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Ep 11 - Consistent Life Ethics and Re-Humanization with Destiny Herndon de la Rosa

Diamonds for Our Children

I have often referred to carving a "third way" on this podcast; since I was very young I've tried very hard to live authentically and have so often felt unable to do so within the systems around me. This has been especially true politically because, as a Catholic, I consider my final allegiance to God and His Church. Of course, I'm a law abiding, tax-paying citizen of the United States, and I do not take for granted the privilege and freedom that comes with that. Still, I have felt constrained and disempowered by the American political system ever since I was too young to vote, because there was no party to which I could belong that upheld the values consistent with my faith. Now, I thought quite hard about whether to quote/unquote "make this podcast political," but I quote Jonathan Lee Walton in Episode 5, saying, "one can't make moral claims that don't have political implications," and that's where I think I land when I consider whether to discuss politics in our time together. If you want to know more about where I'm coming from in terms of politics, listen to Episode 5 from this season. This week's episode fills in a bit of the picture I sketched there: my guest, Destiny Herndon de la Rosa and I discuss a "third way" in terms of pro-life politics and what it means to ascribe to a consistent life ethic. And with Destiny's organization, New Wave Feminists, I think I've found a place to fit in, politically. A content warning for this episode: in this conversation, we mention sexual assault, teen pregnancy, and abortion. If you're not in danger of being triggered by these topics, join us to consider a "third way" of thinking about the pro-life cause, immigration, and the development of a nonviolent culture of life.


22 Mar 2021

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Pro-Life Feminism in Action: Destiny Herndon De La Rosa on the Border

Worth Your Time

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa is so compelling to listen to. Get her started about being a pro-life feminist and you’ll just want to keep asking questions — so I did (which is why this interview is so long!) She’s not your average pro-lifer. The girl balks at political Parties (she’s an Independent), doesn’t go to church (“agnostic”) and is pro-life from wombxa to tomb — focusing on everyone from the most vulnerable unborn babies to men on death row to the men, women and children in detainment camps in the border right now. A few weeks ago, Destiny’s organization “New Wave Feminists” spearheaded an effort that brought together more than 50 pro-life groups to bring necessary personal hygiene and baby products to families being kept in detainment camps along the Southern borders. Widespread reports said families didn’t have enough diapers, toothbrushes, shampoo — and more. Pro-lifers made it clear they stand for all life — be it the unborn or the mom and her child trying to find a better life in the United States. Destiny is my favorite spokeswoman for the pro-life cause because she expertly articulates the reason we are struggling with it so much these days: Dehumanization is the root of every single societal ill that we have. Dehumanization breeds more dehumanization — and the only anecdote to that is to humanize others.Destiny and her friends brought over $100,000 worth of items to the border, delivering their load alongside the pro-life Catholic nuns taking care of people nearby. They had no help from Members of Congress (these happened to be Democrats, but we’ve no doubt it would have been bipartisan busy-ness) standing around nearby, too involved in their own press opportunities to help out. In this interview, we discuss what it means to be a pro-life feminist, to respect ALL life and how we can work towards a world where abortion is unnecessary and unthinkable. Listen in if you want a thoughtful conversation about what all that means. What we talked about: * New Wave Feminists* Destiny at the border* My Facebook Live interview with Destiny about the Women’s March* Resisting Throw-Away Culture* The Moth podcastConnect with Destiny: * Facebook* Twitter* InstagramRecent Episodes:* The Truth About Civility with Alexandra Hudson* Spicy Taking and Baby Making with Bethany Mandel* The Rise of a CNN Superstar: S.E. Cupp is Unfiltered

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24 Jul 2019

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Pro-Life: Interivew with Destiny Herndon de la Rosa on KVRU 105.7 FM

Disagreeable Subjects

We explore dark and the light of pro-life movements, from an update on crisis pregnancy centers in the Seattle area of a re-edit of a conversation with Destiny Herndon de la Rosa of New Wave Feminism.Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash


5 Feb 2019

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Destiny Herndon De-La Rosa | I'll Fight Your Wife: A Feminist Tale

The Threshold Podcast

Tony sits down this week to talk about what really matters with mom, wife, secular feminist, and pro life advocate Destiny Herndon de-la Rosa. Tony realized as they were preping for the interview that he and Destiny actually went to High School together, and they even had some friends in common, but never met. Now Destiny is one of the most powerful voices in the secular prolife feminist movement. Destiny has had an amazing journey and live and it was a blas to talk with her. This is part of a two part series on understanding feminism, so we invited Claire Swinarski of The Catholic Feminist Podcast to join us as cohost for this episode and the next. Check out Destiny's work at New Wave Feminist. Or listen to Claire's Podcast over at The Catholic Feminist Podcast. If you want to talk about what you took away from this week's conversation please join our Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThresholdDiscussion Destiny shares why you should be ProLife from a shearly scientific perspective over on our patreon page https://www.patreon.com/thethresholdpodcast Check out Catholic Balm Co over and use the code KNOCKKNOCK to get 10% off. https://catholicbalm.co/ We talk about the follow books, people, or things. We also have great new music for our show from Joe Garofalo. You can find his site over at https://www.joegarofalomusic.comSponsored By:Catholic Balm Co: Check out some amazing Father's Day gifts. Get 10% when you use the code KNOCKKNOCK Promo Code: KNOCKKNOCKSupport The Threshold Podcast

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20 Jul 2018

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47: The Man-Made Feminist: Destiny Herndon de la Rosa

Do Something Beautiful

The self proclaimed "man-made feminist", Destiny Herndon de la Rosa is a force to be reckoned with.... and not just because she sports fabulously purple hair that gives the illusion she possesses unicorn magic. This lady is fierce and outspoken with it comes to speaking out about being consistently PRO LIFE on ALL matters. All lives matter - she'll tell you, regardless of age, race, creed, or social ranking. She states on her website: "It's a belief that all human beings should be free from violence for the duration of their lifetime. That means we're anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-torture; and we extend this philosophy to our earliest moments of existence by also being anti-abortion." Destiny is the President and Founder of New Wave Feminist (https://www.newwavefeminists.com/) and recently has participated in the Secular ProLife Documentary, "Pro Life Feminist". You can rent or buy it here: https://lifefem.com/?v=7516fd43adaa Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/leahdarrow)


21 May 2018

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Revolutionizing the Abortion Conversation: A Conversation with Pro-Life New Wave Feminist Destiny Herndon De La Rosa and host Helen Hillix

Inner Revolutionary Radio

Aren’t you sick of the pain of the polarized conversation in our country about abortion? Do you believe that there is common ground between the two sides? Is it true that most pro-life supporters are not feminists? And is it true that most pro-life supporters truly believe in supporting all life? Are the New Wave Feminists truly an original idea? Do they promise the hope that the two disparate sides of this issue might be coming toward finding commonalities at last? Are pro-choice women the only group that can be feminists and pro-women’s rights? We won’t shy away from the tough questions on this show! Join us for what is sure to be a dynamic conversation that just might challenge all our perspectives and move us all to a new place on this most painful issue. And it might just help create an Inner Revolution in some of us! Call in with your questions and share your experiences. Then join us for the April 8th, 10-1, Revolutionizing the Abortion Conversation event online or in person.


6 Apr 2017

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Life Line Show 287: Destiny Herndon De La Rosa

Life Line

Today Melinda talks with Destiny Herndon De La Rosa from New Wave Feminists. A link to their website can be found at the Notes tab above.

20 Jan 2017