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Minari//69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez//Emma.//God's Not Dead

The Film Vault

Bryan and Anderson review Minari, Emma., 69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez and this week’s Listener Assigned Movie; God’s Not Dead, thanks to Will Mcpherson and his sense of what’s funny. It’s a pretty good sense by the way. NEW MERCH PAGE is HERE! Featured Artists: Grover Anderson CONECT WITH US: Instagram: AndersonAndBryan Facebook.com/TheFilmVault Twitter: @TheFilmVault HAVE A CHAT WITH ANDY HERE ATTY & ANDY: CRANK CALLS Subscribe To Anderson's Youtube Channel Here THE COLD COCKLE SHORTS RULES OF REDUCTION MORMOAN THE CULT OF CARANO Please Give Groupers a Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Here Please Rate It on IMDB Here The Blu-ray, US The Blu-ray, International Groupers is now available on these platforms. On Amazon On Google Play  On iTunes On Youtube On Tubi On Vudu Flickfessions: Emma. God’s Not Dead Minari 69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez

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17 Mar 2021

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69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez

Waz Going On

Welcome back, listen in as host Zach Clark takes a look at the documentary, 69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez directed by Vikram Gandhi. Zach takes a deep dive into the film and shares his thoughts on how the film was made. Take a listen and once you hear these thoughts watch the film again and be sure to share your thoughts on the film!! Be sure to subscribe and leave a review of the podcast!!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/zach-clark8/support


5 Dec 2020

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Hulu + Vikram Gandhi's 69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez Documentary Review | NERDSoul: #beatsVibesLife

NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek

New Music | Anwar HighSign: https://has-lo.bandcamp.com/album/fleeceNew Music | ARCKATRON: http://arckatron.comNew Music | Parker Lewiz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvhfknqk6N8Fresh Threads / Dé Merch: http://Shop.ThatNERDSoul.com List of Bail Funds for Protestors across the Country: https://bailfunds.github.io/ Well... It's here. Tonight Anwar Highsign, Arckatron & PL Parker Lewiz join me to talk about a step into the life and times of Tekashi69 described on Hulu as Part investigative documentary, part real-life gangster movie, this film unpacks the life of polarizing rap sensation and internet troll Tekashi69, aka 69, while chronicling his meteoric rise and fall from fame. Okay. Let's do this. It's #beatsVibesLife where it's about our favorite albums and the journey they take us on. Stick around to chat music, artists, beats and our favs from all genres! Hulu + Vikram Gandhi's 69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez Documentary Review | NERDSoul: #beatsVibesLife Covering:#NERDSoul #HipHopVikram Gandhi: 69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez by Vikram GandhiNERDSoul *SPOILER Documentary Review* talking shop on Vikram Gandhi's "69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez" on Hulu Special Guests:PL Parker Lewizhttps://instagram.com/parkerpllewiz Anwar HighSignhttps://instagram.com/anwar_highsign Also:Hulu, Vikram Gandhi, Vikram Gandhi 69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez, Hulu Vikram Gandhi 69, 69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez Documentary, The Saga of Danny Hernandez Documentary Review, 69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez Documentary Reaction, 69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez Documentary, Saga of Danny Hernandez Reaction, 69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez Review, 69 Documentary, Hulu 69 Documentary, 69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez Reaction, 69 The Saga of Danny Hernandez Review, Hip Hop, Hip Hop News, Hip Hop Discussion, Parker Lewiz, Anwar Highsign, Arcka, Arckatron, Arckatron Beats, ThatNERDSoul, StreetGeek, NERDSoul, OneYoungsta, KURO Brand | Streetwearhttp://www.KUROBrand.com Arckatronhttp://arckatron.com https://Facebook.com/arckatron https://Instagram.com/arckatron https://Twitter.com/ARCKATRON NERDSoulLe Ill Kid @OneYoungstaNERDSoul Online - http://thatnerdsoul.comMerch - http://shop.thatnerdsoul.comContact - hello@thatnerdsoul.com Become a NERDSoul Patron!Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/ThatNERDSoul On Facebook - https://facebook.com/ThatNERDSoulOn Twitter - https://twitter.com/ThatNERDSoulOn Instagram - https://instagram.com/ThatNERDSoulOn Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/thatnerdsoul ABOUT NERDSoul:NERDSoul, by Le Ill Kid @OneYoungsta, is that intangible fresh--that 70 soul mixed with comics, some sci-fi fantasy, Documentary geekery, topped off with the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I've developed NERDSoul over the years as a StreetGEEK, unknowingly by loving Wu-Tang, Star Wars, Stevie Wonder and playing D&D after school. NERDSoul comes from that StreetGEEK that can chop it up with the best, while being up on game around the block and Pop Culture. NERDSoul is created by Executive Producer Michael Young IIA/V Production by: A Full Tang Design http://afulltang.design Rest in Power Ali Thievez & Kleph Dollaz. Much Love My Brothas.


