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EP 563: How to Take September Off with Mark Livesay

The Rich Outdoors

Mark has been on the show multiple times and him and I love to talk e-scouting. this time I thought we would do something a little different. A lot of people don’t know that Mark is a solid entrepreneur that built his life around being able to go elk hunting more. In this podcast we dive into how he built the event business and how he continues to make decisions based on having the month of September to hunt elk! Show Notes: Mark’s Early Days Getting Started – 01:34 Work Ethic, & the Pack Llamas Business – 16:18 Minimizing Risk in Opportunity – 31:17 Selling Experiences, Be Open & Find a Niche – 44:57 Advice to Designing Your Life – 56:43 Closing Thoughts & Advice – 1:18:02 Today’s podcast is brought to you by Maven Optics. I love my Maven’s and they are such a great group of dude’s. Maven optics is the first direct to consumer optics brand. This little Wyoming optics company is flipping the optics world on its head. Hands down the best bang for your buck and you support local. I’m running the new B6 in 12×50 this year and I am blown away at out good those things are for what they cost. Check em out at Mavenbuilt.com and use the code TRO and checkout for your extra gift. Real quick interruption, fall is here and and that means it’s time to get familiar with all the new features on your On X maps. When it comes to mobile GPS On X is still the best in the game hands down. On X has a ton of new features that are going to make you a more successful hunter if you know how to use them, so take the time before season, get your off line maps saved and play around with the tools available at your finger tips. Plan your routes, map your glassing zones, keep your plans in folders because the more organized you are the more successful your hunt is going to be. If you are not an elite member yet be sure to check out all the new perks for being an Elite member. The post EP 563: How to Take September Off with Mark Livesay appeared first on The Rich Outdoors.

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31 Aug 2022

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Ep. 10: Finding Elk Through E-Scouting with Mark Livesay

Cutting The Distance

It seems easy enough, but in order to kill an elk you must first find elk. With today’s technology it is easier to find elk than ever before. Jason sits down with Mark Livesay to discuss the current technology available and locating elk through features that elk tend to prefer. They then discuss how we can identify combinations of these features to exponentially increase our chances of elk being there when we show up to hunt.  Connect with Jason and Phelps Phelps on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube Shop Phelps MerchSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


16 Jun 2022

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Mark Livesay Bear Season Recap

HarvestHolliday Podcast

Treeline Acadamey's Mark Livesay returns to recap his season chasing bears and shares how being able to read terrain and snow layers on Google Earth and other mapping platforms can lead to success on a big bruin


14 Jun 2022

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Episode #69 E-scouting 101 Treeline Pursuits with Mark Livesay


On this episode we are joined by Mark Livesay creator of Treeline Pursuits. Mark harvests multiple bull Elk every year and share's his over 30 years of experience hunting Elk and how he has used e-scouting to become one of the most successful Elk Hunters out there.For more on Mark go to...https://www.treelineacademy.net/https://www.instagram.com/treeline_pursuits/As always be sure to check out our sponsors and use the promo codes...https://www.treelineacademy.net/ use promocode "focus22" and get $20USD off the courseElk101.com | Dedicated to Elk Hunting Information use the promocode "focus" and receive 20% off the online courseBackroad Mapbooks | Your Adventure Maps for hiking, fishing, camping, off-roading, hunting, paddling and more! use the promo code "focus" for 10% off your orderThis episode of the Focus Hunting Podcast is brought to you by:Home Vortex CanadaHunters for B.C. | Educate. Initiate (bcinteriorsci.ca)https://www.howlforwildlife.org/https://akuoutdoor.ca/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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8 Apr 2022

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Bears! with Mark Livesay

HarvestHolliday Podcast

Mark Livesay from Treeline Pursuits is back to talk about all things bears in this episode! Mark is putting together, with the help of Ryan Lampers and Brian Call, a "Bear specific" E-scouting course that utilizes the decades of experience of these three men, and puts it into the same high level course format as Mark's Elk E-scouting course. This course is still in the works as of February of 2022 Jason and Mark cover some key topics for the novice bear hunter, and even some of Mark's favorite ways to cook bear meat.  https://www.treelineacademy.net

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15 Mar 2022

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Publicly Challenged

In this episode, I talk to Mark Livesay about his llamas and how he utilizes them in the backcountry on his hunts as well as how he E-Scouts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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1 Mar 2022

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Ep 228 - Mark Livesay: Elk Scouting Strategies

