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#47 Sunil Singh - Chasing Rabbits: A Curious Guide to a Lifetime of Mathematical Wellness

GLT & Friends Book Club

Special edition with #MathsChatLive The Greenshaw Learning Trust & Friends Book Club is a podcast in which teachers discuss the ideas and concepts in a leading education book with the author themselves. Join Rhiannon Rainbow (@Noni_Rainbow) and Dave Tushingham (@DaveTushingham) for a long form discussion about educational literature! #GLTBookClub. We will be focusing on these pages from Chapter 3. @GreenshawTrust Join our community Original music by Thomas Henesey

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22 Jun 2022

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Episode62-Sunil Singh, "Broadening The Lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In Our Math Content and Pedagogy Through History/Storytelling"

NCSM Leadership in Mathematics Education Learning with Leaders

Episode62-Sunil Singh, "Broadening The Lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In Our Math Content and Pedagogy Through History/Storytelling"


11 Sep 2021

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BONUS: Amplify & Inspire with Sunil Singh

The Chey and Pav Show: Teachers Talking Teaching

In this Amplify & Inspire episode of The Staffroom Podcast, Chey and Pav talk to Sunil Singh, Mathematician, author, disruptor and self-proclaimed music geek from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They talk to him about his work with Math in education, and how we need to shift the way we see math, and the way that our students engage with math. With a huge focus on storytelling, this conversation discusses many aspects of Sunil’s contributions and work on anti-racist math education, Math freedom, math history and most importantly, acknowledging and honouring the stories of our students. Listen to Sunil talk about Math and how we can fully start to bring it to the forefront so that our students can start to feel empowered and successful. What can we be doing more as educators to break down the barriers that are preventing our students from finding success within mathematics? Listen to find out more from Sunil in this great Amplify and Inspire talk.  Want to reach out and connect with Sunil? Here's how: Website: https://mathigon.org/ Twitter @mathgarden Blog: https://sunilsingh-42118.medium.com/ Did you enjoy this episode? Let us know! Reach us at cheyandpav.com, send us an email at info@cheyandpav.com, or connect with us on Twitter @StaffPodcast!


1 Apr 2021

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Episode 2.6: "Interview with Sunil Singh"

Ready Teacher One

Math class can be beautiful, enchanting, and fun, and technology can help us make that happen. But first, we've gotta let go of a few things... join Adam and Ryan as they have a wonderful and fascinating conversation with Sunil Singh, author of "Math Recess: Playful Learning for an Age of Disruption."


16 Mar 2021

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S2E08: Mathematicians: they’re just like us! w/ Sunil Singh

Math Therapy

Ever wonder what it would be like if your math teacher was like, the editor of TMZ and like, if your textbook was filled with juicy goss about all of those seemingly-boring-actually-scandalous mathematicians that plagued your high school existence? Today Vanessa talks to Sunil Singh about how different our relationship to math would be if we humanized mathematics through storytelling, and - he spills the TEA, bigtime!About SunilSunil Singh was a high school math and physics teacher for 19 years and has taught every grade level in places from Canada to Switzerland.  He is the author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics and Math Recess: Playful Learning in an Age of Disruption. He is also a co-editor at Q.E.D., a very popular blog for "disruptive" math writing, and was also a regular writer for The New York Times Numberplay section.Follow Sunil on Twitter @MathgardenToday’s show notes & links: themathguru.ca/maththerapy/sunilsinghReach Vanessa on all socials: @themathguru


23 Jul 2020

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Bonus: Summit: Humanizing Mathematics w/ Sunil Singh

Human Restoration Project

This is an audio version of our Summit on September 22nd, 2019.Sunil Singh is author of Pi of Life and co-author of Math Recess: Playful Learning in an Age of Disruption, whose expert focus is on revolutionizing the math curriculum through philosophical conversation, decolonizing the content, and redefining the narrative.In this interactive discussion, we discussed revolutionary thinking of mathematics education and how to instill a humanized mathematics curriculum into our schools.What does it mean to have a “humanized mathematics curriculum”? How does this differ from the predominant way mathematics is taught?How can we redefine what “success” looks like in mathematics, as well as lessen math anxiety and promote wellness in the classroom?How can we make substantial changes to the process and curriculum to make mathematics more engaging? (e.g. social justice, real life scenarios, PBL, decolonization)Why is it imperative that we implement these changes? What specific notes will you take away from this conversation? What questions and concerns do you still have? Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


22 Sep 2019

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Episode 33 - Humanizing Math Education with Sunil Singh

