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Dad to Dad 213 - Dr. Eric Endlich of Sonoma, CA Father of Two, Including a Son Who Is Autistic, Discovered Late In Life, He Is Also Autistic

Dad to Dad Podcast

Our guest this week is Dr. Eric Endlich, of Sonoma, CA who is an Autistic man, the father of two, a Psychologist, author and founder of Top College Consultants, an organization that serves students with Autism, ADHD and other learning differences, navigate the college admissions process. Eric and his wife, Kristina, have been married for 35 years and are the proud parents of two children; Elyse (21) and Alex (24) who is Autistic. Eric discovered late in life he is Autistic, which has helped him relate to his son and has shaped his career. His book, “Older Autistic Adults In Their Words, The Lost Generation”, is available on Amazon. We’ll hear Eric’s fascinating story on this Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad podcast.Top College Consultants - https://www.topcollegeconsultants.com Asperger Autism Network (AANE) - https://www.aane.org Email - eendlich1@gmail.com Book: Older Autistic Adults: In Their Own Words - https://tinyurl.com/5czzzyhfPhone – (617) 515-3568LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/topcollegeconsultants/ Special Fathers Network - SFN is a dad to dad mentoring program for fathers raising children with special needs. Many of the 500+ SFN Mentor Fathers, who are raising kids with special needs, have said: "I wish there was something like this when we first received our child's diagnosis. I felt so isolated. There was no one within my family, at work, at church or within my friend group who understood or could relate to what I was going through."SFN Mentor Fathers share their experiences with younger dads closer to the beginning of their journey raising a child with the same or similar special needs. The SFN Mentor Fathers do NOT offer legal or medical advice, that is what lawyers and doctors do. They simply share their experiences and how they have made the most of challenging situations. Special Fathers Network: https://21stcenturydads.org/about-the-special-fathers-network/Check out the 21CD YouTube Channel with dozens of videos on topics relevant to dads raising children with special needs - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzDFCvQimWNEb158ll6Q4cA Please support the SFN. Click here to donate: https://21stcenturydads.org/donate/


5 Aug 2022

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Ep. 83: What Students with Disabilities Should Do When Starting College with Eric Endlich, Ph.D

Diverse Thinking Different Learning

In this informative episode, we take a look at college for students with disabilities. Oftentimes, we focus our energy on children with learning differences when they are young, but what happens when students reach young adulthood and express a desire to attend college? Are they ready? What does ready mean?  Dr. Eric Endlich is today’s guest and he offers key strategies and mindsets that can help set students up for success. He has said that students with disabilities may have tremendous potential as well as exceptional needs but to fulfill that potential in college, they need to be sufficiently prepared. Dr. Endlich also shares that it is never too early and it is never too late to start working on skills that prepare students for higher education.   Show Notes: [2:42] - We spend a lot of time ensuring that students get the support they need when they are young, but there comes a time when students may want to go to college and lack preparation. [4:01] - Dr. Endlich helps students find colleges that meet their needs and also helps college-bound students complete the application process. [5:35] - There are a lot of things that Dr. Endlich looks at regarding skills that ensure independence. [6:56] - Individuals with the same diagnosis have different needs and the college selection process is very important. [8:14] - Graduation rates are lower for students with learning differences. [9:16] - It is important to not only consider the colleges that students can get into, but also colleges where students can be successful and finish their program. [10:02] - Parents and students should not wait until senior year in high school to ask questions and should consider what things their child can do independently. [12:25] - Academic coaching is available at some colleges. [13:34] - When should you begin working on skills needed for independence? Dr. Endlich says it is never too early and never too late. [15:04] - Executive functioning and adaptive living skills are things that can be asked about. There may be support available. [16:30] - Community colleges are excellent at providing study and financial skills courses and many school districts offer dual enrollment with community colleges. [18:32] - Self-awareness comes first. Students need to know what they are good at and what their deficits are. [20:21] - If they have self-awareness and can then self-advocate, students are on their way to success. [21:48] - In most colleges, it is up to the student to approach the professors with their list of accommodations. [23:21] - In many cases, students have not yet had to solve their own problems. [25:44] - Dr. Endlich was involved with a film called Autism Goes to College and describes some of his students on the panel. [27:55] - Obsessions or special interests seen in autism may lead to a career. [29:27] - It is so important for students to find their community. If they get into a college and are unable to make friends there, they will often want to leave.   About Our Guest: Eric Endlich, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and founder of Top College Consultants®, helps neurodivergent students transition to college. Dr. Endlich is on the Learning Differences/Neurodiversity Committee and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Committee of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, and has been awarded the "Making a Difference" award by the IECA. He co-manages a 2,400-member Facebook group, Parents of College Bound Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and ASD. A professional writer and national presenter, he has been interviewed by Forbes, Business Insider, CollegeXpress, College Confidential and U.S. News & World Report.     Connect with Eric Endlich, Ph.D.: Top College Consultants Website (617) 515-3568 Parents of College Bound Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and ASD Facebook Group   Links and Related Resources: Episode 15: From High School to College: Steps to Success for Students with Disabilities with Elizabeth C. Hamblet Episode 47: Helping Students Transition to Adulthood with Dr. Gwennyth Palafox Join our email list so that you can receive information about upcoming webinars - ChildNEXUS.com The Diverse Thinking Different Learning podcast is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or legal advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Additionally, the views and opinions expressed by the host and guests are not considered treatment and do not necessarily reflect those of ChildNEXUS, Inc or the host, Dr. Karen Wilson.


