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Ep. 72: Geoff Neupert on training (and gaining) past age 40

The Hammer Cast

On this monumental first for the Hammer Cast, I am joined by the legendary and still mega influential Geoff Neupert - retired Master SFG, co-founder of Original Strength, and all around genius when it comes to teaching people how to train - and gain - well past the age of 40. Check out his website here: www.chasingstrength.com And for a badazz, take-no-prisoners style of strength and conditioning that you can tack on to your current workouts, get my 9 Minute Kettlebell and Bodyweight Challenge here: www.alekssalkin.com 


5 May 2021

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#45 - Geoff Neupert: Complex, The Ultimate Strength Endurance

The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast

In the 45th Episode of The Breakthrough Secrets Podcast, Chris, Mike and our special guest Former Master Instructor with RKC and StrongFirst, Geoff Neupert will talk about the complex as the ultimate strength endurance.Join us in this insightful and amazing talk!In this chapter you will discover: (0:45)  Introducing our special guest StrongFirst Master Instructor and RKC Master Instructor, Geoff Neupert(1:40) Geoff Neupert Origin Story(5:00) IronMind magazine https://ironmind.com/ (7:00) Don’t overcomplicate working out and training(9:10) What inspired Geoff to go from Powerlifting to Olympic lifting(10.00) About the deadlift(11:00) Can Kettlebell training give the effects of olympic lifting?(12:30) Training like a wrestler (16:40) Weightlifting complex: Warm Up with Barbells(17:10) Weightlifting complex: The Ultimate Strength Endurance(17.50) Complexes for fat loss(19:00) Complexes for muscle building(23:00) The Ponzi Scheme theory when training with Kettlebells, remembering Brett Jones (24:30) Kettlebell front squat(26:00) Time Under Tension is the secret sauce to strength(27.10) What does Geoff do with his clients after a 12 week complex cycle?(28:20) About Original Strength(29:45) A way to get the brain to communicate faster with the body(32:00) The restorative quality of Original Strength(33:10) From no balance to 88 lb kettlebell in 1 day(37:00) The power of the brain: 70’s Lady stroke story(38:30) The importance of mind-body connection(44:10) Workout habits and methods before and after the Pandemic of 2020(46:00) Kettlebell, the best home workout equipment(47:00) Difference between complexes and chains(48:30) Strength Aerobics and Power endurance, shout out to Brett Jones and Tim Almond(52:00) About chains(53:40) Will Geoff go back to Olympic Lifting?(55:00) Double Kettlebell Work is the closest to Olympic Lifting without spending hours in refining the technique(56:00) The double clean(56:20) Shout out to Jeremy Layport (57:10) “The Giant Program” from Geoff Neupert(59:00) “The Kettlebell is the means to an end to get more energy to enjoy life” - Geoff Neupert(59:15) The average weight gain in the US during COVID might be 29 lb and for millennials, 41 lb(1:01:40) You can train with a kettlebell from everywhere(1:02:00) Training with Kettlebell gives you a great feedback(1:04:30) Where to contact Geoff Neupert https://chasingstrength.com .@geoff.neupert @brettjonessfg @hardstyle_method @j_layport @coach_mike_kbw @Strongfirst#kettlebells #kettlebellworks #strength #power #speed #endurance #becomethestrongestversionofyourself #confidence #mindset #health #wellness #nextlevelliving #strong #powerful #humble #studentofstrength #strengthhasagreaterpurpose #breakthroughsecretspodcast #hardstyle #strongfirst #hardstylemethod

1hr 7mins

10 Apr 2021

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EP 509: Geoff Neupert on Autoregulated Kettlebell Training | The Legend Returns!

The Pat Flynn Show

Pat and Dr. Jim are joined by #kettlebell legend Geoff Neupert to discuss auto-regulated training -- what it is, why it rocks, how to do it, etc -- and what Geoff has been doing recently in his own training regimen since coming out of retirement. Please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! For 101 FREE kettlebell workouts visit http://www.101kettlebellworkouts.com 


20 Feb 2021

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Geoff Neupert Discusses Original Strength and Kettlebell Strong

Rdella Training : The Strength & Performance Podcast


1hr 17mins

26 Mar 2014

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TriSpecific Podcast Episode 2 ReSetting the Body with Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert

The Endurance Specific Podcast

Episode #2 with Tim Anderson & Geoff Neupert of Original Strength goes into hitting the Reset button to help rebuild a body that is capable of doing anything without limitations of pain and dysfunction.

1hr 6mins

20 Jun 2013

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Geoff Neupert - Six Pack Abs, Fat Loss, & Kettlebells (Part II)

Rdella Training : The Strength & Performance Podcast



30 May 2012

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Geoff Neupert - Six Pack Abs, Fat Loss, & Kettlebells (Part I)

Rdella Training : The Strength & Performance Podcast



12 May 2012