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"The Miracle Worker" with Dr Elliot Berlin

EmotionAL Support with Alessandra Torresani

Dr. Elliot Berlin joins me to talk all things pregnancy, postpartum, and well, we even discuss stand up comedy...something I did not know he practiced on the side! I have been so lucky to have him help me towards the end of my pregnancy into my current state of postpartum. He truly is a miracle worker! Please check out his podcast, Informed Pregnancy Podcast, to hear my pre birth/post birth story!Dr. Berlin is an award winning pregnancy-focused chiropractor, childbirth educator, and labor support doula as well as the host of the Informed Pregnancy Podcast where each week, parents, birth professionals, and parenting experts weigh in on a full range of topics surrounding the perinatal period. Dr. Berlin runs a successful perinatal wellness group in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Dr. Alyssa Berlin, PsyD with whom he shares four kids, two guinea pigs and one dangerously smart Aussiedoodle.@emotionalsupportpod@doctorberlin Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


26 Jul 2022

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Dr. Elliot Berlin talks the scientific approach to miscarriage, why women feel like failures when their birth plans don’t succeed, and almost dying of Covid-19 in the ICU

Women On Top

Dr. Elliot Berlin talks the scientific approach to miscarriage, why women feel like failures when their birth plans don’t succeed, and almost dying of Covid-19 in the ICU.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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21 Oct 2020

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Dr. Elliot Berlin - Celebrity Prenatal Chiropractor + Doula, Boosting Fertility Naturally, and Eating Your Placenta

The HealthyGirl Podcast

This week's guest is Dr. Elliot Berlin, he is an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and labor support bodyworker. We dive deep into discussing ways to boost fertility naturally, keeping stress low, different birthing methods, the most common problems pregnant women have and how to correct them, how many people/medical professionals should attend your birth, listening to your gut instinct and of course, we talk about the controversial topic of eating your placenta. Dr. Berlin is the prenatal chiropractor and doula to the stars including Hilary Duff and well-known influencer, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick.  Follow Dr. Berlin on Instagram Informed pregnancy Berlin Wellness Group Check out Danielle's plant-based, gluten-free, oil-free recipes: HealthyGirlKitchen.com Follow Danielle: Instagram Facebook TikTok Pinterest


6 Oct 2020

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Surviving COVID and Keeping Your Kids Safe with Dr. Elliot Berlin

Mama Said with Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Jenna Parris

Dr. Elliot Berlin of the Berlin Wellness Group joins us to talk about his approach to prenatal and family wellness with use of chiropractic and massage. He also shares his challenging story of healing from COVID 19 and how to keep your family and loved ones safe if you or someone close to you contracts the disease.   Thanks to our sponsors! OxiClean - Go to oxiclean.com/tryme to get your free odor blasters sample while supplies last. Each&Every - Go to eachandevery.com/mama and use code MAMA fo r 30% off your first purchase. Tushy - Go to hellotushy.com/mama for 10% off and free shipping. Express - Text MAMA to 397-737 to receive $25 off your purchase. Modcloth - Go to modcloth.com and use code MAMASAID to get 20% off your first order of $75 or more. Coastal - Get 50% off your first pair of glasses at coastal.com/mamasaid.   


9 Sep 2020

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Advocating for A VBAC- An Unbiased Conversation with Dr. Elliot Berlin- award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and Labor Doula


