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Why Your Front Desk Is Your Most Valuable Asset with Jerry Durham

Healthcare Business Radio

Do you know the most important part of your practice?In this week's episode, I will be joined by Jerry Durham. Through The Client Experience Company, Jerry helps healthcare practices and businesses to create greater patient and business success by leveraging and understanding the patient’s entire life cycle within their practice. He helps you attract patients who arrive, pay, stay, and do your marketing for you so you have fewer headaches and spend more time doing the things you love....all with no new marketing.In this episode, we talked about why your front desk is important? The 3 roles of your front desk. What is the impact your front desk has on your metrics? Identifying your metrics for success. How do you know your business is healthy?Additional information:If you are tired of trying to figure out this game of business, marketing, and sales, all on your own, and  you are ready to just implement what's already proven to work, rather than reinventing the wheel head over to healthcarebusinessradio.com/insider right now and there you will find over $7,000 worth of trainings, resources, and coaching available only for listeners of this show.https://www.healthcarebusinessradio.com/insider


8 Jun 2021

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35 - Bo Knows Front Desk Success w/ Jerry Durham PT

Bo Knows Stuff

Jerry is the king of Twitter between rage against the machine and bourbon and of course how to build your front desk to allow your business to get the right clients and improve their client life cycle! So many great insights from this one!


10 Mar 2021

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Episode 011: Front Desk Success with Jerry Durham PT

The Better Outcomes Show

The post Episode 011: Front Desk Success with Jerry Durham PT appeared first on Rehab U Practice Solutions.


28 Oct 2020

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EP297: How the Front Desk Can Make or Break Patient Trust and, Potentially, Outcomes, With Jerry Durham From The Client Experience Company

