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Ep 179 Original Rag-berry David Garcia

Let’s Talk Dubs

 BACK IN THE EARLY 1980S THERE WAS A GUY IN EAST LOS ANGELES BY THE NAME OF DANNY A. He did pinstriping, back window logos and graphics on the side of cars. In the mid 80s there became a group of cars in the East LA area in south-central that were logoed cars. Obviously having the logo or the a.k.a. name on the side of the car. This week's podcast is with David Garcia owner and builder of the original rag – Barry car. A 1961 ragtop sunroof Volkswagen painted in Porsche indigo raspberry. David started a club called boys and style they were known for their clean lines and slick paint jobs in the East LA area. Enjoy this step back in history of the early LA VW look CaL- style. https://rosswulf.com/shop/ols/products/ross-wulf-billet-distributor-clamp-t1 https://vwtrendsmagazine.com https://www.letstalkdubs.com/showtime.html My Prison Podcast


12 Aug 2022

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Behind The Curtain With David Garcia and Nate Lowery

AIMP: Nashville Pubcast

1:51 - David discusses why he’d rather keep his accolades hidden when working with talent. 9:59 - David talks about working with Carrie Underwood 16:45 - David and Nate share some advice about being a successful writer/producer


11 Jul 2022

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EP #99 - David Garcia - Company Rituals in Creating Positive Work Culture

Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Being a leader in a remote work environment is not just a walk in the park. It takes a lot of learning and dedication to  improve a company’s work policies, promote a positive work culture, and foster  employee engagement, motivation and retention.In today’s episode we interview David Garcia, CEO of Scout Logic. Today’s topics are locked-in on the design and application of effective company rituals that support an organization’s human spirit, lead to immediate problem solving and conflict resolution, build connections, and allow employees to Team Anywhere.Read Full Summary HERE


11 Jul 2022

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Fostering a Healthy Company Culture with David Garcia, CEO of ScoutLogic

Forge Ahead

David Garcia’s success came from challenging experiences that taught him what not to do. He took the lessons he learned throughout his 25-year career and applied them to his company, ScoutLogic. David strives to create a “healthy family” atmosphere for ScoutLogic’s internal team, which leads to greater employee retention and customer satisfaction.“I love my anti-mentors. I love them now because I learned so much from them. I had a few anti-mentors who loved cutting merit each year, loved cutting back on the 401k contribution, and loved increasing employee contributions on health to get a couple of percentage points in that bottom line. Who would treat a family member that way? Nobody. Nobody would treat a family member that way in a healthy family. So we took that lesson, and we applied it to our own business, and wow. It’s part of the reason why we have such great employee retention in ScoutLogic.”ScoutLogic now has about 100 employees split between the U.S. and the Philippines. They serve approximately 300 organizations, including brands like Fairlife, FirstKey Homes, and Cheryl’s Cookies. ScoutLogic sets itself apart from its competitors by assigning a dedicated “scout” who will get to know their client. By developing that relationship between scout and client, ScoutLogic operates more responsively, more efficiently, and with greater client satisfaction. In this episode of Forge Ahead, David talks about the power of self-reflection, learning from your anti-mentors, and fostering a healthy company culture.Visit www.forgeaheadpodcast.com for the full Show Notes or to learn more about the show.


12 May 2022

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S32E12 - Virtual Onboarding, Culture Building, and the Challenges of Remote Work Environments, with David Garcia

Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast, with Jonathan H. Westover, PhD

