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Staff Picks: Michael Parenti, 2005

This Is Hell!

We revisit an interview with Michael Parenti from November 2005. Chuck is back next week.


31 Oct 2022

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Episode 3. Inventing Reality by Michael Parenti: Part 3 - Ch. 6 & 7 "Giving Labor the Business" and ""Liberal Media", Conservative Bias


On todays episode, Annie continues explaining Inventing Reality by Dr. Michael Parenti with a dive into chapters 6 & 7 which discuss societies conservative mood, discrediting protests, anti labor narratives, and the invisible contributions of the working class. Annie also gives you some insight regarding Star Wars, Taylor Swift, and Depression.


28 Oct 2022

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Episode 2. Inventing Reality by Michael Parenti: Part 2 - Ch. 5 "The Big Sell" and other unsolicited commentary


On todays episode, Annie explains chapter 5 of Michael Parenti's Inventing Reality which covers topics including the consumer ideology selling the system, private interests, and global warming. Annie is also really afraid of Nuclear War and the sun. 

1hr 2mins

12 Oct 2022

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Michael Parenti: "Inventing Reality" (1993)

The East is a Podcast

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL3b_QmNV2Y&ab_channel=AmbakisyeDukuzumurenyi https://openlibrary.org/books/OL26643479M/Inventing_reality_the_politics_of_the_mass_media Special thanks to Ian Anderson (@starsalwayslost)

1hr 14mins

10 Aug 2022

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The Real Causes of WW2 \ Michael Parenti


https://youtu.be/QfbF3y2HZH8 #history


5 Mar 2022

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Conspiracy AND Class - Michael Parenti

Notus & Friends

www.NotusBooks.org--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/notusandfriends/message


9 Feb 2022

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The Face of Imperialism - Michael Parenti


#michaelparenti #imperialism #history #rome #caesar #money #elites #power #leaders #capitalism #usa


7 Jan 2022

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Racism and Church Bells - Michael Parenti


#michaelparenti #history #capitalism #christianity #racism #slavery 


5 Jan 2022

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Lofi For Leftists #1: Michael Parenti

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2 Nov 2021

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Michael Parenti lecture (1986)


I was recently able to come across a lecture by Michael Parenti a political science + listen in & enjoy ♡ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ashlyruth-eckelsefzz-fcc/message


11 Jul 2021