Relentless Healthcare Value

Here’s something I never really understood: how physicians and nurses more often than not get to be responsible for the entire patient journey, including, start to finish, patient satisfaction. But if you just take one look at any random poorly rated physician’s reviews, they’re usually littered with complaints about the front desk in the practice. Negative reviews, of course, are not limited to front desk diatribes; but there’s often a lot of front desk commentary in them. It has always seemed to me to be a common and strange phenomenon in health care provider practices where the front desk is like a totally separate little fiefdom with a different mission statement and goals from the health care providers in the same exact office. Isn’t that odd when you think about it? I mean, first, the front desk is literally physically separated from everybody else. No matter which direction you approach from, there’s at a minimum a half-wall barrier surrounding them. Sometimes, in directions most likely to receive an attack, I suppose, there’s been added a big glass barrier. Liliana Petrova pointed this out in EP236 of the Relentless Health Value podcast, and it was really the first time that I had thought about it at all and also thought about the implicit message this sends not only to patients but also to clinicians. That whole physicality of the setup, it just screams, “We over here have nothing to do with the mission or vision of anyone else in this place. We have our own thing going on over here, and to do it, we need to be protected from you all and all of your chicanery and untoward goings-on, you doctors and nurses and patients!”   I was really inspired the first time I heard Jerry Durham from The Client Experience Company talking. His message, as I understood it, was that a practice really on board with helping patients achieve the best patient outcomes and, nothing for nothing, erode clinician burnout includes the front desk in their thinking. Jerry has said that there’s four phases in the patient life cycle, as he calls it, which is sort of a synonym for the patient journey: Marketing The moment that a patient/person engages with the clinic or office Provider interactions The post course of care So, all of these phases—all four of them—are critical to both patient outcomes and experience but also, really, to business success. So, you kind of almost have to do well by doing good. The front desk is mostly responsible for that phase two: what happens when that person/patient engages with your office or clinic. In this health care podcast, as mentioned, I’m talking with Jerry Durham. He’s a former physical therapist and practice owner who has worked with a whole lot of PT (physical therapy) practices and also other MSK (musculoskeletal) specialties among other clients. His message transcends the specialty, however. In this health care podcast, we get into a lot of aspects in terms of how a front desk can work for or against patient experience and outcomes. One of them is how a front desk can help secure a patient’s relationship with a practice. Trust follows from a relationship. Lately, maybe even earlier than lately, study after study is coming out—including some that Rebecca Etz, PhD, talks about in EP295—which shows that, without a relationship and trust, patient outcomes are meh at best. (You can always count on me for scientific terminology.) But a lack of trust is a big hairy factor behind disparities in outcomes among different ethnic groups, for example, as one point to ponder.   You can learn more at clientexperiencecompany.com or by emailing Jerry at jerry@jerrydurhampt.com.   Jerry Durham is a physical therapist with over 25 years of experience and 20+ years of business ownership. Jerry’s singular passion is leveraging the entire practice team toward improved patient outcomes while boosting the practice bottom line. Jerry has spent significant time on the front line, answering patient calls and learning why patients think and act the way they do when interacting with the front desk. Jerry now leads The Client Experience Company, focused on improving both client outcomes and practice profitability through the leveraging of the patient life cycle by the front desk. 04:31 What is the patient life cycle? 05:33 What are the milestones of the patient life cycle? When does it start? 08:51 “This isn’t a business solution; this is a patient-driven solution.” 09:08 “What is best for the patient is best for business.” 12:45 “The takeaway there is that your team members are all driving toward the same goal.” 13:54 How does the front desk impact health outcomes? 16:00 What is the objective of a front desk to reduce provider burden? 20:38 “There’s actually three roles at the front desk.” 29:57 EP228 with Julie Rish, PhD, from the Cleveland Clinic.   You can learn more at clientexperiencecompany.com or by emailing Jerry at jerry@jerrydurhampt.com.   @Jerry_DurhamPT discusses #patienttrust and #healthoutcomes in this week’s #healthcarepodcast. #healthcare #podcast #digitalhealth #healthtech What is the patient life cycle? @Jerry_DurhamPT discusses #patienttrust and #healthoutcomes in this week’s #healthcarepodcast. #healthcare #podcast #digitalhealth #healthtech “This isn’t a business solution; this is a patient-driven solution.” @Jerry_DurhamPT discusses #patienttrust and #healthoutcomes in this week’s #healthcarepodcast. #healthcare #podcast #digitalhealth #healthtech “What is best for the patient is best for business.” @Jerry_DurhamPT discusses #patienttrust and #healthoutcomes in this week’s #healthcarepodcast. #healthcare #podcast #digitalhealth #healthtech “The takeaway there is that your team members are all driving toward the same goal.” @Jerry_DurhamPT discusses #patienttrust and #healthoutcomes in this week’s #healthcarepodcast. #healthcare #podcast #digitalhealth #healthtech How does the front desk impact health outcomes? @Jerry_DurhamPT discusses #patienttrust and #healthoutcomes in this week’s #healthcarepodcast. #healthcare #podcast #digitalhealth #healthtech “There’s actually three roles at the front desk.” @Jerry_DurhamPT discusses #patienttrust and #healthoutcomes in this week’s #healthcarepodcast. #healthcare #podcast #digitalhealth #healthtech


22 Oct 2020

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Episode 1: Justin Blake’s Fast Track Clann with Jerry Durham PT

Fast Track Clann Podcast

Justin Blake and Jerry Durham discuss why you're not the most important person in your practice. Patients just don't appear in a puff of smoke. Systems and scripts and much more... Justin - https://justinblakemedia.com/meet : justin https://www.instagram.com/justinpblakel https://www.facebook.com/groups/24229 .. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fastt .. +++ Go to Justin's website at https://justinblakemedia.com/meet-justin JUSTIN BLAKE is a former sports podiatrist who worked in both London and Dublin treating people from recreational thru to international and Olympic level and has treated athletes as part of the UK Olympic Performance Plan . He works directly with practices to establish plans and put techniques and strategies into place to better market themselves and manage their practices to achieve their goals.


