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Episode 140: Darin and Greg Bresnitz (authors, Snacky Tunes), Hong Thaimee (Thaimee Love popup), and Kate Heddings (author, Hungry Games)

Andrew Talks to Chefs

It's Thanksgiving week in the United States and this episode is designed for listening as you prep and cook your respective holiday dinners, in restaurants or in homes. Fellow podcasters Greg and Darin Bresnitz discuss their new book Snacky Tunes, based on their show about the intersection of chefs and music; former guest Hong Thaimee discusses her new popup Thaimee Love, which just launched for a planned 6-month run in New York City; and Kate Heddings talks about her new book Hungry Games.We also revisit a recent interview with David Kinch, subject of the documentary A Chef's Voyage, which begins streaming on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video today.For more information, including registration link, on Andrew's December 7 online conversation with Greg and Darin Bresnitz, visit Book Ya Ya.Please consider supporting Andrew Talks to Chefs via our Patreon page–pledge $10 or more per month and gain access to bonus, patron-only episodes, blog posts, polls, and more. Andrew Talks to Chefs is a fully independent podcast and no longer affiliated with our former host network; please visit and bookmark our official website for all show updates, blog posts, personal and virtual appearances, and related information.

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24 Nov 2020

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Snacky Tunes - Darien and Greg Bresnitz (Ep.110)

Austin All Day

Twin brothers Darien and Greg from Snacky Tunes join the Austin All Day podcast to discuss their new book titled Snacky Tunes - Music Is The Main Ingredient.Playlisthttps://open.spotify.com/user/snackytunes?si=jTJzwznIS22Lq0T4af_BkQDear Diary CoffeeHouse Bake Salehttps://deardiarycoffeehouse.com/2020/10/14/halloween-bake-sale-trick-or-treat/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/join/Austinallday)

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29 Oct 2020

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Darin and Greg Bresnitz, Snacky Tunes

All in the Industry ®️

On today's episode of All in the Industry®, Shari Bayer's guests are Darin Bresnitz and Greg Bresnitz, twin brothers who are the co-founders and co-hosts of the music-and-food podcast Snacky Tunes, broadcasting since 2009 on Heritage Radio Network. Darin and Greg have a brand new book, Snacky Tunes: Music Is the Main Ingredient, Chefs and Their Music (Phaidon), featuring 77 of the world's top chefs who share personal stories of how music has influenced their lives, how it's played a pivotal role in helping them to connect, how it inspires their professional work and how it fuels their creativity. It also features personal recipes and curated playlists too--it's an anthology of memories, meals and mixtapes. Today's show also features Shari's PR tip; Industry News discussion on Covid-19; and Solo Dining experience at Gramercy Tavern in NYC. Listen at Heritage Radio Network; subscribe/rate/review our show at iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Follow us @allindustry. Thanks for being a part of All in the Industry®. Stay safe and well.  Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported nonprofit podcast network. Support All in the Industry by becoming a member!All in the Industry is Powered by Simplecast.


7 Oct 2020

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Darin & Greg Bresnitz

Food Republic Today

Hey gang! First up, we catch up on the news, including Salt Bae in the US (0:28), an epic cease and desist by Anheuser-Busch (1:24), McDonalds' refreshed value menu (2:26), and Starbucks' largest location yet in Shanghai (3:03). Next up is a chat with Darin and Greg Bresnitz (3:22) about the perfect blend of music and food in Snacky Tunes, their long-running podcast on Heritage Radio, as well as their early days with IFC and more. We close out with a tune for the vegan guests at your holiday feast (31:05).


6 Dec 2017

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Darin and Greg Bresnitz

Worst Gig Ever with Geoff Garlock and Mike Pace

Double trouble hits "backstage" in the form of Darin and Greg Bresnitz - tastemaking twins who DJ, book shows, produce stuff (including their own Snacky Tunes podcast), and thoroughly enjoy food culture.  The terrible twosome share some of their own torturous tales, which including urinating and defecating while DJing in front of thousands in Europe, losing iPods in ass pockets, playing in early 2000s Boston screamo bands, and the love of foodstuffs their parents instilled as them (did we mention that their mother was present at the taping of this episode?).  Plenty of double takes on this week's WORST GIG EVER!

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19 Jul 2013

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Greg Bresnitz

Food is the New Rock

Ep. 28 - We're not exactly sure who originally coined the phrase Food is the New Rock, but if our little thesis had forefathers this week's guest would definitely be one of them.  Greg, along with his twin brother Darin, created and produced the show Dinner with the Band, which aired on IFC from 2007 to 2010. Now they host the food/music show Snacky Tunes which airs every Monday at 2pm on Heritage Radio.  We talk to Greg about both projects and get into whether or not food really is the new rock (spoiler: we say yes.) We also may or may not argue over whose show name is worse (spoiler: we say ours.)


15 Jan 2013