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08 – England Under William the First, the Norman Conqueror

A Child's History of England by Charles Dickens

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26 Dec 2021

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England Under William the First, the Norman Conqueror

Child's History of England, A by Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870)


8 Jan 2014

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A Norman Conqueror at the bank.

A Cup Of English

You see the strangest people in the most unlikely places sometimes. I was at the bank the other day, making a deposit, when I heard a, "Clomp, clomp, clomp" to my side. I turned to look at the person next to me, and standing there was a Norman soldier. Yes, I'm not kidding! He was completely dressed and ready for battle. I recognized him as Norman because of his helmet which was very round, with a long nose piece. From his neck to the floor was a cloak of chain mail. He had a sword, a helmet, and long leather boots. I laughed, and said, "Well, you don't see that every day, do you?" The bank clerk who was serving the man also smiled. "Could I take your photo for my blogpage?" I asked. He was perfectly happy with my request, and even posed for me. "Actually," I said to him,"could you act like your just getting money out at the bank?" I wanted the photo of this Norman conqueror to be amusing. After having his photo taken, he handed me a flier. It was for the Renaissance fair at the local college. It will have historical characters from many different ages. I think calling it 'Renaissance' is a loose name. There will be archery, costumes of different times, knights fighting, and all that sort of thing. It'll be worth a visit. I'll have to take the kids there because they are obsessed with battles between knights. I'm sure the gentleman I met at the bank had no trouble handing out his fliers. He certainly got plenty of attention being dressed like that. I've seen some very interesting people around town. You can always find one or two people who are dressed outlandishly, or who are shouting at the traffic. A fascinating looking individual who I would love to interview was standing at the bus stop the other day. He was dressed like a wizard, exactly like Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings. Someone like that surely has some stories to tell.Grammar notes.Related vocabulary: unlikely, to make a deposit, to kid, clerk.1. He is the most unlikely man for the job; I don't know if he will have any success at all.2. They made a huge deposit in the bank, and then, a week later, took all the money out.3. She married the same man three times; I'm not kidding!4. The bank clerk is so helpful, much more so than the others.// //


12 Apr 2011