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Memoirs of a Tortoise by: Devin Scillian

Beloved Children’s Books

Oliver the tortoise looks back on his happy life as he wonders why his pet human, Ike, of 80 years has stopped visiting him.


16 May 2021

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Memoirs of a Parrot by: Devin Scillian

Beloved Children’s Books

Brock the parrot lived in Wilbur‘s pet shop until he was purchased by a man named Todd. Brock is a brilliant, but stubborn, parrot and needed the right motivation to show off his true talent and learn to appreciate Todd.


11 Mar 2021

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Memoirs of a Hamster by: Devin Scillian

Beloved Children’s Books

Seymour the hamster had a perfect life until Pearl, the cat, put some ideas in his head about all of the things he was missing out on.


10 Mar 2021

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Memoirs of a Goldfish by: Devin Scillian

Beloved Children’s Books

The goldfish was happy until his tank became crowded with unwanted visitors.


9 Mar 2021

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Local 4 News Anchor Devin Scillian.

The Mitch Albom Show

Devin is quite the author!

21 Oct 2020

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Devin Scillian: "Journalism is a vital part of American Democracy"

Lets Have This Conversation

How do we Preserve the value of Objective Journalism?   Preserving the integrity of the journalism profession is something veteran WDIV Local 4 anchor Devin Scillian values a great deal.  In late March, after watching a press conference where President Donald Trump again referred to the media as ‘Enemy of the people’: Scillian made an impassioned plea to his audience.  saying, "It's dispiriting because, I'm telling you right now, American journalists are working in insane conditions to try to bring you the latest in a situation that is unprecedented for all of us." Scillian and I have a similar view on the sanctity and value of objective journalism, that is why I am honored to feature him as a guest this week, to discuss the value of objective journalism.


14 Jul 2020

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Remembering Elmore Leonard with Devin Scillian

The Best Advice Show

Devin Scillian is a news anchor at WDIV Local-4, a songwriter and author. His latest book is called Memoirs of a Tortoise.Read Elmore Leonard's, 10 Rules of Writing at Brain Pickings. So much of this show is going to originate with your hard-earned advice. To contribute please call me (Zak) at 844-935-BEST. Leave your name and your advice, followed by your email address in case I have any follow-up questions.Regarding your advice. I’m not particularly interested in platitudes and truisms. I’m after specific, odd, uplifting, effective, real tips from you about how you make it through your days.


25 May 2020

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Season 2 - A Drink With - Detroit (Devin Scillian)

A Drink With

In the eighth episode of “A Drink With – Detroit” we catch up with television journalist and WDIV Local 4 anchor Devin Scillian before he heads to the newsroom. We talk about the headline he'd like to report on, the monumental moments for Detroit over the last 20 years of his career, the future of mobility in Detroit and how he's not in the opinion business. He too asks the question... "How many cities get a chance to completely remake themselves?" Whether you’re a native Detroiter, a transplant or a boomerang, you can’t deny that what’s happening in the city is history in the (re)making. From the work ethic to the entrepreneurial spirit, Detroiters are rolling up their sleeves and rebuilding the city with the same determination as Henry Ford and Berry Gordy before them. And in the end, those visionaries, similar to the ones you’ll meet this season, not only shaped Detroit, they shaped the world. Once the fastest growing city in the world; the place that created America’s middle class. Detroit is still a city that breeds innovation. Just like the city of Detroit, our guests have stories of perseverance and creativity. Why should you care? You’ll find motivation and inspiration to apply to your own life from listening to the dreamers, future leaders and risk-takers who are making a direct impact on the community. We talk about lessons learned the hard way, what it took to reach success, business advice and what makes Detroit special. This season we’re partnering with Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit whose mission is co-creating independence and dignity through the power of personal and workforce development. Goodwill Detroit works to ensure that every neighborhood of Detroit experiences the kind of renaissance that we’re seeing in downtown and Midtown. We welcome Jessica McCall, the vice president of marketing and external affairs at Goodwill Detroit, as our special co-host. We’re asking listeners to use “#WhatsGoodDetroit“ when you come across something inspiring, notable or just plain good in the city. We’re recording in the Foundation Studio at Detroit Foundation Hotel. Our official podcast studio is located within the beautiful boutique hotel which is the former Detroit Fire Department Headquarters and Pontchartrain Wine Cellars. Visit "A Drink With" for photos and all features. Follow us on social and let us know who you think we should have a drink with next. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @adrinkwith.


18 Sep 2018