include them and to allow them to use their talents and gifts for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Women can do so much more!  It's time that women are given different opportunities in the ministry. Women are encouraged to become the people God wants them to be, just as how we empower men the same way. By empowering everyone and not just women, the church can become a community that fully reflects the love of God.  Watch this episode of the Social Media Church Podcast as Nils Smith and Katie Allred have an interesting conversation about empowering women in the ministry. Learn why churches should give more opportunities to women beyond the kitchen and the home.  Join us in this conversation! Show Notes: Nils Smith Website Nils Smith Facebook Nils Smith Twitter Nils Smith Instagram Nils Smith LinkedIn Katie Allred Facebook Katie Allred Website Katie Allred Twitter Katie Allred Instagram Katie Allred LinkedIn Social Media Church Discord Social Media Church Webinar Amplify Social Media


25 Feb 2023

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#199: Katie Allred: Building an Online Community

Reclamation Podcast: Reclaiming Good Practices for Following Jesus

If the last two years have taught us anything, it's this: You aren't meant to do life alone.  Katie Allred and I sit down to talk about church communications, building an online community, and how following Jesus is a team sport no matter where you live!  www.spiritandtruth.life www.twmilt.com/episodes (full transcripts) Links:  https://www.facebook.com/katiejallred/ https://www.instagram.com/katiejallred/ https://churchcommunications.com/about/ https://www.instagram.com/twmilt/


27 Sep 2022

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Help for Church Communications Teams | Katie Allred

The Missional Marketing Podcast

Are you part of a new Communications Team? Katie Allred of Church Communications has a new book and a brand new conference to help your teams!


5 Aug 2022

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5LQ Episode 487: On Church Communications with Katie Allred

5 Leadership Questions Podcast on Church Leadership with Todd Adkins and Chandler Vannoy

In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins and Dan Iten are joined by Katie Allred to discuss 5 Leadership Questions on the topic of church communications. Katie founded ChurchCommunications.com and manages the Church Communications Facebook Group that serves as a resource on marketing and communication strategies for over 30,000 church leaders.BEST QUOTES “You can challenge your church to be salt and light on the internet.” “You can’t be on every channel, everywhere. You don’t need to be on every platform.” “If you are on every platform, you aren’t doing any of them well.” “Social media is moving from corporate to personal.” “Remember when on Youtube to name them as if someone is searching for what you are giving them.” “Intentionality trumps excellence.” RECOMMENDED RESOURCESChurch Communications Facebook Group The Church Communications Conference Church Communications - Methods and Marketing Book


28 Jul 2022

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Season 1: Creating Meaningful Community Online with Katie Allred

Cultivating community online requires far more than simply streaming your service and hoping for folks to engage in the chat box – but what are some ways to even begin? Church communications expert Katie Allred processes through this question with us and shares about some new opportunities for your church that utilize classic ministry approaches proven to work. Book: Buzzing Communities by Richard Millington Church Communications Facebook Group Book: Instagram Posts that Worked by Katie Allred and Kenny Jahng Streaming Service: Altar Live Follow Katie Allred on Instagram Follow Andrew Hansen on Instagram


2 Aug 2021

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E57: Improving Communication in the Church and Online with Katie Allred

Church Unfiltered with Dr. Anthony Cobbs

Katie Allred is known around the country as an expert on social media and digital discipleship. Her Facebook group, Church Communications has over 30,000 members and offers practical tips and best practices for churches. She is a professor at the University of Mobile and a consultant for church and business leaders to improve their communication efforts.On this episode Katie joins Dr. Cobbs to discuss communication in the church both in person and online. Katie also offers her "musts" that every church should know about communication and online presentation.Connect with Katie:churchcommunications.comkatieallred.comConnect with Dr. Cobbsanthonycobbs.com


26 Jul 2021

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#267 - Building Community and Creating Virtual Summits featuring Katie Allred

Destroy the Box with Brooks Conkle

Katie and I discuss how she starting building online communities at the age of 9 and was just recently involved in an online event that they were able to stream live on Facebook across audiences of 30,000,000 people in a matter of 12 days.  She's also a professor and runs a student-led marketing agency called Good Work which works with non-profits and churches.Get more at https://www.brooksconkle.com/


20 Jul 2021

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That's Barely a Game: Katie Allred

That's Barely a Game

This week on the podcast we are joined by designer Katie Allred. Katie is a mom and designer currently infatuated with deduction games. She is the designer of Persuasion, a courtship deduction game inspired by Pride and Prejudice and Unraveled, an asymmetric adventure between conspirator and investigator.  We had a wonderful conversation about representation and community in gaming and her insights into how and why she designs the game she does was a treat, as is her website which you SHOUD 100% VISIT and you can use to find all the places you can, and should, follow Katie. 


23 Jun 2021

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Instagram Reels, Tik Tok and Other Innovative Ways to Reach More People Online | Katie Allred

The Missional Marketing Podcast

Katie shares some insight to make about how churches can leverage Instagram Reels and Tik Tok to reach more people for Jesus


4 Jun 2021

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#26: Katie Allred - Communication is More than Announcements

Healthy Church Growth

In this NEW episode of the Healthy Church Growth podcast, we chat with Katie Allred of Church Communications about her passion for using the internet to share the Gospel. You will walk away with practical tips but also a new outlook on how to use the internet for God’s glory. Be ready to get inspired!On Instagram: @katiejallred, @churchcomms, @Mikemage, @techjustinrp, @vers_creativeShow Notes: https://healthychurchgrowth.org/healthy-church-growth-episode-26-katie-allred/ 

1hr 12mins

4 Jan 2021