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Building a People-First Company with Natalie Nagele, Wildbit

Beyond 8 Figures

Natalie Nagele, CEO of Wildbit, joins us to discuss building a successful people-first company with a 32 hours workweek. Speaking from her own experiences, as a leading people-first employer, we talk about how you can measure your success as an entrepreneur, how to stay guided by your purpose throughout your entrepreneurial journey, and what it takes to stay committed to your business.  Three things you will learn from this episode:  Why you should think of your business as a tool rather than an end in itself. Whether you should pay yourself as a founder or reinvest to build towards a great exit. How to avoid burnout by setting the optimum pace for the growth of your business.   About our Guest: Natalie Nagele is the co-founder and CEO of Wildbit. Her priority is creating a happy and positive work culture at Wildbit and the world. This stems from her core belief that businesses are tools designed to create a better world for people everywhere.On today’s episode:  Measuring your entrepreneurial journey in decades. - 03:10 How slow growth changed our entrepreneurial vision. - 06:43 Should you service yourself or your business? (the beginning of a people-first philosophy) -09:48 You don’t have to choose between building a lifestyle business or a unicorn business. - 10:16 How important is fundraising to your success as an entrepreneur? (the answer may surprise you). - 12:55 How do you know if your business is moving at the right pace? - 16:01 The cost of doing more than you planned for in your business. - 22:34  A good question to ask yourself instead of comparing yourself to others. -  26:04 Don’t copy, steal: entrepreneurship vs. being a copycat. - 26:52  Should founders pay themselves, or should you reinvest everything in your business? - 29:03 Living your best life BEFORE you sell your business. - 30:03 The trouble with the concept of the entrepreneurial legacy. - 32:22  Check out these companies with People First Jobs. - 36:04 Lesson #1: Using moments of tension as opportunities. - 39:25  Lesson #2: Pay yourself well. - 41:32  Lesson #3: How you impact who you interact with. - 42:49 Key Takeaways:  Entrepreneurs should look at and evaluate their lives in decades because it takes a decade to build and scale.  Building your business outside trend bubbles can make you stand out and not stick to the trends. When your business plateaus, it is crucial to reevaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is an excellent opportunity to evaluate what your long-term goals are.  It is becoming much easier to start a business and gain traction, especially in terms of cost.  Entrepreneurship is not about fundraising. It is about building value for customers and finding ways to do that in which you are making more than you spend. Frequent change in your business makes you lose out on so much momentum. You must set priorities and stick to them instead of measuring yourself against others.  Hero worship is ultimately going to fail you. You are better off measuring against yourself than you measure yourself against others.  As an entrepreneur, you have to keep assessing how your company fits within who you are and what your goals are in life.  Paying yourself as a founder secures your commitment to building a meaningful business. It ensures that you would not leave your business behind for ‘the next big thing.’  Paying yourself well is the best way to keep yourself engaged in your business.  Building a people-first company while providing a good life to your family: [31:27] “I tell the team this all the time: if this business gets harder, and I make less money, it does not make sense. Which it doesn’t, like why would I do that? And that’s Ok. But I’m not torturing my team, and I do that while simultaneously providing 32 hour work weeks. I’m not embarrassed to say that out loud because I believe you can equally do both things: you can build a people-first company while also providing wealth for your family.”  How do you think building a people-first company would improve your life balance as an entrepreneur? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to say hello if you would like to share your entrepreneurship story on our podcast. Connect with Natalie Nagele: LinkedIn: @natalie-nagele Twitter: @natalienagele People First Jobs: https://peoplefirstjobs.com/ Wildbit: https://wildbit.com/ Connect with A.J.Lawrence: Website: ajlawrence.com Email: aj@b8fpodcast.com Instagram: @ajlawrence LinkedIn: A.J. Lawrence Twitter: @ajlawrence Medium: @a.j.lawrence Follow Beyond 8 Figures: Website: Beyond8Figures.com Twitter: @beyond8figures  Facebook: Beyond 8 Figures Instagram:@b8fpodcast Email: team@b8fpodcast.com


30 Jun 2021

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How to build a business you actually enjoy - Natalie Nagele, Wildbit

