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Technologies for the Post-Pandemic Store - with Ricardo Belmar and Trevor Sumner


Welcome to the Retail Rundown, your go-to weekly podcast where RETHINK Retail teams up with industry experts to discuss the news and trends defining the world of retail. Jan 11, 2021: With a return to stores on the horizon, guests Ricardo Belmar and Trevor Sumner discuss how retailers can reinvent their store experience beyond curbside pickup.- - - - - -Hosted by Julia RaymondWritten and produced by Gabriella BockEdited by Trenton Waller


11 Jan 2021

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Retail Rundown - May 11, 2020 - with Stacy DeBroff and Trevor Sumner


No time for news? We've got you covered. Welcome to the Retail Rundown, your go-to weekly podcast where RETHINK Retail teams up with industry experts to deliver the top trending news stories in retail.May 11, 2020: Major retailers file for bankruptcy, Walmart's Express Delivery service, changes in consumer behavior. Hosted by Julia Raymond Researched, written and produced by Gabriella BockEdited by Trenton Waller


11 May 2020

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What Does the Store of the Future Look Like? | Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch | #IoTMakers E046

IoT For All Podcast

On this IoT For All podcast episode, Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch, discusses how Perch is changing the physical retail industry, what the store of the future looks like and how retail jobs will be affected by new technology.Trevor details the different use cases Perch has build solutions for, how IoT is helping to increase in-store customer engagement, and how IoT technology will positively impact jobs in the retail industry. He also shares the exciting new things Perch is working on and what we can expect to see from them over the next 12-18 months on their journey to make retail less boring.If you’re interested in connecting with Trevor check out his LinkedIn!About Perch Interactive: Perch, the leader in interactive Physical + Digital retail displays that can detect when touch or pick up products and then respond with product-specific digital experiences that consistently drive 30-80% sales lift. Perch has won numerous Clio, Digi Edison and retail design awards and was named one of the 15 tech companies to watch in 2018 by Forbes.Perch has worked with Macy's, Sunglass Hut, Jo Malone, Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade, Lenovo, Petco, Johnson & Johnson, MAC, Bumble & bumble, Story, Barnes & Noble, Fossil, Wildflower, Invisalign, City Cannabis, Beam Suntory, and dozens of other brands and retailers to design engaging experiences that drive sales lift and analyzes the behavior of customers in-store. Key Question and Topics from this Episode:(03:47) Trevor introduction and background(08:41) Overview and goal of Perch Interactive(11:39) How is Perch’s solution connected to the digital marketing side of the business?(14:20) Who creates the content for the interactive displays?(15:41) What IoT technologies are being used in the development of Perch’s solution?(18:30) What types of sensors are being used for the solution (if any)?(20:45) What does the typical customer engagement look like?(23:27) What are the most successful use cases for Perch’s technology?(26:40) How does customer re-engagement work with Perch’s retail solution?(28:23) What will the store of the future look like?(31:29) How will technology affect jobs in the retail industry?(34:53) How IoT positively affects jobs across all industries(36:37) What do the next 12-18 months look like for Perch? 


11 Dec 2019

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Retail Rundown - Nov 25, 2019 - with guests Laura Heller and Trevor Sumner


No time for news? We've got you covered. Welcome to the Retail Rundown, your go-to weekly podcast where RETHINK Retail teams up with industry experts to deliver the top trending news stories in retail.November 25, 2019: Teen's luxury wishlists, Warby Parker's move into contacts, Tupperware and holiday pop ups. Hosted by Julia RaymondResearched, written and produced by Gabriella BockEdited by Trenton Waller


25 Nov 2019

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Why it's Time to Ditch Looping Media on Retail Digital Signage with Trevor Sumner of Perch Interactive