31 May 2022

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48. College Readiness with Eric Endlich Ph.D.

Autism & Neurodiversity

There is an important difference between college capable and college ready. Listen in on our discussion with Eric as we talk about what parents can focus on to prepare their neurodivergent teens for making the transition to college or independence. Get full show notes here: https://JasonDebbie.com/48


4 Mar 2022

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Neurodivergent in College, with Eric Endlich, Ph.D. | EDB 249

Exploring Different Brains

Dr. Eric Endlich discusses his work helping neurodivergent students find the right college.(VIDEO - 32 mins) Dr. Eric Endlich is the founder of Top College Consultants, whose mission is to improve access to college for students worldwide, especially those with learning differences or emotional challenges. Dr. Endlich has worked with many families around the world to help them navigate the college application process and find the ideal universities for their interests and needs.He is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and serves on their Learning Differences/Neurodiversity Committee. In 2020, IECA honored Dr. Endlich’s contributions with the “Making A Difference” Award. Dr. Endlich is also a licensed psychologist, professional writer and former college instructor. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in English from UC Berkeley, where he was awarded a Regents Scholarship (highest honor) as well as the President’s Undergraduate Fellowship for original research. He went on to earn graduate degrees in psychology from NYU and BU, and a certificate in independent educational consulting from UC Irvine. Dr. Endlich has taught at Tufts University, Suffolk University, Boston College and UMass Boston. He is an advisory board member for Oakstone Publishing, the International Journal of Rehabilitation and Special Education and the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE).For more about Dr. Endlich’s work: https://www.topcollegeconsultants.com/ Follow Different Brains on social media:https://twitter.com/diffbrains https://www.facebook.com/different.brains/ https://www.instagram.com/diffbrains/Check out more episodes of Exploring Different Brains!http://differentbrains.org/category/edb/


18 Sep 2021

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Eric Endlich - Third Level Education for Autistic People

Neurodiversity Gold

This week, Jude Morrow and Eric Endlich discuss Topics discussed: Barriers faced by autistic people in colleges How autistic people can remove these. How colleges can support autistic students. Links mentioned in this episode: http://neurodiversity-training.net http://topcollegeconsultants.com This podcast is hosted by ZenCast.fm


9 Aug 2021

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Autism Stories: Eric Endlich

Autism Stories

"In this group specifically we absolutely saw a lot of positive changes after 50, people being less likely to  after 50 be suicidal, less likely to be on medication for depression, more likely to have positive experiences overall personally and interpersonally. They were more likely to celebrate their differences than try to hide them," says Eric Endlich. Eric joins this episode of Autism Stories to discuss being the co-author of the book "Older Autistic Adults, In Their Own Words: The Lost Generation".  To learn more about the book  "Older Autistic Adults, In Their Own Words: The Lost Generation" visit https://www.aapcautismbooks.com/products/older-autistic-adults-in-their-own-words-the-lost-generation To be updated on the latest Autism Stories episode subscribe on your favorite podcast listening platform. If you could give us a positive rating and review on your favorite listening platform we would really appreciate that. If you want  to reduce your overwhelm and help getting all the things you need ,then book a free zoom call now with Autism Personal Coach https://calendly.com/autimspersonalcoach/60min. If you are not comfortable with video then we can turn your video off for the call. If you would be interested in being interviewed on Autism Stories or would like to be a sponsor send an email to doug.blecher@autismpersonalcoach.com.


17 May 2021

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#034 – A Discussion About College Students and Mental Health: An Interview with Dr. Eric Endlich

College Parent Central Podcast

Dr. Eric Endlich is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience working with teens and adults and the founder of Top College Consultants. In this episode Lynn and Vicki chat with Dr. Endlich about some of the most common mental health concerns facing college students today. Whether it is anxiety, depression, addiction, or learning challenges, parents and students can work together to help students find ways to cope. Dr. Endlich emphasizes that parents don’t always need to have answers, and that communication skills are key to exploring solutions.


3 Feb 2021

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DDI 9 - 19 (2) what learning disabled students need to succeed in college

JVC Broadcasting

Eric Endlich


16 Sep 2020

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DDI 9 - 19 (1) what learning disabled students need to succeed in college

JVC Broadcasting



16 Sep 2020

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Episode 13: Interview with Eric Endlich from Top College Consultants

Autism In Real Life

In this episode, Eric discusses college readiness for those on the autism spectrum and what some options could be for students looking to go to school post high school. Eric Endlich, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and educational consultant, founded Top College Consultants® to improve access to higher education for students with learning differences and other challenges. A special needs parent himself, Dr. Endlich is on the Learning Differences/Neurodiversity Committee of the Independent Educational Consultants Association and the Clinical Advisory Board of the Asperger/Autism Network. He has taught psychology at Boston College, Tufts University, Suffolk University and UMass/Boston. Dr. Endlich presents nationally on learning differences and college admissions, and has been interviewed by media including WGBH Radio, Forbes, Business Insider, CollegeXpress, College Confidential and U.S. News & World Report.


6 Aug 2020