Happy Monday loves! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to kick a** this week! This conversation has Ali all kinds of fired up this Monday!!  Ali has had so many questions about her VBAC and how it happened, what advice she has, and how it's even possible! Ali wanted to bring it back to the first person who told her, YOU CAN HAVE A VBAC. Who else has been told "Once a Cesarean, Always a Cesarean" Today Ali sits down with Dr.Elliot Berlin to have an unbiased conversation about advocating for a VBAC and his line of work. Dr.Berlin shares his real raw story how he went from the medical world to the holistic world and his own personal journey within that. Ali and Dr.Berlin talk pregnancy, advocacy for yourself as a patient, finding the right provider and more. Preventive care vs reaction. Dr.Berlin shares tips of how to approach your pregnancy or even before you get pregnant and how that can change your outcome. If you're curious about a VBAC or even how to prep your body with getting pregnant, potentially changing your birth story the next time around, or just want to learn how to be an ADVOCATE for yourself, tune in! Follow Dr.Elliot Berlin at: https://www.doctorberlin.com https://www.instagram.com/doctorberlin https://www.informedpregnancy.com/trial-of-labor - For Dr.Berlin's film mentioned on the show https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/informed-pregnancy-podcast - Podcast, you can listen to my birth episode on Amelia's birth, on his show too! AND HERE'S ALI: www.alilevine.com Instagram.com/ALiLevineDesign Twitter.com/AliLevineDesign Linkedin.com/AliLevineDesign Pinterest.com/AliLevineDesign Don't forget to follow our podcast Instagram too!! https://instagram.com/striptddownpodcast !!  We are always updating fun news and clips there from the show! If you're loving STriptd Down, please leave us a 5 star review, written out with some love!! WE love you and appreciate the love!! DM Ali @Alilevinedesign and say hi and follow! Ali LOVES to connect with her guests!! If you ever have feedback, guest requests, or just want to send some love our way, email below! Strippeddownproduction@gmail.com Xox --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ali-levine/support


10 Aug 2020

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Perspectives From the ICU - surviving COVID-19 -when life gives you a 2nd chance ~ with Dr. Elliot Berlin

The Antony Gordon Show

In today’s episode, we speak with Dr. Elliot Berlin, an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator, and labor doula. He talks about his experience in the ICU with Coronavirus and his miraculous recovery, as well as the emotional and spiritual renewal he experienced from the outreach of others during that time. We discuss the unique and powerful perspective that comes from near death or life-threatening situations. Dr. Berlin then shares what’s rewarding about his profession, the how and why he developed the “Informed Pregnancy Podcast” (https://www.informedpregnancy.com/), and the most important advice he would give to the listener. Dr. B’s Experience With COVID-19 1:48Reflections On Near Death Experiences 13:36Seeing Lives Change: The Rewards Of Dr. B’s Practice 18:40The Why Of “Informed Pregnancy”; Dr. B’s Dream Interview and Parting Wisdom 24:36“I’m close to fully recovered, but not quite there. No symptoms for a long time now, but just the energy takes a while to come back. But I can see the trajectory, and I can see that I’m gonna overshoot where I was before. I was just hoping to get back to myself, but I can see that if I keep up the sleeping, and the exercise, and the eating well, I’m gonna overshoot where I was before, and that’s a good feeling.” 32:41


22 May 2020

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EBB 111 - Positioning Breech Babies with Dr. Elliot Berlin

Evidence Based Birth®

In this episode I am joined by Dr. Elliot Berlin, an award-winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator, and labor support body worker. He is the co-founder of Berlin Wellness Group in Los Angeles, California, hosts The Informed Pregnancy podcast, and served as executive producer of two documentaries about birth - Head’s Up: The Disappearing Art of Breech Delivery, and Trial of Labor. Dr. Berlin is a labor support doula who attends births and provides laboring parents with body work such as massage, reflexology, accupressure, counter pressure, and chiropractic adjustments to help keep the birthing person relaxed, comfortable and focused for a smooth birth. He attends labor at hospitals, homes, and birth centers, and he works with several hundred breech babies each year. Listen to our fascinating discussion on vaginal breech birth, cesarean, and things to find out about your baby’s positioning as you enter the late stages of pregnancy. For more information and news about Evidence Based Birth®, visit www.ebbirth.com. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Ready to get involved? Check out our Professional membership (including scholarship options) and our Instructor program. Find an EBB Instructor here, and click here to learn more about the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class. RESOURCES: Connect with Dr. Berlin via his website, InformedPregnancy.com (), and Instagram (). Get the Informed Pregnancy Podcast here ()! Evidence Based Birth® Signature Article, The Evidence on: Breech Version. EBB’s article on the Evidence for using Moxibustion to Turn Breech Babies.


