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Ep.19 - King Gong Edinburgh - Athena Kugblenu

Oh Captain My Captain

On this episode Mark and Athena take Riki through the world of Edinburgh fringe. They talk about the ups and downs of the fringe and whether it's worth it.

1hr 19mins

30 Jul 2021

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10. Athena Kugblenu tackles Obama’s birther truthers

The New Conspiracist

Was Barack Obama secretly born in Kenya? A years long conspiracy theory boosted by Donald Trump has suggested so – but this week comedian Athena Kugblenu joins Jolyon and James to solve the mystery. Like this episode? Please like, share and subscribe if so – or leave us a (five star) review.


25 Jun 2021

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Ep.16 - Athena Kugblenu

Six Months Later...

The very busy writer and comedian Athena Kugblenu (@athenakugblenu) makes time in her day to talk about her new writing gigs, her new BBC radio series Athena’s Cancel Culture, and her piano playing. All this and she give’s Matthew some great parenting advice. Also, Tara deals with her enemies and her son’s birthday and Matthew forces people to make him cakes. Please rate, review and subscribe wherever you can. It really helps the show. And tell a friend! Thanks. If you would like to support the show you can become a patron at patreon.com/sixmonthslaterpod Or you can give us a one-time tip at ko-fi.com/qedcomedylab If you want to tell us anything please contact us at Sixmonthslaterpod@gmail.com

1hr 24mins

2 May 2021

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Athena Kugblenu

My Mate Bought A Toaster

This week Tom is joined by Athena Kugblenu and her sleeping baby. While the little one naps, Tom and Athena travel back in time to boozy lunches in Camden, cycling lessons not in lycra, and the very foundations of modern society. Athena's just got her own Radio 4 series and it's pretty clear why when you listen to this. Ludicrously erudite, brilliantly witty and endlessly entertaining. She's the best! @toasterpod on all your twitter Facebook instagrams. patreon.com/toasterpod if you fancy chucking us some change!Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/toaster. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 12mins

31 Mar 2021

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Athena Kugblenu & Frank Ocean’s Blonde

James Acaster's Perfect Sounds

As a huge fan of his debut mixtape nostalgia, Ultra, Athena is underwhelmed by Frank Ocean’s 2016 album Blonde.


19 Feb 2021

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The Mega Poo Episode with Athena Kugblenu

Comedy Club 4 Kids Presents: Radio Nonsense

This is the Mega Poo episode featuring every possible answer about every question to do with poo you could ever want to know, as the very funny poo expert Athena Kugblenu answers all of 8 year old Erin's 11 questions about poo. So. Much. Poo.Suitable for all ages from SQUEEP to FLEEP.WE NEED YOUR QUESTIONS! SEND THEM IN TO: podcast@comedyclub4kids.co.ukGROWN UPS: IF YOU CAN BUY US A COFFEE/KEEP COMEDIANS ALIVE RIGHT NOW PLEASE DO SO HERE: https://ko-fi.com/comedyclub4kidsWebsite: www.comedyclub4kids.co.ukTwitter: @ComedyClub4KidsFacebook: facebook.com/ComedyClub4KidsPopJam:ComedyClub4KidsHosted by Tiernan Douieb. Music by Paddy Gervers. Design by Cal Prendergast.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/comedyclub4kids. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Feb 2021

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EP10 - Athena Kugblenu

Extra Life

Comedy writer Athena Kugblenu (Mock The Week, The Lenny Henry Show) celebrates the greatness of Goldeneye on the N64, and remembers the days when playing with friends required loads of beanbags, not a broadband connection...........................................Extra Life is an original Great Big Owl Production for Auddy #extralifepodHosts: Keza Macdonald & Ellie GibsonProducer: Joel MorrisAssistant Producer: Alex HardyMusic: Waen ShepherdAlbum Art: Nicole StewartAuddy Executive Producer, Andrew Sampson


27 Jan 2021

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Episode 8 ...Athena Kugblenu

Welcome to Spooktown

Athena Kugblenu books into Spooktown with a tall story for Kath Hughes and Ed Easton. Will it become enshrined in Spooktown lore or deemed complete fiction and get sent packing? Download transcripts of all episodes here https://littlewander.co.uk/little-wander-podcasts/welcome-to-spooktown/Produced by Little Wanderhttps://littlewander.co.uk/Hosted by Kath Hughes and Ed Eastonhttp://www.geinsfamilygiftshop.co.uk/Theme Music by Rhodri Vineyhttps://ratatosk.bandcamp.comhttps://righthandlefthand.bandcamp.comFollow Welcome to Spooktown https://twitter.com/SpooktownPodhttps://twitter.com/GeinsFamilyGifthttps://twitter.com/EdwardEaston


8 Jan 2021

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Athena Kugblenu

Secret Artists with Annie McGrath

Athena Kugblenu doing art and chatting to Annie McGrath. Secret Artists is a podcast hosted by comedian and artist, Annie McGrath. Each week her guest selects a subject which inspires them to create an artwork... It could be an object, a place, a person, an animal... Whilst drawing and painting, Annie and her guest enjoy a nice chat. Often silly. Sometimes serious. Mainly relaxing.https://supporter.acast.com/secretartistsTo see them painting, close ups of the "works of art" and more behind the scenes go to the Secret Artists Instagram:@secretartpodTwitter:@secretartpod#:#secretartistspodMore Annie:www.amcgrath.artTwitter:@AnnieMcTweetAnnie's Art:@mcgrath.artAnnie's Life:@mcgrath.annieMore Athena:Cancel Culture - Athena's radio seriesTwitterPodcastInstagramBaby Shower - web seriesTurtle Canyon Comedy:www.turtlecanyoncomedy.comTwitter:@turtlecanyoncomInstagram:@turtlecanyoncomErnie BarnesCatherine RepkoLakwenaCamille WalalaSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/secretartists. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Nov 2020

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Interracial dating, Ayesha Perry-Iqbal and Athena Kugblenu

No Country For Young Women

I’ve never dated outside of my race and I wanted to hear stories from people who are. We chat about why interracial and interethnic dating isn’t the same thing, model and TV presenter Ayesha says that being British in LA actually makes more of a difference than her race and comedian Athena explains why colourism affects what we see on Instagram and the issues her parents faced in their own relationship.


29 Sep 2020