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Surrendering To A Positive and Productive Relationship with Your Coaching Business with Jen Carrington

Grow With Soul

Today is a conversational episode about coaching with my good friend Jen Carrington.  Jen is a creative coach who has been running her business for about six years, and she actually coached me back in 2017 when I first had the idea of setting up my business.  Today we talk about how we plan out our years, the direction of our business as coaches, the difference between finding and surrendering to balance, what jobs your marketing has to do as a coach or facilitator and how we both approach the dreaded selling.  Here's what we talk about in this episode:Background into Jen CarringtonHow Jen plans her year as a CoachPlanning rest days into your scheduleFinding freedom in your businessStriving for fulfilmentMaking time for you and showing up as the best version of yourselfBuilding a better day with daily routines and planningLearning to trust yourself to get things doneBuilding a relationship with your businessEffective organic marketingCommunicating with your audience through your contentApproaching selling in your businessFor links and resources discussed in the show, see the full show notes.Kayte on Instagram

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29 Nov 2019

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#10: Jen Carrington on Creativity, Finding Your Voice, & "Secret Weapon" Content

Creatively Human

Today’s guest is the brilliant Jen Carrington, who has taught me so much about doing work that truly fits around me. This interview is full of so much goodness! We spoke a lot about writing and developing a strong voice across a "content ecosystem", finding your “secret weapon” content, being creative outside of our work, starting a business young, and the mindset work that has led Jen to where she is now. "There’s a trap you can fall into as a business owner where you think your business is everything… a big thing I’ve learned is, my business is important but it’s not my whole life and there’s a whole version of me outside of this business that needs nurturing, and needs to play and explore." - Jen Carrington Some of the things we talked about: Loving your business like a marriage (even in the less fun times) How Jen developed such a strong voice Jen's content ecosystem, including blogging, podcasting & weekly newsletters Some of the newsletters we love and why Finding your "secret weapon" in your content ecosystem Attracting clients in a really organic way that feels good Being creative outside of your business Jen's favourite writers and books Our shared experience of starting a business young The mindset work that has led Jen to where she is now And saving for taxes!   For episode show notes & links, head to https://ruthpoundwhite.com/podcast/


28 Nov 2018

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How to Build a Creative Online Business with Jen Carrington

Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt

Jen Carrington is a creative coach, writer, and podcaster from Manchester, UK. Jen hosts the Make it Happen podcast and co-hosts ‘Letters from a Hopeful Creative’ with Sara Tasker. Jen is passionate about helping us to live life and run creative businesses on our own terms, choosing more than feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and burned out in our careers. Its been a pleasure to admire Jen’s work evolve over the years and I particularly love how she creates thoughtful, useful mini books to help us all figure this running a business lark out! Jen and I discuss what it really takes to build an online creative business, how to do it with self-doubt, and how to trust yourself when the online world is trying to profit from your insecurities. We talk about defining success on your own terms, why chasing six figures is a path to disillusionment and how navigating through life's adversities are the best training any business owner could hope for.


10 Oct 2018

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Build an Impactful, Fulfilling and Sustainable Creative Life and Business, with Jen Carrington

Put Yourself First Podcast

Jen Carrington is a creative coach for purpose-driven business owners - and today she is dropping some knowledge bombs on: - Defining success on your own terms - Finding a work-life balance that's right for you - Taking other people's opinions off the table and using your intuition - Not letting fear get in the way of your dreams and goals Jen has hugely shaped my business and life, and I know she's gonna inspire you guys in this interview! Show notes and other podcasts https://www.kathorrocks.com/podcast/ Check out Jen's work! http://www.jencarrington.com/


23 Apr 2018

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There Are Other Ways with Jen Carrington

There Are Other Ways: Conversations About Living Life a Little Differently

Creative Coach Jen Carrington and I chat about not being ashamed to live as much as you work, the importance of white space for your mental health and creativity, and how sometimes you just need to put your big girl pants on! I also ask her why she got into creative coaching and what it is that she loves about her work. The quote is from Mother Teresa, and The Gap is by Ira Glass. You can watch it here: https://vimeo.com/85040589 Jen's Website: www.jencarrington.com Jen's Twitter: @jen_carrington Jen's Instagram: @jencarrington_ You can find out more about me and the work that I do on my website: www.fionabarrows.com


19 Mar 2018

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S2 E4: Making BIG Things Happen Your Own Way with Jen Carrington

What She Said

I chat to Jen Carrington about the power of creative coaching.


22 Jan 2018

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Stopping the Glorification of 'Busy', With Jen Carrington

Hashtag Authentic - for creatives, entrepreneurs & dreamers online

"We think our worth is from how hard we burn ourselves into the ground." This week I caught up with my friend and creative coach Jen Carrington for one of the whirlwind conversations we always have when we're together. We both talk fast and dive into tangents, so this is a much more informal natter than the usual 'interview' you might be used to here, but it's jam-packed with insight, experience and hopefully, things to make you nod and smile along. Jen and I also share details towards the end of a very exciting new joint podcast project we have planned for the New Year!

1hr 3mins

8 Dec 2017

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Creating Your Ideal Work Week, With Jen Carrington

Hashtag Authentic - for creatives, entrepreneurs & dreamers online

Jen Carrington is a coach for big-hearted creative business owners based in Manchester, UK. We first met when she was launching her coaching business and I was looking to take my blog a bit more seriously, and three years down the line we've both learned and grown an awful lot. In this episode we reflect on the lessons that business and money have taught us both, and Jen shares the secrets of structuring a working week for the self employed.


3 May 2017

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Making Things Happen On Your Own Terms with Jen Carrington

Make It Happen

For the last episode of Season 3 I thought it would be fun to switch things up and for the first time ever on the show put me in the hot seat as the interview guest instead of being the interviewer. I have been asking some awesome creatives this season about how they make things happen in their business and I thought how better to end this season than answering those questions myself. And when I thought about who best to interview me I thought who better than my other half Alex, who is also the other half of this show too as behind the scenes he is the one editing and producing this show so it can actually be brought to life each week.Season 4 will be here in early 2017, but until then thank you so much for listening to the show this season and I hope you enjoy this last episode! 


3 Oct 2016

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123: Jen Carrington, Creative Coach

She Percolates with Jen Hatzung & Danielle Spurge

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20 Apr 2016