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Farm4Fun w/ Shay Myers "The Farm Kid"

Farm4Profit Podcast

Pre-Roll Commercial – Geringhoff – head of the class no matter the cropWelcome to a Farm4Fun episode Share their ideas at farm4profitllc@gmail.comThe listener review today is brought to you by BW Fusion.  Just a reminder that when you sign up for atleast 500 acres of the 401 microbial team you get one free field in the 365 program when mentioning Farm4ProfitChris -Apple Podcasts “If you like ag and have time to listen.  They cover a wide variety of topics as well as get to know the personal sides of guests. Highly recommend!” Don’t forget to check out www.bw-fusion.com for all your micro-biological needs.YOU can now leave us a voicemail – 515.207.9640 Shay Myers @shayfarmkid. Tiktok 392k followers  Where is he from?Tell us a little about your family….parents…siblings ….wife…kids….etc…Boise State Alumni – Degree in SpanishWhat does he do for a living?Is this a family farm? (3rd generation)Large onion businessGrown, packed, marketed, & shippedAsparagusLost crops two years in a rowWatermelon and Sweet PotatoesAre other generations involved?Is he running the show?What are your goals?Where is it headed next?Whole peeled onion company called “Buck Naked Onions”PilotLover of SpanishLanguage or Food?Professional SpeakerWhy TIkTok?Place for Linked in too?Favorite task on the farm?Task that still scares you to do?Future secretary of AG?Tackling issued like H2a workers and policies for AGAny time for other Hobbies or collections?Best ag SWAG gift you have ever been given?New Year New QuestionWhat do you know now that you wished you would have known when you were younger or just sooner in general?


9 Jun 2022

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Season 3 E:19 - CA$H UP! ft. Shay Myers (@financefortheculture)

This Black Girl Podcast

Host: Lola (@ola.ms.lola) ft. Shay (@financefortheculture).  Instagram: @thisblackgirlpodcast // @financefortheculture |  Twitter: @ThisBlackGirlP // @financefortheculture   SYNOPSIS: In this episode, I get to discuss and flex our financial literacy with Financial Advisor Shay Myers (@financefortheculture). We discuss her journey into the financial sector and her mission to empower black people with financial literacy one gem at a time.    If you're interested in learning more about her business you can visit her on Instagram at @financefortheculture  Have a question, comment, or looking for advice?  Email: thisblackgirlpodcast@gmail.com   www.anchor.fm/thisblackgirl Rate & Review us! #tbgp #podcast #financial #financialfreedom #femalepodcast #wealthbuilding #wealth #financialliteracy--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thisblackgirl/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thisblackgirl/support


8 Jun 2022

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Shay Myers on freight, supply situation — and social media

Tip of the Iceberg Podcast

We talk with Shay Myers, CEO of Owyhee Produce in Nyssa, Oregon and Parma, Idaho. He’s also known for his short explainer reels as ShayFarmKid on TikTok and Instagram. Shay provides some insight on how the logistics are going now, since some retail produce and staff shortages shortly after the New Year. What’s still happening? What will likely last and what can suppliers, shippers, buyers and produce managers do about it? He also talks about why produce companies, especially grocery retailers, should use social media to improve awareness and business. And how. It doesn’t have to be all glossy and perfect. The clincher? Just do it. And keep doing it.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Feb 2022

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Labor in Ag: Shay Myers

Ag News Daily

Shay Myers, CEO of Owyhee Produce, shared his testimony with the Senate Judiciary Committee in July. Today, Shay shares it with us! Tune in as we discuss the issue at hand and what Shay hopes is to come.

18 Aug 2021

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Paul Mikesell & Shay Myers, Co-Founders of Carbon Robotics - EP102

The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly

In this episode of The Produce Industry Podcast w/ Patrick Kelly we chat with two gentlemen that have tackled that WAR ON WEEDS!!! That's right everyone The Carbon Robotics Autonomous Weeder leverages robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and laser technology to safely and effectively drive through crop fields to identify, target and eliminate weeds. Paul discussed many aspects of "WHY" they decided to venture into this space and the problems their machine is solving. We called it the Hummer/Tesla of Weeders!!!  Unlike other weeding technologies, the robots utilize high-power lasers to eradicate weeds through thermal energy, without disturbing the soil. The automated robots allow farmers to use less herbicides and reduce labor to remove unwanted plants while improving the reliability and predictability of costs, crop yield and more. Join as we learn from Paul Mikesell and Shay Myers on how to WIN THE WAR ON WEEDS and keep farming costs to minimum, while producing the highest and best quality yields.  FANCY SPONSORS: Terra Exports: https://terraexports.com, Ag Tools, Inc.: https://www.agtechtools.com, Flavor Wave, LLC.: https://flavorwavefresh.com,  Noble Citrus: https://noblecitrus.com & Buck Naked Onions/Owyhee Produce, Inc.: http://www.owyheeproduce.com CHOICE SPONSORS: Golden Star Citrus, Inc.: http://www.goldenstarcitrus.com STANDARD SPONSORS: Indianapolis Fruit Company: https://indyfruit.com and John Greene Logistics Company: https://www.jglc.com


