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Close the Chapter Podcast Episode 197 Encore Edition-Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free with Nancy Levin

Close the Chapter Podcast with Kristen Boice

In this encore episode, Kristen interviews Nancy Levin, author of “Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free,”‘about her healing journey from childhood wounds and divorce, how to set healthy boundaries and speak your truth. https://www.nancylevin.com/ Subscribe and Get a free 5-day journal at www.kristendboice.com to begin closing the chapter on what doesn’t serve you and open the the door to the real you. This information is being provided to you for educational and informational purposes only. It is being provided to you to educate you about ideas on stress management and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not psychotherapy/counseling in any form. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment.  For my full Disclaimer please to to www.kristendboice.com. For counseling services near Indianapolis, IN, visit www.pathwaystohealingcounseling.com. Pathways to Healing Counseling's vision is to provide warm, caring, compassionate and life-changing counseling services and educational programs to individuals, couples and families in order to create learning, healing and growth.


25 Jan 2023

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Nancy Levin | Moving from Vision to Fruition

Hay House Meditations

When you are ready to climb the mountain, the clouds above them will part. Join Nancy Levin as she guides you through the process of identifying the roadblocks that keep you from living your dream life, and what to do—right here, right now—to begin moving past them. Call on all your courage, creativity, and tenacity, because you're on your way to the top! If you enjoy this meditation, we recommend Nancy's brand new journal called The Art of Change Guided Journal: 8 Weeks to Making a Meaningful Shift. Each week, you'll explore one of the eight dimensions of reinvention through daily prompts designed to take you into the heart of who you are. And starting September 6th, you can save 30% when you purchase yours at hayhouse.com/change!


4 Sep 2022

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Nancy Levin of The O Magazine

All Things Therapy

Nancy Levin is a Master Life Coach who's featured in The Oprah Magazine, Hay House, Omega Institute, 1440 Mulitversity, and Psychology Today, among others. She is founder of Levin Life Coach Academy for current and aspiring coaches, and host of Your Permission Prescription podcast. She's the author of 6 bestselling books, with The Art of Change, on pre-sale now at www.nancylevin.com   * Up to 3 months of free downloaded commercial free music at    www.getamazonmusic.com/att   * Free Audible audiobook at www.audibletrial.com/allthingstherapy   * Become a patron of All Things Therapy podcast on Patreon at     www.patreon.com/allthingstherapy


25 Aug 2022

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Episode 17 - The Impacts of Setting Boundaries in Your Business and Life with Nancy Levin

The Professional Rule Breaker

Boundaries begin with ourselves. These are set between us and only us even if these involve someone else. Our boundaries are for us to set, establish, and hold. Today I am joined by another special guest, the founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, the host of Your Permission Permission podcast, and best-selling author Nancy Levin. In this episode, Nancy shares how boundaries lead to empowerment of our self-worth and transforming our mind to reach our goals. As always be sure to listen to The Professional Rule Breaker podcast where we share insider secrets, tools, and resources so you don't have to reinvent the wheel and get where you want to be faster. What’s in this episode:  • Identifying the NOs so you're free to do the YESes  • Living out the transformation equation to reach your goals  • Empowering your self-worth to boost your net worth Please leave us a 5-star review if you liked the episode here! ⭐️ Screenshot your favorite part and tag me on Instagram @theprofessionalrulebreaker and let’s continue our conversation there ❤️ You can visit Nancy's website at: https://nancylevin.com/ Follow Nancy on her social media accounts: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NancyLevinAuthor/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/nancylevin Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nancy_levin/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-levin/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrUC6NdbENi1P2bQez1ghRg Thank you for listening, see you in the next episode! ~ 💕Kathy Walterhouse ~


14 Jul 2022

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Episode 68: Boundary Boss Nancy Levin 