Instant Relevance Podcast

**Follow us on Twitter - @InstantRel** Welcome to the 3rd Season of the Instant Relevance Podcast!  Denis (@MathDenisNJ) and Raymond (@blended_math) interview Mathematical Jester, Math Learning Specialist at Buzzmath, and author of 'Pi of Life' and 'Math Recess' - Sunil Singh (@Mathgarden).  The hosts talk to Sunil about his quest to change math education, and some of the existential questions about the place math plays in our lives. Human Restoration Project More from Sunil Singh: -- @Mathgarden on Twitter -- Sunil Singh on Amazon Check out more from Denis: -- denissheeran.com/ Check out more from Ray: -- blendedlearningmath.com/ The Instant Relevance Podcast is a proud member of VoicEd.ca  and the Education Podcast Network - www.edupodcastnetwork.com/ Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/instant-relevance-podcast/support


20 Sep 2019

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Math Recess | Sunil Singh


In this episode Mike and Glen discuss why focusing on the essentials in teaching can have such an awesome impact on student learning, we will countdown to episode 100 of the podcast and our guest this week is author and math specialist Sunil Singh.Guest: Sunil SinghTwitter: https://twitter.com/MathgardenNotes:#ChatOnEducation is a slow chat on Fridays with questions at 9am, 12pm and 3pm join us to discuss the topics we talk about on this week's podcast. It's awesome, trust us!OnEducation is now on YouTube! Subscribe to the channel and listen to prior episodes as they are released!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2fkhy9cnZZbggW8_K3FgQMake less than 60k as a family - Tuition should be free at 4 year university: https://hechingerreport.org/economists-find-free-community-college-can-backfire/Focusing on the Essentials in Teaching: http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/sept19/vol77/num01/Focusing-on-the-Essentials.aspxToday's podcast is brought to you by:Classcraft: The presenting sponsor for OnEducation is Classcraft. We are excited to announce Classcraft’s new Story Mode which makes it easy for educators to harness the power of stories. Episodes 1 & 2 of Season 1 are ready for you and your students to play today and it’s completely free! To learn more about Classcraft and the new Story mode simply visit classcraft.com/oneducationPikMyKid: OnEducation is brought to you by PikMyKid. PikMyKid is an automated dismissal solution that cuts car line time in half, engages parents with a parent app by being able to change dismissal routines right from their phone. Friends, that means no more front office calls! PikMyKid is affordable for schools and removes dismissal stress for Parents, Teachers, and staff members.” For more information, visit pikmykid.comTailor-Ed: OnEducation is brought to you by Tailor-Ed. As teachers, meeting the needs of each and every student in today’s classroom is time-consuming, complicated, and overwhelming. Tailor-ED makes differentiation in math effortless through curated resources, smart student grouping, and student insights beyond proficiency. Sign up today using the promo code ONEDUCATION and receive 3 months on us. Visit tailor-ed.com for more information.Fresh Grade NEXT: OnEducation is brought to you by Fresh Grade. The reality for most classrooms is that besides open house and parent-teacher conferences, there is little communication and interaction between teachers and parents. Fresh Grade Next wants to change that by bringing teachers, parents and students all together with a set of new tools for posts, activities, comments and class feeds. Take communication in your classroom to another level with Fresh Grade Next - To learn more about Fresh Grade Next and sign up for your free account visit freshgrade.com


18 Sep 2019

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Sunil Singh - Math Recess

Open Door

Chris and Lee are joined by Sunil Singh. Sunil was a high school maths and physics teacher for nineteen years. During that time, he astonishingly taught every grade level and in many different contexts. He is a passionate author, Keynote speaker, and advocate for transforming maths education.  In his latest book, Math Recess, Sunil and his co-author, Dr Christopher Brownell, aim to put the play and wonder back into mathematics. They share their passion for maths education that sparks curiosity and enjoyment for learners of all ages. 📨 Leave a voice message on Anchor  👨🏻‍🏫 Chris on Twitter 👨🏻‍🏫 Lee on Twitter ➡️ Sunil on Twitter ➡️ Sunil's Medium blog 📙 Math Recess on Amazon  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/open-door/message

1hr 19mins

7 Jul 2019

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P3 #35 Sunil Singh

The Personal Playlist Podcast

Sunil Singh was a high school Math and Physics teacher for 19 years before he quit teaching in the classroom in 2013. He had worked in diverse situations such as a socioeconomically challenging inner-city school in Toronto and at a prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) School in Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Sunil’s vast experience teaching Math in every setting imaginable has helped him become a leader in creative math education in North America. Since 2005, he has led over 50 workshops on kindergarten to grade 12 mathematics at various locations—math conferences, faculties of education, and even the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. In addition to having been a regular contributor to the New York Times “Numberplay” section, Sunil works full time as a math specialist at Scolab, a digital math resource company in Montreal, Canada. As well, he travels all over North America as a speaker and promoting Family Math Nights in local communities. He is a Lead Ambassador for the Global Math Project and his ambassador designation is helping him communicate the beauty and happiness of mathematics throughout the world. Sunil is the author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics and Math Playground.


2 Jul 2019