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S2 E2: Measuring impact to drive global investment and positive change, with Darshita Gillies of Maanch


This episode is about the economics of Impact – and how measuring Impact can enable the best use of capital and so accelerate positive change globally. As you'd expect, technology has a huge role to play, and my guest is the epitome of an impact tech entrepreneur. I start with a quote for Sir Ronald Cohen's book "Impact": “Impact, he says, needs to be brought to the heart of our society and take its place at the centre of our economic system. …We need to shift to a system that encourages making as much money as possible but in a way that is consistent with achieving the highest impact and with the lowest level of risk. Impact must become ingrained in our society’s DNA, part of a triple helix of risk-return-impact that influences every decision we make regarding consumption, employment, business and investment. It needs to become a driving force of our economy. He goes on to say that: if we regard impact investing as our rocket ship to social change, impact measurement is our navigation system. It will lead to change and the establishment of new norms.” Darshita Gillies, founder and CEO of MAANCH, is building that navigation system. Maanch is a multi-award winning global impact platform - it unifies the impact of institutional funders, companies, investors and social enterprises. They inspire and enable participants of the impact ecosystem to re-allocate capital and resources towards achieving the UN SDGs - through data, intelligence, dashboards and networks.


17 Mar 2021

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How London Techpreneur Darshita Gillies Created a Philanthropy Platform to Drive Impact


London-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Darshita Gillies is using technology to connect impact investors with those doing good in the world. This episode is also available as a blog post: http://eshe.in/2021/03/09/darshita-gillies/


9 Mar 2021

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SDG #17: Connecting Capital to the SDGs with Darshita Gillies

SDG Talks

Darshita Gillies is the founder and CEO of Maanch, a platform leveraging technology to enhance the impact of capital. Working within the framework of the SDGs, Maanch is connecting philanthropic funds, impact investors and corporates with project opportunities around the world. Launched in 2018, Maanch works with over 700 partners across 15+ countries towards achieving the UN-SDGs. With an upbringing in India and a background in accountancy, Darshita now resides in London where she focuses on driving global sustainable development. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darshitagillies/ Maanch: https://maanch.com/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


12 Feb 2021

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Episode 4 Darshita Gillies on changing Philanthropy forever

Covid-19 Opportunity In Isolation

This period hasn’t been easy for many of us.  2020 had been looking good, and a pipeline of opportunities were beginning to bear fruit.  I was also excited to launch my “EventStars” Podcast which I created to help people working in the Events Industry.  But as it has for many, Covid changed EVERYTHING. Business came to a standstill. It has become a time for reflection and in some cases a time for “Pivot”.  For one, the podcast became a series about “Opportunity In Isolation”. And this is something that I’ve really enjoyed.  It has given me the chance to interview and connect with some amazing people who are creating opportunities not just for themselves but others.  In Episode 4, I interview Darshita Gillies, the founder and CEO of Maanch. Maanch is an award winning global impact platform, transforming the way millions of people engage with philanthropy and impact investing worldwide.  Darshita is also listed among the 100 Most Influential in UK - India Relationships.  We spoke about a number of topics including from her journey from coming from a very humble background in Mumbai where the milkman once had to pay for her school fees to: Speaking at the UN, Vatican and Ted Putting together a complex project in Maanch and the steps that she took How Philanthropy and the art of giving is changing Blockchain technology  Tips for success Although this podcast is about “Opportunity in Crisis” and a lot of people might look at that as opportunities for oneself, Darshita got me to think a lot more about success in terms of creating opportunity for others.  Show notes [0:20] Darshita explains what she means by global citizen [3:07] The reason Darshita and her husband quit their jobs [4:28] how she went from not being able to pay school fees to qualifying as one of the top 50 chartered accountants in India [5:10] The night before she sat for her chartered accountant exam, the lights got cut off [8:20] Darshita walks us though her career journey from chartered accountant to investment banker to executive coach, impact investing in tech, blockchain specialist and now running a global impact platform called Maanch [14:44] Darshita explains how her global impact platform, Maanch, works in basic terms [18:08] Opportunity in isolation [19:18] Varshita takes us through the checks her company has in place to ensure that their platform is transparent [22:40] The steps Darshita took to starting up her global impact platform, Maanch [25:22] How Darshita set up a team and the advantages of having an advisory board for any business [26:43} The challenges Darshita experienced setting up her global impact platform [33:12] Darshita explains the fascinating concept of blockchain technology and how she’s using it for her platform Quotes [21:53] “Sometimes we need to invest in failure so that we can invest in success.” [23:00] “I think to achieve an impossible task, you have to break it down into impossible steps.” [29:58] The purpose of life is to find your gift and the meaning of life is to give it away – Gurmej quoting Shakespeare/ Pablo. Author of the quote is debated. [39:10] “Part of me is a risk taker. I learned to dive before I learned to swim.”’ Please let us know your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to the channel for more content! Follow Darshita Website https://darshitagillies.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/darshitagillies/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/darshigillies/ Twitter https://twitter.com/darshitagillies?lang=en/


30 Apr 2020

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Darshita Gillies

Global Health Perspectives with Derek Yach

Listed among the 100 Most Influential in UK - India Relationships, Darshita is Founder & CEO of Maanch and currently a member of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World's Board of Directors. Her aim is to leverage the power of emerging technologies to address the complex business and societal challenges we face in a more sustainable, conscious, and strategic way. Her experience builds on and blends 3 facets, 'Finance', 'Technology' and 'Planetary Sustainability’. With a professional background as Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Executive Coach, Impact Investing and FinTech/ Blockchain Specialist, Darshita also serves on Boards of 'For Profit' and 'Non-Profit' organisations.


20 Apr 2020