LOA Uncorked

LOAers, this episode starts out with Holli’s true confessions and gets to the root of her first foray into stalking…..although not shocked, but clearly news to Jeanna, she as always was well prepared to support our very special guest Nancy Levin!    The host of Your Permission Prescription Podcast had her pad of prescriptions ready and generously doled out advice, counsel and many ah-ha moments.  The conversation expanded around what boundaries are, who is responsible for holding those boundaries and how it feels to not have any boundaries.  She answers the question whether you can have solid healthy boundaries in one area of your life and loose boundaries in another.  If you were the type to run around at work doing everything, being everything and priding yourself on being the ultimate chameleon, listen up, that ain’t healthy!  Holli realizes she has never had boundaries at work and prided herself in being super woman.  While Jeanna embraced Nancy’s first question, “can you put your needs at least equal to others.”  We are preparing ourselves for the Ninja Move where you consider your needs first!!!  Whoa!  Pause. Feel the discomfort in that statement and consider the Ninja Move for yourself.  We think Nancy is a badass boss and we are very excited to share her wisdom!  More about Nancy: Bestselling author, master life coach, founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, and host of Your Permission Prescription Podcast! Through her programs, including her Destination ME group coaching membership, she offers in-depth guidance and training designed to support students and clients to make themselves a priority and set boundaries that stick. She has guided thousands of people — from corporate CEOs to stay-at-home moms, authors, artists, healers, entrepreneurs and other coaches — to uncover their truth in the most powerful ways, and she has witnessed them do some pretty amazing things. She knows both personally and professionally what happens when you finally step up and find the courage to change. Nancy’s books: Setting Boundaries will Set You Free Permission to Put Yourself First Worthy: Boost Your Self Worth to Grow Your Net Worth Jump….and Your Life will Appear Writing for my Life….Reclaiming the Lost Pieces of Me Podcast References: https://nancylevin.com/ As always, thanks for listening and we look forward to sharing more LOA badassery conversations with you!  Please consider leaving a review and subscribing or dropping us a note to say hi and share your thoughts. www.loauncorked.com  l  loauncorked@gmail.com  I  Insta: @loauncorked  I  FB: loauncorked

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21 Apr 2022

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Nancy Levin: Rediscovering Your Voice By Setting Boundaries

What's Not Being Said

Nancy Levin is a Master Coach and bestselling author of several books including her latest, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free. Formerly the Event Director at Hay House for over a decade, Nancy is the creator of the Levin Life Coach Academy and offers in-depth coaching and training programs designed to support students and clients to make themselves a priority by setting boundaries that stick. In this episode Nancy shares her profound story and her strategies for creating life changing boundaries.


4 Apr 2022

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TYE 129: Stop people pleasing and start being selfish with Nancy Levin

The YES Effect

When Nancy Levin’s personal and professional life blew up, she learned the importance of boundaries, selfishness, self care and self love. For over a decade, she was a professional standout working for a major book publisher, Hay House Publishing (founded by Louise Hay). But years of people pleasing, selflessness and suppressing fear and unhappiness at home culminated in divorce, discovery of her affair and the end of her dream career.  She is now a Master Coach, host of the podcast “Your Permission Prescription” and bestselling author of several self-worth, personal development and relationship books, including Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free, Permission to Put Yourself First and Jump … And Your Life Will Appear. She is the Founder of Levin Life Coach Academy, offering in-depth coaching, training and certification programs designed to support students to make themselves a priority by setting boundaries that stick. Nancy Levin is on The YES Effect show to talk about how people can strengthen their relationships and their own self by finally putting themselves first.  In this episode, you’ll learn: Why so many people think boundaries and selfishness are bad things Why projecting the image of “perfection” is so harmful  Why Nancy believes the “rocking of her foundation” was the best thing to have happened to her Why so many people wait until it’s too late to make a life-altering change Why we shouldn’t aim for a relationship that’s in “perfect harmony” Why boundaries are actually much more freeing rather than restrictive The reason people (especially women) say yes to things we should say no to How to avoid immediately saying “yes” in order to people please Why being “selfish” can be good and healthy for you How you can confidently put your needs first using one small step next time someone asks you what to have for dinner How Nancy eventually became comfortable telling her affair story Quotables: “We have this idea that the goal of a relationship is harmony at all costs. I’m here to tell you that harmony at all costs comes at a high cost.” “There’s an epidemic of women and girls saying yes to things they should be saying no to and no to things they should be saying yes to.” “Most people look at boundaries as being restrictive or depriving. I look at boundaries as the way we are carefully choosing and consciously curating the content of our own lives.” “Culture has given ‘selfish’ a bad wrap; we pride ourselves on being ‘selfless.’ With selflessness, it’s right there in the word, we disappear.” “I often look as selfish, self care & self love as being 3 sisters whose job it is to support us in honouring ourselves.” “My transformation equation: Change = vision + choice + action.” “On the way to becoming, it’s reintegrating qualities in ourselves that we have disowned and projected onto others, including the light and positive qualities we can step into.” Links mentioned in this episode: Nancy Levin’s website, podcast, books and coaching programs: https://nancylevin.com/ Join The YES Effect Inner Circle Facebook Group for a behind the scenes experience about what it means to Believe, Belong and Become! Join Shelli on Facebook Join Shelli on Instagram Join Shelli on YouTube