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanhwestover/) talks with David Garcia about virtual onboarding, culture building, and the challenges of remote work environments. See the video here: https://youtu.be/C_2poiX62BY. David Garcia (https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-garcia-69ba1a5/) is the CEO of ScoutLogic, a pre-employment background check company. He is an experienced data industry executive with more than 25 years of proven success in securing and increasing revenue from new and incumbent customers while delivering superior client satisfaction. David possesses strong business acumen and has applied a wide range of client development strategies to establish market presence and increase revenue. David previously held senior sales & marketing roles with First Advantage, IRI and GS1 US. David holds an AB in political science from the University of Michigan. Please leave a review wherever you listen to your podcasts! Check out the Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Academy: Courses, Micro-Credentials, and Certificates to Upskill and Reskill for the Future of Work! https://hciacademy.talentlms.com/. Check out the LinkedIn Alchemizing Human Capital Newsletter: https://www.linkedin.com/newsletters/alchemizing-human-capital-6884351526333227008/. Check out Dr. Westover's book, 'Bluer than Indigo' Leadership, here: https://www.innovativehumancapital.com/bluerthanindigo. Check out Dr. Westover's book, The Alchemy of Truly Remarkable Leadership, here: https://www.innovativehumancapital.com/leadershipalchemy. Check out the latest issue of the Human Capital Leadership magazine, here: https://www.innovativehumancapital.com/hci-magazine. Ranked #6 Performance Management Podcast: https://blog.feedspot.com/performance_management_podcasts/  Ranked #6 Workplace Podcast: https://blog.feedspot.com/workplace_podcasts/  Ranked #7 HR Podcast: https://blog.feedspot.com/hr_podcasts/  Ranked #12 Talent Management Podcast: https://blog.feedspot.com/talent_management_podcasts/  Ranked in the Top 20 Personal Development and Self-Improvement Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/personal_development_podcasts/  Ranked in the Top 30 Leadership Podcasts: https://blog.feedspot.com/leadership_podcasts/Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


11 Feb 2022

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Research and Policy in Housing with David Garcia

Infill: A YIMBY Podcast

Check out research released by the Terner Center regarding housing policy: https://ternercenter.berkeley.edu/research-and-policy/Learn about the Campaign for Fair Housing Elements: https://fairhousingelements.org/Sign up to become a housing element watchdog: https://fairhousingelements.org/volunteer/Learn more about YIMBY Action and become a member: https://yimbyaction.org/join/For more information about the Terner Center: https://ternercenter.berkeley.edu/


13 Aug 2021

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Dr. David Garcia - Education Policy Explained

Learning Futures

Drs. Ronald Beghetto and David Garcia have a conversation about the disconnect between research and policy that Garcia has observed throughout his career in politics and academia. Garcia explains how politicians are often novices in many of the issues they will have to tackle during their time in office, and how researchers can help by providing the practical issues and information necessary to make the best decisions. Garcia imagines a future where academics and politicians work together, combining research and practical application, to achieve meaningful change. You can learn more about Dr. David Garcia and his work by accessing her directory page at ASU. 


11 May 2021

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How to Draft Sales Questions According to Your Customer's Personality | David Garcia - 1441