1 Sep 2020

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CBP 124: Simple ways to optimize the patient experience in your cash-based practice—with Jerry Durham

The Cash-Based Practice Podcast

After many successful years in private practice, Jerry Durham has made a business out of helping physical therapy practice owners to improve the client experience from start to finish. Much of this focus (and the resulting client experience strategies) stemmed from a year when he took over a thousand incoming prospective patient phone calls at his practice. And over time, he has identified some common mistakes that virtually every practice makes—mistakes that cost them business and lower the lifetime value of each customer.  In this interview, Jerry explains his philosophy on enhancing client experience and some actionable steps any practice owner can immediately take to improve their business results. We do a deep dive into the initial patient phone call and the “do you take my insurance?” question. The insights he shares on building relationships that foster an environment of trust can help you get your cash-based practice on its way to happier customers and bigger profits! USEFUL INFORMATION: Check out our Online Patient Attraction System

1hr 34mins

25 Jun 2020

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Telehealth 20 Podcast - Ep 089 - Telehealth Sales w/Jerry Durham, PT

Telehealth 20 Podcast

Rob Vining and Jerry Durham, PT discuss everything related to Telehealth Physical Therapy Sales and the details that no one asks and everyone needs to know!Start the entire course with Jerry Durham, PT at https://www.TelehealthPT.com/salesFeel free to watch the entire live video session at https://www.YouTube.com/Telehealth20

1hr 10mins

23 Jun 2020

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The Future of the Patient Experience Post COVID-19 with Jerry Durham

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

Due to circumstances of COVID-19, APTA NEXT transformed our beloved NEXT conference virtual. At PT Pintcast, we decided to kick things off with a NEXT Virtual Happy Hour. Jerry Durham was our first guest to kick off this happy hour. Jerry discusses #timeIsNow which symbolizes the need to change now to move forward in changing the future.As the patient experience is shifting towards a telehealth experience, it is important to understand the patient when talking on the phone.What Jerry emphasizes is demonstrating to your patient from the initial phone call that THEY MATTER and make the experience all about them.Jerry also acknowledges the difficulties of current physical therapists using telehealth. Even though these issues arise, physical therapists will only become better clinicians once back practicing in the clinic.Interested in learning how to run a business while valuing the patient experience? Check out: https://clientexperiencecompany.com/PARTING SHOT“The world is about community. You will be successful when you learn who you can serve in your community. #1 step to business success.” - JERRYhttps://www.ptpintcast.com/2020/03/23/the-one-thing-you-must-focus-on-for-success-in-your-physical-therapy-practice-with-jerry-durham/ https://www.ptpintcast.com/2018/01/24/268-jerry-durham-graham-sessions/ https://www.ptpintcast.com/2015/09/01/episode-5-jerry-durham-2/


5 Jun 2020

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The One Thing You Must Focus on for Success in Your Physical Therapy Practice with Jerry Durham

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

Jerry Durham is a Physical therapist who learned that PATIENT SUCCESS comes from studying successful businesses and implementing what they have done in a "CUSTOMER FIRST" Culture!!He has a company called The Client Experience Experience Company that works with multi site practices and practice managers.He's a Physical Therapist of 25 years who has grown tired of my profession and healthcare NOT truly focusing on our clients, customers and patients!!  Im not afraid to share whats best and not afraid to speak my mind and call out the profession for its many times backwards approach.learned from my stack of books, my Business mentors, Entrepreneur Organization AND then doing, doing.BUSINESS SUCCESS COMES FROM ONE PLACE ONLY..... client and patient successYour client is on a journey and the better YOU understand that in your business, the MORE successful your clients will be and ultimately the MORE successful YOUR business will be!!Your Front Desk being the hidden gem in a practice.... the most undervalued, misunderstood and poorly leveraged part of your biz!!here is an ULTIMATE biz and patient metric that ALL should measure... knowing this 1 metric will tell you more about the HEALTH of your business than any other metric  (completed plans of care)Your biz culture is defined by your clients journey in your businessTHE FUTURE IS NOW....... people are paying more today for our services, people are expecting physio and healthcare to deliver an experience similar to other industriesPeople are growing tired of ALL the friction points that healthcare and physio put up AND they are willing to pay for LESS friction!!* PEOPLE PAYING MORE.... (regardless of in or out of network)* People are willing to pay for an experience that has less friction* People ARE expecting better experiences from physio and healthcare


23 Mar 2020

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Ep260 | The State Of Physio In 2020 With Jerry Durham

The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast

This episode is a little bit different today because it is an interview I did with Jerry Durham for his YouTube channel.  Jerry has some amazing views on our industry and I highly recommend you to take some time and check him out. Jerry's website: https://jerrydurhampt.com/ Jerry's podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/healthcare-disruption-podcast/id1261571234

21 Jan 2020