20 Nov 2020

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#78 - Danny Hernandez on forecasting and the drivers of AI progress

80,000 Hours Podcast with Rob Wiblin

Companies use about 300,000 times more computation training the best AI systems today than they did in 2012 and algorithmic innovations have also made them 25 times more efficient at the same tasks. These are the headline results of two recent papers — AI and Compute and AI and Efficiency — from the Foresight Team at OpenAI. In today's episode I spoke with one of the authors, Danny Hernandez, who joined OpenAI after helping develop better forecasting methods at Twitch and Open Philanthropy. Danny and I talk about how to understand his team's results and what they mean (and don't mean) for how we should think about progress in AI going forward. Links to learn more, summary and full transcript. Debates around the future of AI can sometimes be pretty abstract and theoretical. Danny hopes that providing rigorous measurements of some of the inputs to AI progress so far can help us better understand what causes that progress, as well as ground debates about the future of AI in a better shared understanding of the field. If this research sounds appealing, you might be interested in applying to join OpenAI's Foresight team — they're currently hiring research engineers. In the interview, Danny and I (Arden Koehler) also discuss a range of other topics, including: • The question of which experts to believe • Danny's journey to working at OpenAI • The usefulness of "decision boundaries" • The importance of Moore's law for people who care about the long-term future • What OpenAI's Foresight Team's findings might imply for policy • The question whether progress in the performance of AI systems is linear • The safety teams at OpenAI and who they're looking to hire • One idea for finding someone to guide your learning • The importance of hardware expertise for making a positive impact Get this episode by subscribing to our podcast on the world’s most pressing problems and how to solve them: type 80,000 Hours into your podcasting app. Or read the linked transcript. Producer: Keiran Harris. Audio mastering: Ben Cordell. Transcriptions: Zakee Ulhaq.

2hr 11mins

22 May 2020

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What's on the Menu with Danny Hernandez?

Barely Legal Podcast

Criminal defense giant Danny Hernandez stops by to talk about his storied career as criminal defense royalty, being a hardcore foodie and his take on the current political climate.  Check it out✌️#tampa #barelylegalpodcast


30 Apr 2020

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RSPA Trusted Advisor Ep. 8: Transitioning from VAR to ISV with GBT’s Danny Hernandez and OpSuite’s Brett Bennett

RSPA Trusted Advisor

In Episode 8 of “The Trusted Advisor,” the RSPA’s Jim Roddy interviews Global Business Technologies CEO Danny Hernandez and POSitive Technology/OpSuite President Brett Bennett about how their companies transitioned from VARs to software developers. Among the topics discussed are the importance of owning intellectual property, the biggest challenges for VAR/ISV hybrid organizations, transitioning to a recurring revenue/SaaS business model, and emerging technologies for the grocery, convenience store, and retail verticals. “The Trusted Advisor,” powered by the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), is a content series designed specifically for point of sale resellers and software developers. Our goal is to educate you on the topics of leadership, management, hiring, sales, and other small business best practices. For more insights, visit the RSPA blog at www.GoRSPA.org.


23 Jan 2020

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#7 - Danny Hernandez and 9/11

Doing Too Much

Rich and Ray and special guest Danny Hernandez talk about the UFC's past event, Jade Helm, 9/11, The Denver Airport, and also hear ray freestyle .

1hr 59mins

8 Jun 2015