The Sales Evangelist

Today on The Sales Evangelist, we’re joined by David Garcia. The current CEO of the pre-employment background check company ScoutLogic Screening, David’s 25 years of experience in B2B sales and marketing has made him well-accustomed to asking the right questions. With a specialty in big enterprise deals, David developed a strategic sales method to optimize his success chances. He’ll share some of that methodology by telling us four things to consider when drafting sales questions based on a customer’s personality. Rethink your role in the sales process.  Sales is shifting away from a sales-driven approach. Consider yourself more akin to an intelligence agent. (Think Carrie Mathison from Homeland.) Why is this important?  Because sales today is 80% research and 20% asking questions. Salespeople are versed in researching a company: check reports, Twitter feeds, social media; you can learn a lot that way. But when David says research, he means to learn about the buyer - the person on the other end of the call or table. You know this, one of the best ways to build rapport with someone is to find a common interest.  Discover your prospect’s learning style. You need to uncover what that person’s learning style is or how they absorb and give information. We all have four primary learning styles: listening, visual, reading, and tactile and touch. David recommends finding out either from others through research or even asking the prospect directly.  Find your prospect’s personal win. This tip is the most critical, and it’s important to remember that your prospect’s personal win might not align with their business objective. When crafting the value proposition, you want more than to get the organization’s goal. You want to provide a way the prospect can keep building bricks towards their personal win, whatever it may be. Strategize the questions you ask. In the age of zoom, people have less time than ever to answer questions. Buyers don't want to give you a lot of information anymore; they want solutions. They want to know that you're coming with expertise and advice. Think about what’s most important: where are they at in the sales process? What's going to move them to the next step? What is David’s major takeaway? Do your homework upfront. Grab pieces of information when you can; even a half-hour of research on a buyer will make you a better salesperson. Want to get in touch with David? Email him at david.garcia@scoutlogicscreening.com This episode is brought to you in part by Skipio. Are you sick of crickets? As a salesperson, the pain of reaching out with phone calls or emails and not receiving a response is real. But all text messaging is not created equal. 85% of people prefer text over email and phone calls because they want to engage in a conversation, not listen to bots. Be more like people and start having conversations that end in the conversions you want. Try Skipio at www.Skipio.com. This episode is brought to you in part by NetHunt CRM. NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool that lives inside Gmail. It covers a full set of features to manage leads, nurture customer relations, monitor sales progress, and automate sales and marketing workflows. With native-like Gmail and  G Suite integration, you can access your CRM data, launch bulk email campaigns, and set up automated sequences from the comfort of your inbox. NetHunt helps move leads down your sales funnel and never lets a valuable prospect go untouched. NetHunt CRM offers TSE listeners a 40% discount for the first three months along with free user training and a dedicated Customer Success Manager with any pricing plan. Try NetHunt CRM today at https://nethunt.com/tse. This course is brought to you in part by the TSE Sales Certified Training Program, a course designed to help new and struggling sellers to master the fundamentals of sales and close more deals. Help elevate your sales game and sign up now to get the first two modules free! You can visit www.thesalesevangelist.com/closemoredeals or call (561) 570-5077 for more information. We value your opinion and always want to improve the quality of our show. Complete our two-minute survey here: thesalesevangelist.com/survey. We’d love for you to join us for our next episodes, tune in on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, and Spotify. You can also leave comments, suggestions, and ratings for each episode you listen to!  Read more about sales or listen to audiobooks on Audible and explore their huge online library. Register now to get a free book and a 30-day trial. Audio provided by Free SFX. 


3 May 2021

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Lights, Camera, Success | Joe Willis & David Garcia EP. 112

The Career Musician

Joe Willis is the long-time manager of R&B/Pop superstar, Jordin Sparks. And David Garcia is the Director of Photography and co-owner of Kombine Media. These two gentlemen know the real deal of the entertainment industry. https://www.instagram.com/kombine_media/https://www.kombinemedia.com/@thecareermusician@nomadsplace🖥 THE CAREER MUSICIAN WEBSITE:https://proseries.thecareermusician.com/🎧 LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST:https://tinyurl.com/TCM-Podcast-MainPagehttps://tinyurl.com/TCM-Applehttps://tinyurl.com/TCM-Spotifyhttps://tinyurl.com/TCM-iHearthttps://tinyurl.com/TCM-Stitcher-Podhttps://tinyurl.com/TCM-GooglePodcasts📱 FOLLOW OUR SOCIALS:https://tinyurl.com/TCM-Instagramhttps://tinyurl.com/TCM-FBPagehttps://tinyurl.com/TCM-YouTubehttps://twitter.com/CareerMusicianhttps://linktr.ee/thecareermusician#careermusician #careermusicianforlife #musiccareer #pantheonpodcasts #podcast #musicpodcast #musicpodcasts #music #musician #musicians #musicianlife #musicproducer #producerlife #composer #sessionmusician #sessioncat #studio #studiomusician #recordingartist #touringmusician #roaddog #grind #hustle #education #musiceducation #musicschool #musicmajor #musicindustry #musicbusiness #musicbiz #industry #business #worldwide #megaphone #megaphonepodcasts #podcastapp #podcastsapp #apple #applepodcast #spotify #spotifypodcasts #iheartradio #iheart #sticher #googlepodcast #ratethispodcast

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26 Apr 2021

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Investing 101 w/ David Garcia

Hofbro Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Hofbro Podcast! Today, we sit down with our good friend from High School, David Garcia, who talks about his journey into investing. Everyone starts somewhere, and that somewhere was 18-years-old on a military base for our boy David. Starting off with only $250 and a dream, David took his first step of the thousand step journey, and hasn't looked back since. Now he's investing big bank into stocks and tells you how to get started. Tune in! *Disclaimer: All financial discussions are our opinions and not financial advice.


18 Mar 2021