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45 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Travis Walton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Travis Walton, often where they are interviewed.

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45 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Travis Walton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Travis Walton, often where they are interviewed.

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XZUFO: Travis Walton - Fire In The Sky

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In November 1975, a group of six tree-trimmers were driving home from work in a truck in the Sitgreave-Apache National Forest in Arizona, USA. The driver stopped the truck when he noticed that a flying saucer was hovering about fifteen feet above some nearby trees. Travis Walton approached the craft on foot, despite the objections of his workmates. He was then knocked to the ground by a blue and white light. When the men in the truck saw this, they were terrified and sped off down the road leaving him for dead. Once they had calmed down, they returned to that spot and couldn't find any sign of Travis or the flying saucer. Five days later, Travis was returned to earth wondering what had happened to him for the past few days.
Oct 22 2020 · 41mins
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Episode 44: Let's Do A Quick Poly (Abduction of Travis Walton)

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The crew is back this week with an eerie encounter from out of this world!
Tune in as Shawna tells the gang all about the alleged 1975 alien abduction of Travis Walton in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona.
Learn about Travis' up-close encounter with the otherworldly creatures as well as accounts from witnesses to the abduction.

Light Out Podcast, Episode 3
Bigfoor For Breakfast podcast, Episode 27
Supernatural with Ashley Flowers Episode 24

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Sep 29 2020 · 1hr 12mins

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8. Bob Lazar & The Abduction of Travis Walton

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Welcome to TFHJTC with Shajid and Kalisha. This week Shajid starts off with a supposed alien abductee with a penchant for measuring things, Travis Walton, while Kalisha concludes with suspected pimp and UFO whistleblower, Bob Lazar.

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Hard Boiled by Kevin MacLeod

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Aug 08 2020 · 2hr 3mins
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Episode 16: Halfoween - (The Sallie House, Travis Walton's alien abduction) 

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We strongly believe that there aren't enough Halloweens in this world, so WWBD is adding another one! It's our podcast and we can do what we want.  Frequently we wonder, what stories will strike a spooky chord with our listeners, but this week Holly and Leslie focus on scaring each other! Leslie hates little girl ghosts, so Holly tells us the story of the most haunted house in America, The Sallie house. Holly hates alien abductions so Leslie will be telling us the terrifying story of Travis Walton, a man who was abducted and live to tell the tale. Join us on this spooky ride, there are twists and turns and a few little surprises. Happy Halfoween fiends!










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May 26 2020 · 1hr 19mins

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The Travis Walton UFO incident & Abduction

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It is one of the most famous and at the same time one of the most controversial cases in UFOlogy. Travis Walton is now a name that has become synonymous with the alien abduction phenomena thanks in no small part to the mass media attention his case received at the time. This profile was only raised further with the release of the 1993 movie “Fire in the Sky” which chronicled the events surrounding his abduction. But for all those who believe Walton’s story, there seem to be an equal number of people who doubt his authenticity and both he and the other witnesses to the events that fateful night have come under personal attacks by those claiming they faked the whole thing as part of some money making scheme.

Walton’s story has left researchers, sceptics and law enforcement asking countless questions regarding their respective fields of interest. But the one question everyone seems to want to know the answer to is this; just where was Travis Walton between November 5th and November 10th, 1975. Was he as some have suggested, hiding out in a cabin or a tent deep in the forests of Arizona, waiting to re-emerge with tall tails of aliens? Or was he indeed carried away by some unknown force for reasons that still elude us?

In this Destination Declassified video, we are going to break down key points in the Travis Walton case. It is not our aim to prove Walton is telling the truth nor are we here to suggest he is a liar but until he or his colleagues come forward admitting it is a hoax or some previously undiscovered evidence emerges that proves he is telling the truth, we are left with deciding for ourselves what we want to believe.

So, let us now delve into the case of Travis Walton.

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Music by CO.AG


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Apr 17 2020 · 20mins
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Fire in the sky, or Fraud in the air? - Examining the disappearance of Travis Walton

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On November 5th 1975, a group of loggers in Arizona were returning home from a long day of wood cutting in the Sitegreaves National forest when they claim they encountered an object hovering in the night sky. One of the loggers, Travis Walton -exited their truck to get a closer look at it, when he was struck and rendered unconscious by a beam of light. Terrified, the other loggers fled, they returned minutes later and discovered Travis was missing. Five days later, Travis returned with a story that tests both skeptics and believers to this day. Was this an actual case of alien abduction, or an elaborate hoax? Recently discovered evidence may answer the questions surrounding this case.
Resources used to research this episode:
Larry King interview with Travis Walton, Mike Rogers and Phillip Klass on CNN:
Travis Walton on the TV Show Moment of truth:
"Profitable nightmare of a very real kind" article written by a former National Enquirer reporter which details the behind the scenes occurrences of the dealings with Travis and his brother as they attempted to get his story published:
Similarities between the events Travis describes in "Fire in the sky" and the book, "Have Spacesuit will travel"

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Feb 20 2020 · 25mins
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Travis Walton: The Man Beyond the Abduction

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In this episode of the W.O.W. podcast, Katie Cook talks to the man at the center of one of the world's most famous alien abduction cases. It has been 44 years since that fateful day, but there is so much more to Travis Walton than his abduction. Katie covers a lot of ground from his thoughts on Disclosure, to the temptation to join a cult, to his many interests....including midwifery!    

Nov 06 2019 · 37mins
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Travis Walton, Jennifer Stein, and Alan B Smith

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Nov 01 2019 · 1hr 55mins
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ADP: Mike Rogers – The Alleged “Alien Abduction” of Travis Walton and The Phoenix Lights - Part 1

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Mike Rogers has worked in logging much of his life, even summers when he went to school. When he was 28, he had his own crew. In 1975, he had a 6-man crew, of which Travis Walton was a sawyer. A year after that well-known UFO encounter and Walton's apparent abduction, he started working with his father again, then went back to school for a time. In 1997, he was witness to the Phoenix Lights while standing on a hill near Prescott, Arizona. Before and after the Lights, he operated a domestic tree service business, which did very well.

Ever since witnessing the Phoenix Lights, he has conducted his own very thorough, 22-year, in-depth investigation into the Lights, discovering numerous never-before-known realities. Two years ago, he started speaking of these revelations, some are quite disturbing, even to hardened skeptics. His scientific abstract was published in the May issue of the MUFON Journal, endorsed by Astronomer, Hal Povenmire.
Oct 17 2019 · 59mins