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When You Throw Jesus Under the Bus For Your Social Agenda

Bible Thinker

I know, I said this was going to be a shorter video but after having looked at hours of misleading teaching from Brandan Robertson I decided to dig a bit deeper. Here are some links that may interest you.My original teaching on the passage in Mark where Jesus says "dogs" https://youtu.be/DJZ7zmL2eyc My video on Critical Race Theory (I think this one is pretty important) https://youtu.be/yHvJx-rBYKoReverend Brandan Robertson's original TikTok video saying Jesus repented of racism. https://www.tiktok.com/@revbrandanrobertson/video/6936268413010464005?lang=en&is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v3&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6940438139509196294 Dr. Miguel De La Torre's original teaching video where he offers his Latinx version of Jesus https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1131187867072318&ref=watch_permalinkThis next link is a tough one, it has Brandan and Miguel in conversation, trying to defend their views. I considered covering it all in detail but it is so chock full of misinformation (I really mean it, almost everything Miguel claims is not true and many of their answers are ignoring the real issues at hand) that I decided not to address all of it. You are welcome to watch it but please know that he is wrong on history, wrong on 1st century culture, wrong on Greek, wrong on Anselm and how the early Christians viewed Jesus, wrong on the nature of sin and complicity and almost never right at all. You all know me, I never use such strong words, I'm really not exaggerating here. https://youtu.be/s3DHktBCt1E Why do I share links with such terrible content? Because I want to equip you to think biblically about things and not to try to control what you can and can't listen to. You should be able to see that I have not misrepresented these guys but have honestly dealt with misinformation and spiritually dangerous teachings.


30 Mar 2021

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Sunday Sermon, January 10, 2021 — Why They Tried to Throw Jesus Off a Cliff

Cross Section from the Summit View Church of Christ

Sunday sermon by Kevin Jensen — Why would the people of Jesus’ own hometown try to throw him off a cliff? At first, they seemed delighted by him and his teaching. But when his teaching became too demanding—when he called them to turn their hearts to God—his townspeople turned against him instead. Text: Luke 4:14-44


10 Jan 2021

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8-18-19 - Dr. Abe Medaris - Don't Throw Jesus Out of Your Boat

Covenant Proclamation

18 Aug 2019

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#14 - Throw Jesus off a cliff!

Carpenter's Way Church

#14 - Throw Jesus off a cliff! by Carpenter's Way Church

1hr 15mins

12 May 2019

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Part 10: Would I Throw Jesus off a Cliff?

Mosaic Community Church Joliet

Many who are closest to Jesus miss Him, while many furthest from Jesus receive Him.


21 Oct 2018

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Would you throw Jesus off a cliff? - Audio

University Lutheran

Would you throw Jesus off a cliff? You would hope your answer would be "no", but don't be too quick to say that. We're all sinners like those Nazarenes who needed to hear about the Messiah who was coming to save them.


27 Jan 2013