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Stop the Guilt and Pursue Your Dreams with Emily Harrington

Positively Happier

Do you have big dreams waiting to be pursued?Are you held back by a landslide of guilt? Worried those goals might pull you away from your partner, kids, friends, or other duties?In our most recent episode of Positively Happier, we chat with Emily Harrington, the brains behind the blog and coaching biz emilyharrington.ca, and as she calls herself, a no BS-business mom of two young kiddos.Emily is a big advocate for pursuing your goals no matter what. Helping other women push the envelope and turn those dreams into reality is her passion. To fuel your fire and tap into your big dreams, listen on!Follow Emily on Instagram @emilyharrington.caVisit her website https://www.emilyharrington.ca/Snag her Affirmation Cards!Happy listening!


24 Mar 2021

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EP6. A Conversation With Emily Harrington On Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and Building a Community Around Your Business


In this conversation, I sat down with Emily Harrington. Emily is mom of two girls, who are only 18 months apart, and after 10 years working behind the scenes to support technology start-ups, she has now shifted her focus to support busy moms and help them to grow their businesses authentically.  We talked about:  - Entrepreneurship and building your business with a community.  - How she redefined what success means to her.  - How it is okay to be a mom and want to work towards your purpose and passions.  - Why is it so important to stop shaming moms.  - How she navigates being a mom, and entrepreneur.  And so much more!  You can connect with Emily at her website here or on Instagram here You can keep this Sisterhood conversation going on either of our Instagram accounts here or here 

1hr 22mins

10 Mar 2021

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(Teaser) Follow-Up: Emily Harrington — Sending 'Golden Gate', Shoe Tricks, and Pancakes

The Nugget Climbing Podcast

This is a teaser of a follow-up call with Emily Harrington. We talked about her send of ‘Golden Gate’ in a day, finding flow state after a minor head injury, using two pairs of TC Pros to climb the Monster Offwidth, her recent trip to the VRG, how she has trained Adrian (her partner) to climb his first 5.13b, and favorite pancake toppings. You can get access to follow-up conversations for $5 per month on Patreon at patreon.com/thenuggetclimbing. The full version of this follow-up call is 36:17.Learn more: thenuggetclimbing.com/follow-ups


4 Mar 2021

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Emily Harrington: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Send It Anyway

The GearJunkie Podcast

Last year, Emily Harrington became the first woman to send the Golden Gate route on El Capitan in under 24 hours. It was an impressive feat — almost as impressive as the pain and work it took to get there. Should you ever break a record, that’s most likely what folks will remember. It is, after all, recorded. But what if everything it took to achieve it — including the pain, tears, and partners that came along on the journey — were also recorded? When Emily Harrington sent the first sub-24-hour climb of El Capitan’s Golden Gate route by a woman, most of her fans and followers already watched her previous attempts and training (including two bloody falls and one nail-biting trip to the hospital). And that record of her work to get there paid off: Harrington’s accomplishment blew up across news media — both inside and outside the world of climbing. Even if you’ve watched DangerStikTV, Harrington and fiancé Adrain Ballinger’s adventure YouTube channel, hearing the 34-year-old climber retell her stories of success and near-misses is gripping. And that’s not all: Harrington also gave us her thoughts on the realities of finding health insurance if you’re an elite climber, the Olympics, and the surprising misreporting of her climb.


18 Feb 2021

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Protect Our Winters: Mario Molina, Cody Townsend & Emily Harrington

The Five-O-One

Protect Our Winters (POW), founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, strives to turn outdoor enthusiasts into climate advocates. In this episode we are joined by Executive Director of POW, Mario Molina, and pro-athletes Cody Townsend and Emily Harrington to discuss how our mountains are changing right before our eyes and what we can do about it. To learn more about this work and how you too can become a climate advocate, visit www.protectourwinters.org.

11 Feb 2021

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EP 52: Jon Glassberg (Part 1) — Filming Emily Harrington on ‘Golden Gate’, and Pursuing V15

