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Ep. 12 - Be Better, Do Better (Feat. Hao Chen)

Things to Keep in Mind

On the Season Finale of Things to Keep in Mind, Zel talks about the importance of being better and doing better and shares some advice on how you can achieve consistent growth in your life. Zel also shares the story of his creative journey. Later in the podcast special guest Hao Chen (his good friend/roommate) joins to talk about ReviewCast. ReviewCast is Hao and Zel's brand new podcast that will be coming to anchor within the next week or so where they will be reviewing all things entertainment from movies to music and everything in between. Throughout the show this week Zel play's new music such as My Brother by Victor Rashad, Outro by Kendell Malik, and his new single Catch 22 by A.E.Charles featuring Chris Green which is available on all music sites to stream and download. Thanks for all the support and love you all have shown throughout this season. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


22 Jan 2019

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Hao Chen, "Exploiting Opportunistic Scheduling in Cellular Data Networks"

CERIAS Security Seminar Podcast

Third Generation (3G) cellular networks utilize time-varyingandlocation-dependent channel conditions to provide broadbandservices. They employ opportunistic scheduling to efficientlyutilize spectrum under fairness or QoS constraints. Opportunisticscheduling algorithms rely on collaboration among all mobile usersto achieve their design objectives. However, we demonstrate thatrogue cellular devices can exploit vulnerabilities in opportunisticscheduling algorithms, such as Proprotional Fair (PF), to usurp themajority of time slots in 3G networks. Our simulations show thatonly five rogue device per 50-user cell can use up to 90% of thetime slots, and can cause 2 seconds of end-to-end inter-packettransmission delay on VoIP applications for every user in the samecell, rendering VoIP applications useless. To defend against theseattacks, we explore several detection and prevention schemes,including modifications to the PF scheduler and a secure handoffprocedure.This is a joint with with Denys Ma, Radmilo Racic, and Xin Liu.

2 Apr 2008

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