29 Mar 2022

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Ep. 58 :: Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free {With Nancy Levin}


For much of my life, people pleasing kept me from speaking my authentic voice, carving out time to care for myself, and living my authentic truth and life.I know I am not alone.Do you notice yourself afraid of hurting other people’s feelings? Avoiding conflict? Having difficulty saying “no”? Over-extending? Over-apologizing? Conforming to the people around you? Ignoring your own needs for the sake of others?If these, or any other people pleasing tendencies, are your modus operandi, today's brand new episode on SATIATE is especially for you.Nancy Levin is a best-selling author and master life coach. She is also the former event director for Hay House Publishing of twelve years, and as she says, she had a front row seat and a backstage pass to all the most recognized speakers, best-selling authors, and teachers in the areas of self-empowerment, wellness, and motivation.Nancy is the founder of Levin Life Coach Academy offering in-depth coaching, training and certification programs designed to support students, and their clients, to make themselves a priority by honoring their self-worth, dissolving outdated obstacles and setting boundaries that stick so they can vividly live in center stage of their own life.LISTEN AND HEAR:~ How her own personal crisis led her to being able to finally embody the incredible teachings that surrounded her in her daily career (such as those from Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Debbie Ford, and Cheryl Richardson).~ How we all believe there is some part of ourselves we need to hide in order to be loved and accepted, yet, all most of us want us to be loved for the truth of who we are –– and what to do about it.~ How it is not always WHAT we do, but rather WHY we do it when it comes to boundaries.~ What a healthy boundary is and how we can learn to set boundaries –– including the very first step (hint: it's not what you think!).~ The impactful relationship between boundaries and self-love.~ What you can gain on the other side of setting healthy boundaries –– and it is worth finding out!If you want to learn more, you can head to her website: https://nancylevin.com/Her many inspiring books: https://nancylevin.com/nancy-levin-books/Her incredible podcast, Your Permission Prescription: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/your-permission-prescription-with-nancy-levin/id1572513199Sue Van Raes: https://www.bouldernutrition.com/Boulder Nutrition Retreats: https://www.bouldernutrition.com/retreatsFollow Me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bouldernutrition/


24 Mar 2022

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1: Boundaries are expansive NOT limiting with Nancy Levin