5 Jul 2021

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EP164: The Greatest U-Pick Farming Story with Shay Myers, Agripreneur and CEO Of Owyhee Produce

The Produce Moms Podcast

“Sharing content all started because of an onion tree. Boring!”Shay Myers (4:10-4:14) You’ve probably seen or heard of Shay Myers, third generation farmer and CEO of Owyhee Produce, through his TikTok and Instagram handle @shayfarmkid. He’s been educating consumers and showing them behind-the-scenes of his farm on social media, which thankfully helped him harvest this year’s asparagus when there was a worker shortage. How’d Shay get inspired to start growing on social media? He was speaking with a produce buyer one day who was asking questions about how onions are grown and produced. Being so immersed in this knowledge for years, Shay went into a deep dive, in-depth discussion about things like the translucent scale, try leaf, onion roots, instead of just covering the basics. This was Shay’s ‘aha moment’ of understanding that his view of farming and the rest of the world is quite different. From then on, Shay has been trying to educate not just produce buyers who typically come from very urban settings, but with social media on TikTok and LinkedIn, he’s trying to fulfill the hunger consumers have about understanding where their food comes from and how it is produced.  “It took me a long time to realize that what I consider farming to be and what the average person that's not associated with farming thought farming was, were two different things and that's really my mission. Shay Myers (3:27-3:40) So how did Shay use his social media channels and tight knit audience to create one of the most successful “U-Pick” farms the industry has ever seen?  Like most farms, Shay uses a large number of H-2 workers, which are agricultural guest workers who come to the United States to work for up to nine months at a time. The program is bureaucratically challenging, but very rewarding because of the dedicated and highly-skilled individuals that come to work for the farms. Plus, usually the same workers come back year after year. Unfortunately, there was a typo (yes, a typo) in the application this year, creating some major delays. The clerical errors weren’t caught until about 5 days after the farm needed their workers, so it was too late to do anything. In fact, the farm didn’t get approved until the last week of May when they needed workers starting March 21st (harvest starts between the beginning to middle of April). Needing to harvest their asparagus without any workers, the farm was in a tough spot. They had enough workers to do some of the picking, but not enough for one of their entire fields, which is about 35 acres. The farm called around, trying to pull workers from California, Washington, Idaho and even Texas, but they were unable to find any more workers.  Did you know labor costs have increased by 40% over the last five years? Although what happened at Shay’s farm was a clerical error, there is a labor crisis in the farming industry and we need to do something about it. Shay decided to get on TikTok and rant about the situation, needing to save 350,000 pounds of asparagus that was about to go to waste and wondering what to do? Somehow the local media channels picked up on Shay’s call to have people come and participate in a U-pick on the farm and the following Saturday over 6,100 people showed up to pick free asparagus. Not only was the asparagus not wasted, but people came from as far as Astoria, Oregon, which is almost ten hours away from the farm! They were expecting around 500 to 600 people, but never over 6,100! The crowds started to get so big that people had to sign up to get in. It may sound like this was a simple and easy solution that thankfully went viral, but it came with its challenges. FSMA, or the Food Safety Modernization Act, is a strict protocol the farm had to follow to make sure the food is safe. Everyone needed to sign the food safety documents before participating in the U-Pick. If someone didn’t sign digitally, when they arrived at the farm, they met with a team member who would also review how to appropriately cut the asparagus, making sure they didn’t walk on the asparagus plant, checking for jewelry, and so on.  Can you imagine having to implement that, unplanned, within 24 hours? It was, however, a great teaching moment to show consumers what farm workers have to go through every day to ensure proper safety measures are met. The good news is, not only were people grateful and thanking the farm for the opportunity, but they were making comments about how they’ll never complain about the expensive price of asparagus ever again. With the amount of automation and technology we have today, it’s easy to think that things on the farm are done mechanically. In all actuality, very little is done by machines. There are some mechanized plantings, but in terms of harvesting, almost everything in the produce department is still hand harvested. “A lot of my social content is for people to understand that farming isn't a red barn, an old rusty tractor, a chicken coop with a dozen chickens and a couple of milking cows. It's a lot more involved in that and it's fun and it's cool. It can be exciting. It can be frustrating. It can be scary. And I just like to bring people along with me along that path.” Shay Myers (3:40-4:05) Although Shay was able to find a solution to his worker shortage during his farm’s most recent asparagus harvest, there’s a labor crisis in the farming industry we need to recognize. There’s a shortage of labor availability and the cost of labor is too high, especially when production can be moved to the Southern border and Mexico where the pay is about 10 times less than in America. A fifty cent minimum wage is a lot more affordable than, for example, Oregon’s $16.44 minimum wage. There’s political issues at play, human ethics issues at play, and, as Shay says, “from a food safety standpoint and a food security standpoint, we certainly can do better.” How to get involved Join The Produce Moms Group on Facebook and continue the discussion every week!  Reach out to us - we’d love to hear more about where you are in life and business! Find out more here.  If you liked this episode, be sure to subscribe and leave a quick review on iTunes. It would mean the world to hear your feedback and we’d love for you to help us spread the word!