The Wild Initiative

Mark Livesay of Treeline Pursuits returns to join Sam on The Wild Initiative to discuss elk scouting strategies and his Treeline Academy course. Mark and Sam start out by catching up on some of the improvements and progress of Mark’s Treeline Academy e-scouting course. They move on to discuss how not being prepared with a fully fleshed-out hunt can handicap you on your hunts and how you can stack the factors to increase your odds of success. Mark tells us how, despite the rapid increase of technology, elk hunting success rates have not increased in recent history. Mark and Sam discuss the benefits of multiple hunt locations, searching out the highest concentration of elk-finding features and using all the tools at our disposal to get the job done.Get $20 off access to Treeline Academy with code TWI.Learn more on the show notes page at thewildinitiative.com/228. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Feb 2022

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EP 153: Finding Elk Through E-Scouting with Mark Livesay

ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting

DISCOUNTS IN SHOW NOTES!E-Scouting is an invaluable tool if you want to be an efficient and effective elk hunter.  But what good is a tool if you don't know how to use it or know what in the heck you're looking for? Where do you even begin? Well y'all, today's show is SO FULL of elk e-scouting information, expert nuggets, techniques, tools and How-To's, that you absolutely need to listen!On today's show, the crew welcomes special guest Mark Livesay, the "Topo Map Terror" himself!. Mark is the author and creator of the Treeline Academy's E-Scouting Masterclass. His expertise comes from 20 years of traveling from Missouri to the western states to chase his elk hunting passion. Mark realized early on that his success was going to be based on how efficient he could be by having elk located or having a solid game plan before his boots hit the ground. His expertise comes from the school of hard knocks and experience!Hope you enjoy the episode!Want to save $20 on Mark's Treeline Masterclass E-Scouting Course? Use Promo Code: ELKBROSWE APPRECIATE YOU TAKING THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE / RATE / REVIEWOther ELKBROS "Grinder Certified" PROMO CODE DISCOUNTS:30% off Outdoor Edge Knives Online Store: ELKBROS305% off MSRP of Blackhound Optics: ELKBROSLooking for an Elk Hunting Partner? Check out our free Elk HuntingBUDDY site. Click hereEVERYTHING ElkBros – https://www.elkbros.comPURCHASE ElkBros Merch - https://gear.elkbros.comBLUE COLLAR ELK HUNTING ACADEMY - https://elkbros.com/shopWatch the Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast: https://youtube.com/c/elkbrosListen to their Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast: http://podcast.elkbros.com/MUSIC by Tony WintripALBUM: Northwest Wild℗ 2019 Tony WintripBullDown Productions.comFOLLOW THE ElkBros…Joe Giglia - @elkbrosLeroy ‘Chav’ Chavez - @elkbroschavGilbert Ornelas (Big O) - @go_outdoors_txnm The Venezuelan Mafia:Luis Gonzalez - @vmhunters Manano Grateron - @manuelgrateronCole Wilks - @flatlanderonytContact Us: info@elkbros.comSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/elkbros) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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8 Feb 2022

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E-Scouting for Elk with Mark Livesay, Part 3