MarketScale Radio

When you think of digital signage in a retail store, the standard has become static imagery or looping media, providing color and branding but not much else. Trevor Sumner, CEO of Perch Interactive, says it’s time to think bigger and bigger. On today’s episode of the Retail Podcast, brought to you by MarketScale, host Daniel Litwin sat down with Sumner to discuss how digital signage is evolving and becoming much more interactive and personalized. Sumner, who was recently recognized in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 as the Most Influential CEO of the Year 2019 for his work in Visual Merchandising, knows how powerful positive digital marketing can have on the shopping experience. “With digital signage, I think of boring static media. Aren’t these just the banner ads on the internet that we hate?” Sumner said. “It’s an interruptive media.” To avoid being interruptive and leaning toward being industry-disruptive instead, digital signage in-store is adding value to the shoppers chain of events. As a result, it’s serving customers better and giving retailers a wealth of information. Digital marketers are entering a new phase of in-store signage that’s focused on interactivity and personalization, where this media is helpful and informational, as well as fun. “On the internet, you can click on products to get more information, so why can’t we do that in the store?” Sumner said. Marketers are using the next generation of digital signage — computer vision, for example — for innovative ways to help customers. Cameras are being used in stores to see which products a person gazes at versus picks up, which data has shown it has a direct effect on the likelihood a customer will purchase that product. This kind of data feeds the retailer’s arsenal of ways to engage customers during the shopping experience. “It’s about providing customers an experience that’s flawless, surprising, and even delightful,” Sumner said.


8 May 2019

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Walking the Line Between Creepy and Helpful: The Challenge for Digital Marketers, with Trevor Sumner of Perch Interactive

MarketScale Radio

There’s no question: When broadscale breaches like Facebook and Equifax happen, consumers become wary of all the personal data that’s available and ultimately vulnerable to the attacks of hackers. But that leaves digital marketers in a precarious position to find a happy medium between personalized marketing techniques and obvious use of personally-identifying information that’s unique to consumers.On today’s episode of the Retail Podcast, CEO of New York-based Perch Interactive Trevor Sumner returns to the show to share his insight into the benefits and challenges of personalized digital marketing.“It’s the value-creepy line,” Sumner said. “If you provide more value than it is creepy, then you’re doing okay.”


8 Oct 2018

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Spotlight Series: Interview with Perch Interactive CEO, Trevor Sumner

Omni Talk

Omni Talk sits down with Perch Interactive CEO, Trevor Sumner, live from Shop.Org in Las Vegas.


13 Sep 2018

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Making the In-Store Experience Memorable with Trevor Sumner of Perch Interactive

MarketScale Radio

Technology that can give shoppers a shot of dopamine-- that’s the shopping experience that’s now possible with today’s technology, said Trevor Sumner on today's podcast, CEO of New York-based Perch Interactive. In this episode of the Retail Podcast, Trevor shares how Perch’s technology is bringing digital concepts into physical stores and creating unique customer experiences where shoppers are free to touch and pickup products that evoke a feeling.


16 Jul 2018

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Ep#21: Trevor Sumner CEO of Perch Interactive | NYC Entrepreneur, Advisor & Angel

Culture: Founders, Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Interview w/ Trevor Sumner CEO at Perch Interactive. Previously Trevor was the President, CMO and CoFounder of LocalVox, a local social & mobile marketing platform for local businesses that was named one of the top startups in NYC by Business Insider, Forbes and Huffington Post, & was acquired by The Blackstone Group. Trevor is a NYC-based entrepreneur, product and marketing executive and recognized startup advisor and angel. We discuss growing up in NYC, tips for the hiring process with 'TopGrading', growing startups, being methodical, the company culture at Perch and words to live by aka the Trevorisms. Also Trevor tells a few great stories that include a live or death situation while scuba diving in Antartica. Perch is the leader in interactive retail marketing technology with proprietary 3D sensing technology and cloud platform enable traditional retail displays to detect and react whenever a customer approaches, touches or picks up a product - and deliver an experience that surprises and delights. www.perchinteractive.com Trevor on Social Twitter: @TrevorSumner Ense: @TrevorSumner http://www.accessoriesgal.com/


12 Jun 2018