The Nugget Climbing Podcast

Jon Glassberg is the owner of Louder Than Eleven, a leading media production company in the Outdoor Industry. He is also a total crusher, having climbed 400+ boulders from V10 to V14. In part one we talked about filming Emily Harrington on her in-a-day ascent of ‘Golden Gate’, about Jon’s early climbing, about pursuing the goal of V15, and about his struggle with a bizarre injury.  Support on Patreon:   patreon.com/thenuggetclimbing  Show Notes:   http://thenuggetclimbing.com/episodes/jon-glassberg-part-1  Nuggets:  2:54 – Coffee, intermittent fasting, and being more productive in the morning  4:24 – Jon’s go-to breakfast on a climbing day, and on an El Cap filming day, and caffeine  6:20 – Getting back from Yosemite, and Jon’s five-year film project with Emily Harrington  8:03 – Emily’s scary fall in November 2019  13:17 – Emily climbing ‘Golden Gate’ in a day, and her dramatic fall near the top  23:23 – Emily’s grit, and how Alex Honnold is different than everyone else  28:18 – Jon’s perception of free climbing El Cap in a day, and why Emily’s accomplishment is so impressive  32:47 – Jerrydoodleberg  35:41 – Jon’s month trip to Yosemite, balancing work with climbing, and learning to be better with your time  40:32 – Being in Yosemite during covid, and the previous government shutdown  41:45 – Jon’s bouldering highlights from this Yosemite trip  44:36 – Why Jon prefers bouldering over big wall free climbing  46:41 – Existing on the side of El Cap  49:51 – Learning new systems, and being obsessed with efficiency  50:33 – Working with Steve Maisch, how Jon maintains finger strength during a shoot, and training on the Moonbaord during covid  54:40 – Jon’s training philosophy and the value of hangboarding (both physical and mental)  57:43 – The one-arm hangboard protocol Jon learned from Steve Maisch  1:00:17 – 3F drag repeaters, Jon’s finger strength, growing from 5’2” to 6’3” in a year, and building log cabins  1:04:03 – Climbing back when V12 was “hard”, Boone NC, graphic design school, early filming, and the underpants gnomes  1:09:39 – Grad school, almost buying a gym, and starting LT11  1:12:14 – The evolution of LT11, and working on his first feature film  1:17:31 – Emily’s accomplishment in context, and the history of women free climbing El Cap in a day  1:19:21 – The new school approach to big wall free climbing on El Cap, and shooting with Jorg Verhoeven   1:27:11 – The process of putting together a feature film (after filming)  1:34:35 – Balancing commercial work with storytelling  1:38:01 – The roll of a line producer, and how Jon uses Google Drive to keep track of projects  1:42:59 – Jon’s to-do list for life  1:44:43 – Jon’s V15 goal, working with Steve Maisch, and joking about weight classes in climbing  1:48:11 – ‘The Island’, Jon’s crazy injury, and crutching all over Red Rocks  1:57:06 – Jon’s limited mobility, putting on socks, and Jon’s thoughts on the wear and tear of bouldering  2:00:53 – A new philosophy for projecting, and a sample of Jon’s iconic boulders list  

2hr 5mins

25 Jan 2021

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Episode 114: Women Supporting Other Women + What You Do With Your Uterus Is No one Else's Business With Emily Harrington

Unleash Your Inner Contagiously Positive

I am so excited that Emily Harrington and I were finally able to sit down and have this conversation. Emily and I have been wanting to record a podcast together for over a year. We have conversations often where we say, “Why weren’t we recording this?!” Emily is an entrepreneur, blogger, online educator and all around amazing woman. Her main mission is to help other women, especially moms, as she is a mom of two young girls who are only 18 months apart, launch and grow their businesses.  We share our thoughts on women in business, the importance of women supporting other women, and how we are both passionate about how what we do with our uterus is no one else's business.  You can follow Emily on Instagram @emilyharrington.ca or her website: www.emilyharrington.ca


11 Jan 2021

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Ep9. Emily Harrington 好厲害24小時完攀 El Cap / 失蹤不要亂跑 / 你的廚餘動物的改變 / 登峰獎勵護照

登峰54山Hiking Therapy

本集預告: 巾幗不讓鬚眉的Emily Harrington 24hr內完攀,美國優勝美地酋長岩,不認真鍛鍊,很容易就會被女生們超車喔!!! 關鍵評論網;登山小測試 https://www.thenewslens.com/interactive/145301 在山上迷路了,你能安全下山嗎????? 看看你的觀念夠不夠健全 報導者文章:https://www.twreporter.org/a/human-interference-on-wildlife-waste 登山客廚餘改變山林:台灣黑熊頻闖山屋,酒紅朱雀膽固醇飆高 落實無痕山林的重要性 登峰獎勵護照大家一起來幫忙發想,推廣台灣登山基本觀念知識,邁向優質山林觀光發展 --------------------------------------------------------------- FaceBook粉專 : https://www.facebook.com/HikingTherapy543 IG : https://www.instagram.com/hiking_therapy543/ G-mail : hikingtherapy543@gmail.com 節目主軸: 推廣登山相關周邊知識直白講、 爬山入門訓練、登山安全、醫療、保育、趣事、幹話輕鬆談。 勇腳還是菜腳的你都能找到樂趣。 也歡迎分享屬於你的山上故事,共同提升台灣整體登山環境。 Powered by Firstory Hosting


8 Jan 2021

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#1571 - Emily Harrington

The Joe Rogan Experience

Rock climber and adventurer Emily Harrington is a five-time US National Champion in Sport Climbing. She has scaled some of the world's most formidable mountains, including Everest, Ama Dablam, and Cho Oyu, and is the first woman to free climb El Capitan via Golden Gate in under 24 hours.

2hr 21mins

27 Nov 2020

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Episode 49: Emily Harrington

Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy

Professional rock climber and American adventurer Emily Harrington joins Laughter Permitted to talk about making history by becoming the first woman to free climb the Golden Gate route of El Capitan in one day. Emily describes what it was like achieving what she called an “impossible dream," and how she actively seeks out existing in her limits. Plus, Emily tells us about her dog named "Cat," and explains why a wide-mouthed Nalgene water bottle is a necessary accessory when living out of a van. It's a revelation that will change Julie’s life forever...

1hr 12mins

25 Nov 2020