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Episode 8 with Asad Dhunna

About Us

2021 we kick off with Asad Dhunna! Asad is the founder and CEO of The Unmistakables, an award-winning consultancy on a mission to help organisations navigate their way through equality, diversity & inclusion.The company works across a number of sectors to help organisations become inclusive by design. They have been named best new agency and best in diversity and inclusion by a number of marketing industry bodies. We touched on numerous points given the current state of affairs within the industry, notably, the evolution and focus of diversity and inclusion and Asad was kind enough to share :  -Growing up in London  -Working and teaching in Germany -Founding his award-winning business -Ditching the term BAME?  -What can businesses do now, to continue and develop their diversity and inclusion strategy? Asads Campaign Article - https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/why-bame-aint/1672936 The Unmistakbles Instagram and Twitter @_unmistakables

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28 Jan 2021

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20. BAME allies & scarcity mindset ft. Asad Dhunna

Jules & Phoebe

This week Jules & Phoebe are joined by Asad Dhunna (@asadd, Founder of the Unmistakables (@_unmistakables), a consultancy that is making diversity everyone's business, and former Director of Communications for Pride in London. They discuss brown people centering themselves during the #blacklivesmatter debate, addressing anti-blackness within BAME communities and the need for brown people to stand with the black community. Follow @julesphoebe and send your questions to julesphoebe@gmail.com to be featured on the show.


11 Jun 2020

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Asad Dhunna on how we solve the diversity problem in media and marketing

Agency Dealmasters podcast

If you saw the video of the brutal murder of George Floyd recently, you felt saddened and shocked that these things are still happening in 2020. Our industry has an opportunity to respond to the brutality that is sadly still with us and begin to change things. Agencies communicate on behalf of brands which means we can actually affect some kind of positive change, but a lot of that change has to begin at home with ourselves. Diversity and inclusion is still a massive problem in our industry and that’s why my guest this week is Asad Dhunna Founder of the Unmistakables an award-winning consultancy that creates a world of opportunity from diversity. This interview was recorded before the tragic incidents but i think it’s relevant to release now. They are: Best new agency as rated by Oystercatchers Start-up agency of the year - The Drum Best in diversity & inclusion - The Drum BAME business of the year - Great British Business Awards What led him to set up the agency was the idea that to set up a successful business you must either solve the smallest problem for the largest number of people or the biggest problem for only a few people. and diversity is a big problem for a lot of people. If you are remotely interested in: Seeing a fairer world for all of us, then you will find this conversation absolutely fascinating.


3 Jun 2020

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Asad Dhunna, founder of The Unmistakables, on the PRmoment Podcast

PRmoment Podcast

This week, in the latest of our life stories series, I’m interviewing Asad Dhunna, founder of The Unmistakables, on the PRmoment Podcast. Asad started his career at IncrediBull (now Text 100), before moving to Weber Shandwick and via a stint in-house at FleishmanHillard Fishburn.Asad set up the Unmistakables in Aug 2018. Alongside running his own agency until recently he was also director of communications at Pride in London.Here is a summary of what Asad and I discussed:[00:01:02] As a gay man of Indian origin did Asad set up The Unmistakables because he didn't feel comfortable working in large agencies mostly populated by white, middle-class people who often went to private school? Or he did he do it because there was an opportunity for brands to better communicate with minority groups in the UK?[00:02:10] How during his time working in big agencies Asad felt he was working "living in different worlds" – when comparing his home life with his work life.[00:02:39] How in his early career Asad's mum asked him: "Why are you working in PR? The industry doesn't pay very well, it seems to work you really hard. You're knackered all the time … Why don't you get a job in a bank as a teller?"[00:04:19] Asad talks about the pressure of being a second-generation migrant in the UK.[00:06:16] How as an Asian, Asad found himself working on client work that he did not identify with.[00:07:45] Why Asad believes that power structures are an issue for minority groups, both at work and in society. [00:09:12] Asad talks abut the different milestones he has as a gay man and how that impacts peer relationships at work.[00:10:22] How Asad has changed his mindset from believing what made him different made it harder, to now believing what makes him different is what helps him.[00:11:08] Asad talks about losing his dad when he was quite young and not processing that grief until quite recently. [00:12:54] Asad and I compare the contrasting fortunes of UK and India over the last 50 years.[00:13:32] Asad talks about various micro-aggressive occasions, where the majority group, through a lack of empathy, make the minority group feel uncomfortable. [00:15:34] Why clients now want agencies to help them think about the big problems.[00:18:29] Why Asad believes we're living in a period of tick-box diversity.[00:21:37] Asad talks about some organisations that are getting their approach to diversity right.[00:24:22] Why the marcomms sector is stuck in a time warp of what real society looks like.[00:24:36] What can brands can do to make themselves more appealing as employers to minority groups?[00:27:40] Asad names the top three most impactful developments to increase the number of BME and minority groups working in public relations.[00:32:300] Asad talks about his time volunteering for Pride in London.[00:34:07] Asad talks about how different it is client side.[00:35:25] Asad talks about how The Unmistakables is deliberately an agency for misfits.


12 Nov 2019

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Asad Dhunna on diversity and inclusion in PR (Ep. 174)

The PRovoke Media Podcast

Last year, former Weber Shandwick associate director Asad Dhunna founded The Unmistakables, a marcomms agency made up of minorities, with the aim of helping businesses understand minorities and create campaigns that are more representative of society. The agency now works with clients including the English Cricket Board, Unilever and Barnado's. Dhunna, who is also director of communications for Pride in London, tells the Echo Chamber about his experience of presenting 'We Don't Need Another Diversity Talk' on stage in Cannes, and the state of diversity and inclusion in the PR industry.  


1 Jul 2019

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Season 4, Episode #9: Diversity: Changing The World From The Inside Out With Asad Dhunna

Happy Porch Radio

On today’s show we welcome Asad Dhunna. Asad is the inspirational founder of The Unmistakables, which is an independent consultancy made up of minorities with a mission to make organizations and campaigns more representative of modern society, both inside and out. They combine HR, marketing and communications principles to help leaders develop companies and campaigns that better reflects our diverse and gender fluid society. Inside this episode, we’ll hear from Asad all about his vision for The Unmistakables, what he hopes to achieve, and how we can all help to make the world a more diverse and inclusive place.So keep listening to hear more.


10 Jan 2019