16 Jun 2021

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109: (Re-Air) Making Onions Popular on TikTok - Shay Myers

Farm Traveler

Shay Myers, a 3rd generation farmer, is our guest today on Farm Traveler. Maybe you've seen Shay on Instagram or even on TikTok as he creates quick but super educational videos on farming. Today on the show, Shay will talk more about why he started his videos, why it's important to get the message out there, and how the industry is battling COVID-19. Be sure to follow Shay at the link below to see his awesome videos!TikTok: @shayfarmkidhttps://www.instagram.com/shayfarmkid/https://thefarmtraveler.com/Subscribe to the Newsletter. Receive a free guide on how YOU can help farmers!Farm Traveler is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Collective, the Podcast Network for the Outdoors-man. Check out all of the Waypoint Outdoor Collective Podcasts HERE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Jun 2021

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[Bonus] Ag Labor and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act with Shay Myers and Representative Cliff Bentz

Future of Agriculture

The reason for today’s special episode is The Farm Workforce Modernization Act that recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is now moving on to the Senate. This legislation is an effort to make progress on the mess that is U.S. ag labor policy. Shay Myers, a farmer who was featured on this show back in episode 178, called me to talk about the importance of this bill to U.S. farmers and their employees. In fact, over 300 agricultural organizations supported the bill. Ag labor reform like this has been attempted for decades, but has never been passed, mostly due to politics.  First, what does this bill do? Put simply, it improves the process for H-2A workers, which is the name of the visa for temporary agricultural workers. It also makes it mandatory that agricultural employers e-verify employees legal work status for employment. Finally, and perhaps most controversially, it establishes a program for agricultural workers and their families who are already in the United States to earn legal status through continued agricultural employment if they meet certain requirements. 


30 Mar 2021

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Shay Myers talks onion crop, reasons for optimism

Tip of the Iceberg Podcast

Episode 12 of Tip of the Iceberg Podcast, brought to you by The Packer and PMG, features an interview with Shay Myers, CEO of Parma, Idaho-based Owyhee Produce and The Packer’s 2020 Produce Man of the Year. Myers talks about the onion crop, adjustments that have needed to be made due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effect of the Farmers to Families Food Box Program on the business. He also discusses reasons for optimism despite the challenges the "new normal" has posed for the industry. In case you're new to Tip of the Iceberg Podcast, its name serves as a reminder for listeners that these conversations are just a taste of the vast produce industry coverage provided by The Packer newspaper, PMG magazine and always-updating websites for both brands: ThePacker.com and ProduceMarketGuide.com. Hope you enjoy the conversation!See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


18 Aug 2020

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Eyes Wide Open - With Onions - Shay Myers

Market to Market - The MtoM Podcast

Some commodities store better than others and for long periods of time. Onions are not one that can be thrown in a bin and the door shuts for years. When Shay Myers' 2020 crop was going in the ground, the exact destruction to demand was still unfolding due to the pandemic. The Idaho/Oregon farmer came back to the home place after college and had an 'eyes wide open' experience in 2006. But no professor could come up with a scenario of what's happening now as markets slam shut and product expires.

26 May 2020