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257: Episode 257 - Genes & Justice: Kathleen Folbigg & Patricia Stallings


“1 sudden infant death is a tragedy, 2 is suspicious and 3 is murder”; this theory has pervaded criminal investigations for decades. And so when Kathleen Folbigg’s daughter, Laura, became her fourth child to die mysteriously - Kathleen found herself labeled “Australia’s Worst Female Serial Killer”. Today the girls delve into 2 unbelievable cases which highlight the immense challenges of the intersection between science and justice in the courtroom. And discover how a series of bizarre circumstances and medical anomalies could have led to the deaths of 5 babies and the imprisonment of two women. Become a patron: Patreon Order a copy of the book here (US & Canada): Order on Wellesley Books Order on Amazon.com Order a copy of the book here (UK, Ireland, Europe, NZ, Aus): Order on Amazon.co.uk Order on Foyles Follow us on social media: Instagram Twitter Visit our website: Website


4 Aug 2022

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Kathleen Folbigg - Mothers Who Murder - Part 2

Killer Heart To Hearts

It's easy to jump to conclusions when you hear of a mother who has lost all 4 of her children, but is it ever possible for there to be an explanation for this that doesn't involve murder? This is the story of Kathleen Folbigg who is known as the most prolific female killer in Australian history, but does she deserve this title?E-mail : killerhearttohearts@gmail.comInstagramFacebookTwitterSource Material:4 Dead Infants, A Convicted Mother, and a Genetic MysteryBy Oscar SchwartzWIRED Magazine December 9, 2021WIRED Magazine ArticleWikipedia (Kathleen Folbigg)Wikipedia (Carola Garcia de Vinuesa)Wikipedia (Sally Clark)


16 May 2022

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Post Conviction Review & the Case of Kathleen Folbigg with Rhanee Rego

The UoN Crim Podcast

Kathleen Folbigg was branded as 'Australia's Worst Serial Killer' when she was convicted for murdering her four children. But what is the new forensic evidence that suggests she is not responsible for the crimes? Isabella sits down with Folbigg's solicitor Rhanee Rego to discuss how she is working to bring justice to the case of Kathleen Folbigg.  To sign the petition to pardon Kathleen Folbigg, click here: https://www.change.org/p/mark-speakman-attorney-general-mark-speakman-release-kathleen-folbigg-now?utm_content=cl_sharecopy_30499149_en-AU%3A2&recruiter=1180751646&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition


5 Sep 2021

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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Kathleen Folbigg

True Crime Brewery

Kathleen Folbigg has lived a life filled with tragedy. As a child, her father murdered her mother, leaving her to grow up in foster care. But Kathleen seemed to have overcome her difficult past when she married her husband Craig and they set out to start a family. In 1989, Kathleen’s infant son Caleb died. This death was followed by the deaths of three more of her children in 1991, 1993, and 1999. It wasn’t until the death of her daughter Laura in 1999 when family, friends, and the authorities became suspicious. Kathleen denied killing her babies, but her behavior and her journals may have told a different story.Join us at the quiet end for The Hand that Rocks the Cradle: The Kathleen Folbigg Story. When a mother loses a child, sympathy is abundant. But, when each of Kathleen’s children died in her care, one after another, dark questions about Kathleen and the complexities of motherhood came up. The accepted wisdom at the time was that one cot death is a tragedy, two are suspicious, and three is murder until proven otherwise. This left Kathleen and her supporters in the impossible position of proving a negative. Today we’re going to go into the medical and genetic explanations investigated to explain the sudden deaths of the Folbigg babies as well as the psychological and behavioral characteristics pointing to Kathleen as a calculated serial baby killer.

1hr 44mins

18 May 2021

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File 78: Kathleen Folbigg and The Moors Murders

The Wardcaster Files: A True Crime Podcast

What happened to Kathleen Folbigg’s four babies between 1989 and 1999?  Did they die from unfortunate cases of SIDS or were they cruelly murdered by their own mother?Myra Hindley is another woman who was involved in the death of children, but we know she is responsible along with her boyfriend, Ian Brady. They murdered five children between 1963 and 1965. Support the show

1hr 4mins

14 Apr 2021

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The Diary - Kathleen Folbigg

True Crimecast

After living through a violent, trauma filled childhood, Kathleen Folbigg turned into one of Australia’s most notorious serial killers. However, while she may not have killed the most people in the country‘s history, it is the victims of her crimes that make her a monster: her own children. What could lead a mother to kill her own children? Could this violence have been prevented? This is True Crimecast.Thanks to Devin Beasley of Mysteries of The Ohio Valley for lending her voice talents to this show!True Crimecast is a podcast that adds a unique perspective to the true crime genre. John and Jamie dig into new cases and revisit old ones to try to get to the truth. Each episode takes on a different true crime case and the hosts share both details and theories about what really happened.True Crimecast - Two friends, a microphone, and a mystery.Visit https://www.spreaker.com/show/true-crimecast or wherever you get your favorite true crime podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Apr 2021

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Christian Porter no longer Attorney General. And eminent scientists petition for release of convicted killer Kathleen Folbigg

Law Report - Full program podcast

On advice from the Solicitor-General, the PM shifts Christian Porter to Minister for Industry, Science and Technology. And following the NSW Court of Appeal ruling that Kathleen Folbigg stay behind bars, the Australian Academy of Science issues a strong statement saying 'there are medical and scientific explanations for the death of each of Kathleen Folbigg's children'. A petition from ninety eminent scientists also called for her immediate release.


30 Mar 2021

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8: Kathleen Folbigg the Australian Child Killer?

Sipping on Some Crime

The Australian child killer. Is that a fair title for Kathleen Folbigg? Was she wrongly convicted of one of Australia’s most horrific crimes? 15 years later there’s a possibility of her conviction finally being overturned due to 90 world renowned scientist backing a petition for her release. Was her original conviction based truly on circumstantial evidence? Was she unfairly convicted? There are those who knew her then and still believe she is responsible for the deaths of her children, and there are others who say that Kathleen would never harm her children and she was unfairly labeled a monster. What do you believe….


9 Mar 2021

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Killernews 30: Kathleen Folbigg + Si Quey

OAV Crime

Novas evidências descobertas por uma equipe internacional de cientistas especializados em genética sugerem que os filhos de uma das mais infames assassinas em série da Austrália podem não ter sido mortos pela própria mãe. Um infame assassino em série de crianças cujo corpo foi mantido exposto ao público na Tailândia por seis décadas pôde finalmente descansar. EQUIPE OAV PODCASTERS: Daniel Cruz, Fábio Pereira, Kátia De Bastiani, Marcus Santana, Rosane Maldonado, Tatá Xavier


7 Oct 2020

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#01 - Kathleen Folbigg


Classified as one of the most infamous Australian serial killers, Kathleen Folbigg is known for the murders of her four children. In our first episode, we delve into mystery surrounding the deaths of her infant children. 


27 Sep 2020