15 Jan 2020

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The Pregnancy Whisperer, Dr. Elliot Berlin - Fertility, Labor, & Everything Else You Need To Know About Pregnancy

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

#240: On this episode we sit down with Dr. Elliot Berlin. Dr. Berlin is an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator, doula, and labor support bodyworker. This was a well rounded conversation focused on pregnancy, fertility issues, the birthing process, and more.  To connect with Dr. Elliot Berlin click HERE To connect with Lauryn Evarts click HERE To connect with Michael Bosstick click HERE Read More on The Skinny Confidential HERE For Detailed Show Notes visit TSCPODCAST.COM To Call the Him & Her Hotline call: 1-833-SKINNYS (754-6697) This episode is brought to you by Joovv. Experience the benefits of red light therapy by one of the best in the business; JOOVV! To experience the Joovv and receive a free gift with purchase go to joovv.com/skinny This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning space offering more than 25,000 courses. Join the millions of students already learning on Skillshare today with a special offer just for our listeners: Get two months of Skillshare for free. That’s right, Skillshare is offering The Skinny Confidential listeners two months of unlimited access to over 25,000 classes for free. To sign up, go to www.skillshare.com/TSC.  This episode is brought to you by BETABRAND and their Betabrand dress pant yoga pants. To try these pants go to betabrand.com/skinny and receive 20% off your order. Millions of women agree these are the most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear to work.  Produced by Dear Media

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10 Jan 2020

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Ep44: How Prenatal Chiropractic Can Ease Common Pregnancy Pain with Dr. Elliot Berlin

All About Pregnancy & Birth

Pregnancy can be a notoriously uncomfortable time for expecting mothers. While some pain throughout pregnancy is common – and many obstetricians will tell moms that they need to just hang in there – you don’t have to accept pain as “normal”. On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by prenatal chiropractor and doula Dr. Elliot Berlin to talk about how chiropractic and massage therapy can help expecting moms ease pain in the neck, back, and joints while pregnant.  Dr. Berlin shares his story into pregnancy chiropractic care, how chiropractic can help your baby get into a good position for delivery, and what you need to know if you’re considering working with a chiropractor before your birth. We also chat about the importance of informed consent and medical professionals’ duty to help patients make the right choice for them.  In this episode you’ll learn about: How Dr. Berlin decided to work in prenatal care and eventually to become a doula Whether chiropractors get additional or unique training to work with pregnant women How chiropractic and physical therapy can help loosen muscles and joints and lead to better sleep Why physicians and other health care providers should collaborate to put women at the center of their pregnancy care What you should ask if you want to work with a chiropractor during pregnancy Why some mothers might not be a good fit for prenatal chiropractic What informed consent is and why it’s critical to a good birth plan & birth experience The potential risks of chiropractic and what you need to know beforehand The most rewarding parts of Dr. Berlin’s work as a chiropractor and doula Links mentioned in the episode: Elliot Berlin: Website | Informed Pregnancy Podcast | Instagram Episode #30: The Wonderful Benefits Of Pre & Postnatal Yoga With Jeanna Lurie ICPA How To Make A Birth Plan That Works! -Free online class


5 Nov 2019

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Ep. 5 - Informed Choice and Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy and Birth with Dr. Elliot Berlin

Therapist Mom of Twins

Dr. Elliot Berlin is an award winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator and labor doula. His Informed Pregnancy® Project aims to utilize multiple forms of media including a weekly podcast, documentary films and a youtube series to compile and deliver unbiased information about pregnancy and childbirth to empower new and expectant parents to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy and parenting journey.   Social Media:  The best way to access all of his media is through his bio link on Instagram @Doctorberlin - it has direct links to his podcast, both films, his youtube series and his wellness practice.  He are also on twitter @DoctorBerlin and Facebook @InformedPregnancy. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


13 Aug 2019