Days In The Wild - Big game Hunting podcast

E-Scouting for Elk with Mark Livesay, Part 3 Show Notes: In this third podcast with e-scouting expert Mark Livesay, Mark shares strategies for when and where you should plan a hunt. For ten years, Mark gave little to no thought about pre-planning his hunts. Then he realized that there are simply too many details to just remember, and that he was wasting valuable time out in the wild. Some hunters get overly ambitious about a hunt and forget about their physical and mental capabilities. Tying everything together to plan a hunt that’s prepared for any eventuality is Mark’s specialty, so pull up a chair and listen close.  Mark loves to hunt timberline elk in Colorado, but there’s a couple of factors that you might not think about. During the hunting season and at that elevation, the grasses are incredibly dry, which underscores the point that you can’t only think about the weather, but also the food source for the herd. So as you plan a hunt in this area, like many places in the west, you’ll need to think about the bands of elevation on a map.  Even though you might love the idea of packing everything in and hunting in some remote spot, Mark always tries to guarantee that he has a basecamp. He looks for ways to prevent a hunt from getting ruined, and he’s found that establishing a basecamp is a good place to send a hunter struggling with altitude sickness or down with an injury.  Mark likes stacking as many positive features as possible, and for him this means taking into account:  Elk finding features The breeding cycle The callability of the herd The schedule of a hunt Mark’s course is a great investment, but even if you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, you can check out his Treeline Pursuits podcast for more e-scouting tips. Use Promo code johnstallone to save 20% What’s Inside: If you only had ten days to hunt in the entire year, when would you do that? Mark weighs in. Why understanding where the bands of elevation are plays a part in your hunt planning, and how that can differ from state to state.  Choosing optimal hunting dates using the moon phases, the weather and temperature. How elk estrus is affected by the equinox, and how you can take that into account when you’re planning a hunt.  Mentioned in this Episode: Phoenix Shooting Bags Save 20% with code: johnstallone Days in the Wild Bushnell.com Save 15% on everything at Bushnell with code: STL02 OnXMaps.com GoHunt.com HuntinFool.com TreelinePursuits.com @treeline_pursuits Elk 101 with Corey Jacobsen TreelineAcademy.net Short Description: Rolling into a new state to hunt for 10 days might be the highlight of your year. But if you’re laid low with altitude sickness because you didn’t think about how the mountains might affect you, then you may end up wasting precious hunting time. Plan for every possibility with master e-scouting guide Mark Livesay. Tags: Cyber scouting, digital scouting, e-scouting, best hunting tools, elk hunting, planning a hunt, digital hunting tools, best states to elk hunt, preseason hunting

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10 May 2021

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E-Scouting for Elk with Mark Livesay, Part 2

Days In The Wild - Big game Hunting podcast

E-Scouting for Elk with Mark Livesay, Part 2 Show Notes: The ultimate goal of e-scouting is creating a master plan with multiple hunt areas. Mark Livesay from Treeline Pursuits returns for an incredibly in depth look on how to plan a hunt using all of the modern tools available. He outlines different parts of his course, including what tools to use, how to understand the data you see, and why you should stack different features to guarantee that you’ll find the elk you’re looking for.  When you only have 10-14 days to hunt elk out of a year, why would you want to leave any stone unturned or walk into a hunt unprepared? Pouring over data and maps beforehand leaves Mark with few surprises when he’s out in the field, and planning for contingencies like too much snow, too many hunters or not enough elk will relieve stress and pressure when you finally get the chance to get out into the field. Mark covers the 9 elk finding features that he looks for as he plans his hunts. He’s created a system that includes carefully designing a custom map that tells you a story. For example, on OnX, if everything is red, it’s not going to put a picture in your head of the area that you’re looking at. Mark adopts different colors and symbols to tell a better story of the terrain. And he warns that anytime you export data, a program will use default icons. So you’ll need to be careful where you create your custom maps. In great detail, Mark covers what you can expect to find in different areas, including how to match up what’s on the map and what the local data tells you. You’ll want to look for: Meadows and feeding zones, Canyons, creeks and drainages Fire zone Beetle kills in the trees Benches and slopes Mark’s knowledge of e-scouting is huge. If you’re ready to do a better job planning your next hunt, check out Mark’s e-scouting course to help walk you step-by-step through the process. Use Promo code johnstallone to save 20% What’s Inside: Mark stresses just how valuable Google Earth is as a planning tool, especially when paired with other planning tools. How to figure out if a trail is mostly used for recreation, and how that impacts elk behavior. Mark explains why stacking features makes it more likely that you’ll find a herd of elk, rather than just relying on a single feature like looking on the north slopes of an area.  I’m a huge fan of edge habitats; we talk about the identifying characteristics of an edge habitat, and why they help you find more animals. How to judge a fire zone correctly so that you’ve accurately anticipated the benefits and challenges of hunting in that area. Mentioned in this Episode: Phoenix Shooting Bags Save 20% with code: johnstallone Days in the Wild Bushnell.com Save 15% on everything at Bushnell with code: STL02 CalTopo.com GaiaGPS.com OnXMaps.com GoHunt.com HuntinFool.com TreelinePursuits.com @treeline_pursuits Short Description: Back for round 2, Mark Livesay moves beyond the tools he uses to talk about how to understand the maps that he uses to help plan his yearly elk hunts. The wealth of data out there for hunters to sift through can be overwhelming, which is why an e-scouting guide like Mark can help you make sense of what you’re looking at when you pull up Google Earth. Tags: Cyber scouting, digital scouting, e-scouting, best hunting tools, elk hunting, planning a hunt, digital hunting tools, best states to elk hunt, preseason hunting

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3 May 2021