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How Veterans & Service Members Can Achieve Post-Military Career Success with Matt Kuchera...

The Driven Entrepreneur with Matt Brauning

Ep #242 -  My guest this week is Matt Kuchera, a 12.5 year Air Force Veteran who served as a Master Military Training Instructor to mold more than 82,000 United States men and women to take on world-changing roles. Matt made the decision to walk away from the service, so that his young family could create a more stable foundation and live near his parents. Since leaving, he has earned a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Purdue University and has begun a doctorate program to become a Doctor of Technology. After graduating, Matt landed his dream job as a Vice President for the largest bank in the US and he now coaches veterans and service members on how to position themselves for successful post-military success. Matt is the host of the podcast, Vet Pivot, where he highlights topics in veteran transition by interviewing other veterans and industry leaders that have made successful pivots themselves. His three-step process to military transition will instill the discipline and insight necessary for anybody to survive the upheaval of a career change step. His work is powerful and he's an amazing human-being. Enjoy my interview with Matt Kuchera. Learn More About Matt Kuchera and Vet Pivot: Visit the 'Vet Pivot' website at: https://vetpivot.com/ Listen to the 'Vet Pivot podcast at: https://vetpivot.com/podcast/ Follow Matt Kuchera on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/vetpivot Follow Matt Kuchera on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/vetpivot/ Whether you are new to 'The Driven Entrepreneur' podcast or a recurring fan, please help out by rating, reviewing and subscribing to the show on Apple Podcasts or wherever you prefer to listen. Your support and your reviews mean a lot to the longevity and success of this show. Plus, it provides me with valuable feedback, so that I can continue to provide the best listening experience possible. I love hearing from fans and listeners. Please share your feedback, guest suggestions, or ideas for show topics with me on social media. (See links below) Connect With Matt Brauning On Social Media: Follow Matt Brauning on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattbrauning Follow Matt Brauning on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattbrauning/ Follow Matt Brauning on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattbrauning Visit Matt Brauning's Websites: www.mattbrauningpodcast.com www.fireboxbook.com Get a copy of my brand new book, "The Firebox Principle," on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Firebox-Principle-Drives-Every-Entrepreneur-ebook/dp/B07FDKK9QW


5 Dec 2020

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Episode 91 - Interview with Matt Kuchera of Vet Pivot

Food Safety University

Vets- listen up! This vet is talking to another awesome vet this week. Matt runs Vet Pivot, works in finance and is the walking definition of amazing.  We cover lots of awesome stuff for non vets in this one as well, so you will all want to tune in!


2 Jul 2020

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Careers in Cannabis Ep. 5 | Matt Kuchera from Vet Pivot - Potential for Veterans in the Cannabis Space

TRICHOMES Careers in Cannabis

TRICHOMES.com talks with staffing agencies and cannabis companies to explore employment and career opportunities in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Jarod Duggins is joined by Matt Kuchera, founder of Vet Pivot. Vet Pivot is a podcast that was created to aid veterans in their transition out of the military into a civilian existence. This episode is about recognizing the heroes that remain here with us and how we as a community can support the men and women that supported our rights to fight to make cannabis an industry.  If you’re a veteran and you’re looking for a job, this episode of Careers in Cannabis is for you.


29 May 2020

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EP 13- The Gift of Feedback with Matt Kuchera

Get Heard with Ian Roth

We often receive feedback and don't really LISTEN to what it is telling us or we take it personally instead of using it to grow as a leader. Today, Matt Kuchera and I discuss the gift of feedback. It is a gift, in that people do not owe it to you. It takes time and energy for someone to give it to you and with that being said, you should at least listen to what the person has to say.Sure, there are people out there who give terrible feedback, but as leaders, we must be direct and show some tact and candor when delivering it. It's not personal, it's just business! (See High Hopes Initiative Episode 15)Matt also discusses that a leaders, we do not have to be the smartest in the room. We must have the big picture mindset and be able to orchestrate all the people and other moving pieces effectively to obtain results.  To be up to date on all of my latest happenings, follow me on:LinkedInInstagramTwitterFind out more at getheardpodcast.com and shoot me an email at ian@getheardpodcast.com


18 Mar 2020

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53 - Perspective is Everything with Matt Kuchera

The Military Veteran Dad Podcast

Matt Kuchera is our guest today and I am excited to share this episode with you.  Matt served in the Airforce and recently transitioned out and has a common story that I think a lot of dads will relate to.  He has one of those personalities that you can't help but feel like you have been friends forever and that you don't always want to say goodbye.  Being an Airforce Military Training Instructor while being a Dad with young kids. Perspective is everything Teaching your kids to be responsible Your not perfect, always be willing to learn Alexa dance music The responsibility of raising girls The only gift our kids ever need Journaling with your kids Teaching your kids to mentor Being extraverted Prioritizing your wife as #1 How to connect with guest Website > https://www.vetpivot.com/ LinkedIn > https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewkucheravetpivot/ --------------------------------------------- Join our Facebook Group  The Military Veteran Dad Facebook Group > http://bit.ly/2GmNqqG --------------------------------------------- MilitaryVeteranDad.com MilitaryVeteranDad.com/Blog Instagram @Ben_Killoy > http://bit.ly/2Sq9pBG Instagram @MilitaryVeteranDad > http://bit.ly/2JIwtJt Twitter @benkilloy > http://bit.ly/2M8gFBn Facebook Page @MilitaryVeteranDad > http://bit.ly/2y1LMGe --------------------------------------------- Ask me a question? You might just be featured in a future episode of the Military Veteran Dad Podcast Link here

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23 Dec 2019