The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast

“Boundaries are expansive.”This week’s episode is with Nancy Levin. Nancy is a Master Coach, podcast host and bestselling author of several books. Formerly the Event Director at Hay House for over a decade, Nancy is the founder of Levin Life Coach Academy offering in-depth coaching, training and certification programs designed to support students to make themselves a priority by setting boundaries that stick. Kate and Nancy talked about My guest, Nancy Levin is the self-proclaimed boundary queen. Her compassionate yet no-nonsense approach will have you wanting to dissect your own life and enforce some stronger boundaries so you can feel more in control, calmer and more peaceful about the way you live your life!During this conversation we talk about:* Burnout* People-pleasing* What skewed boundaries feel like* Self-worth, self-esteem and overgiving* What lack of boundaries highlight in our lives, such as fear of judgement, over-giving, conflict avoiding,* Overachieving and being a perfectionist* Female and societal conditioning* Crafting a life on our own terms* Prioritising other peoples’ feelings, needs, desires and emotions over our own.* Incompletions and what they do to our headspace if we allow itTo access Nancy’s free Transformation Equation (her Proven Method to Create Confidence and Inspire Change) by clicking hereConnect with Nancy via her Website, Instagram and her Facebook Group.Kate Moryoussef is a women’s ADHD Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner helping overwhelmed yet unfulfilled (many with ADHD like her) women find more calm, balance, health, compassion, creativity and clarity in their lives. By using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping) in her coaching practice, Kate guides more women to rediscover their inner voice, 'tap' into their expansive wisdom and potential, fulfil their desires and realise themselves outside of the overwhelm, inner pressure and family dynamic. She is also a mum to four children and hopes to write her own book someday!To download Kate’s free ADHD Women’s Wellbeing toolkit click here. Have a read of Kate’s articles in ADDitude magazine herehttps://www.coachingbykate.me.ukkatemoryoussef@gmail.comInstagram: @kate_moryoussefPodcast Instagram: @adhd_womenswellbeing_podFacebook: Coaching by Kate UKTwitter: @KateMoryNotes on our sponsorEquazen are fatty acid specialists with a range of products to support brain function*. Backed by clinical studies, Equazen’s supplements are a precise blend of omega- 3 EPA and DHA from fish oil and omega-6 GLA from Primrose oil.Their range of supplements contains a synergistic and balanced formulation to help get the natural benefits of fish oils without the fishy taste.Suitable for all ages: available for pregnancy and babies, child-friendly formulations including strawberry flavoured chews and a citrus liquid, as well as tasteless, odourless capsules.” *DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA. Available from Boots, Holland and Barratt, Ocado and on Amazon.Use coe Kate15 for 15% off from Boots.com


20 Jan 2022

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Episode 008: The Art of Boundary Setting with Nancy Levin

In Her Eyes

What are the costs of always putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own?  What YOU need MATTERS!  Your emotional and physical health depends on YOU taking ownership of what YOU need.  It is no one else's responsibility.  If you have always prided yourself on your ability to get things done at all costs, you have more than likely experienced the resentment or frustration that crops up when your own needs aren't recognized or valued. I am honored to share with you the conversation that I had with the brilliant and inspiring transformational life coach, Nancy Levin on this episode of the In Her Eyes Podcast. Nancy Levin is a best-selling author, master coach, and host of the podcast Your Permission Prescription. Formerly the Event Director at Hay House for over a decade, Nancy is the creator of Levin Life Coach Academy and Destination Me, offering in-depth coaching and training programs designed to support students and clients to make themselves a priority by setting boundaries that stick. There is so much wisdom in Nancy's insight on what it means to be self-referenced and honor ourselves.  She is on a mission to help us take back our power by helping us establish our own boundaries and stick to them.  She guides us through: what boundaries really are how to reframe our own needs what it means to be self-referenced how we can get caught up in the wave of being other referenced what that costs us why striving for the approval of others leaves us empty how to take back the word "selfish" to our benefit If you have read Nancy's latest book, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free, you will understand just how excited I was to dive headfirst into this topic with her.  If you have not had the opportunity to read the book, this is your crash course!  You owe it to yourself (and everyone who loves you) to listen!  For a world-class people-pleaser like me, this book was a life reset. When I first committed to bringing this podcast to life, I made a list of my top 100 dream guests.  Nancy Levin was in the top 10.  So you can imagine how over the moon excited I was to have the opportunity to interview her.  She brings both knowledge and passion to this subject in a way that no one else can.  I am so grateful for showing up with such compassion and honesty for me and the beautiful-spirited listeners like you! For the complete show notes and to get your hands on the freebie that Nancy talked about, go to: https://www.inhereyespodcast.com/episode08


26 Aug 2021