Indie Bites

Natalie Nagele is the co-founder of Wildbit, the company behind Postmark, Beanstalk, People-First Jobs and more. Wildbit has just turned 20 years old, so Natalie knows exactly what it takes to grow and scale successful bootstrapped businesses. What makes Natalie so interesting to me is that she’s in the group of seriously successful indie hackers (over 100k customers, around for 20 years, pretty large team etc.) and they’re still indie very much living by their own rules.What we covered in this episode: What would you tell yourself 20 years ago before starting Wildbit? How do you find work that you enjoy and fulfils you? How much time should you spend on hobbies vs your business? At what point is a hobby a business and vice versa? How to get into deep workCal Newport, Deep Work How many hours you can actually work in a day How much should you work on your business? Why you need to take time to step back and think How much is Natalie working now? How do you fit work in with the stuff you enjoy? Work life balance Recommendations Book: Anti-fragile Podcast: 99% Invisible Indie Hacker: Chris Savage + Brendan Schwartz Follow Natalie Twitter Wildbit Follow Me Twitter Indie Bites Twitter Personal Website Buy A Wallet Thanks to this episode's sponsor, ChurnkeyIt can be a huge challenge to keep churn down when your SaaS product starts to see traction. The founders of Churnkey know exactly how much of a challenge this can be, having collectively grown three SaaS companies to over $4m in ARR.They realized that they were thinking about cancellations all wrong. A relationship with a customer doesn’t stop with the “Cancel” button. So they built Churnkey, which reduces churn by up to 42% with custom cancellation flows. For every customer who clicks “Cancel,” Churnkey offers up dynamic offers that encourage customers to stay subscribed.Just connect Stripe and plug in a small bit of code. In minutes, you’ll be reducing churn by immediately unlocking subscription pauses, dynamic offers, and cancellation insights. See how much revenue Churnkey can recover for you. Visit churnkey.co to start your free trial.


20 Mar 2021

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People Over Profit with Natalie Nagele, CEO & Co-Founder of Wildbit

Better Product

You can grow a profitable company while prioritizing people. Sometimes that means killing off a product.  At least that’s what Natalie Nagele, Co-founder and CEO of Wildbit, believes. And for the past 20 years of building products, this bet made early on remains true. Wildbit is behind popular products, like Beanstalk and Postmark.  In this conversation, Natalie shares how they decided to kill off a profitable product, why passion is the key to success, and how above all else, culture drives innovation.


18 Mar 2021

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S4 Bonus: Natalie Nagele, Wildbit

Code Story

Natalie Nagele came to the states in 1989 as a Jewish refugee from Russia. She watched her parents go from nothing and utilizing furniture from trash, to building big businesses and supporting their family.She met Chris, her husband when she was 18. And they have been working together ever since, as he is the co-founder of their business. They have 2 kids together, and love to travel - specifically to the Caribbean, since it is a quick flight from Philly (and of course, its warm). Despite that, she would love to live in Italy one day.Their company started off as a remote consulting company, but launched their first product in 2003 - and they were immediately hooked. In 2009, they stopped doing client work and focused solely on products. And haven't looked back in 20 years.This is the creation story of Wildbit.SponsorsUnidragonWyld GalleryLinksWebsite: https://wildbit.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalie-nagele-b9aa42/Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts Amazing tools we use:If you want the best publishing platform for your podcast, with amazing support & people - use Transistor.fmWant to record your remote interviews with class? Then, you need to use Squadcast.Code Story uses the 1-click product ClipGain, sign up now to get 3hrs of podcast processing time FREECredits: Code Story is hosted and produced by Noah Labhart. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Play, Breaker, Youtube, or the podcasting app of your choice.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/code-story/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands


4 Feb 2021

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#30 Natalie Nagele: Building a people-first company at Wildbit

Make Things That Matter

This is the first episode released under the new name of the show, Make Things That Matter! If you're curious, listen to ep29 for more on the rebranding.For the transcript and full episode notes/resources, go to: https://bit.ly/3nwvyfXAnd if you have a moment, I’d love it if you could give me a little feedback via this SurveyMonkey link. (It only takes one minute.)Click here to directly email Andrew your questions, comments, and feedback! He reads everything that is sent in (click 'Allow' if you get a popup): connect@makethingsthatmatter.comYou can submit your own audio questions at https://www.speakpipe.com/andrewskotzkoIf you enjoy the podcast, please consider subscribing and leaving a rating/review. It really helps!


17 Nov 2020

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Natalie Nagele - Shifting the Focus from Business to People

The Curious Cult

In this episode, I chat with Natalie Nagele, co-founder and CEO of Wildbit, a company which puts people at the forefront of businesses. With 20 years running the company, has a wealth of experience in starting things and learning along the way. She and Wldbit are shifting the focus in business: Prioritising people and developing a business culture to support individuals and promote healthy work habits. If you want to get in touch with Natalie or find out more about Wildbit’s new brand which has a tremendous amount of content about starting a business, on Twitter, or head to Wildbit’s website. --------------------------------------------------- 👉 Subscribe to my newsletter: https://nicharalambous.com/start-something-newsletter 👉 Start a Slow-Hustle - https://slow-hustle.com 👉 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nicharry 👉 Add me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicharalambous


16 Nov 2020

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Creating a People-First Workplace with Natalie Nagele

Talking Too Loud with Chris Savage

Wildbit’s team is behind Beanstalk, Postmark, and other brilliant software known for removing common pain points in developers’ processes. With 28 team members across five countries (15 cities) working on multi-million dollar products, Natalie’s proving that you can grow a profitable business while focusing on shorter work days, an enjoyable work-from-anywhere environment, and staying small. Links to learn more about Natalie Nagele:Wildbit Wildbit Twitter Wildbit LinkedIn Natalie’s Twitter Natalie’s LinkedIn Follow us:twitter.com/wistia Subscribe:wistia.com/series/talking-too-loud Love what you heard? Leave us a review!Relevant LinksIn an effort to help folks looking to find companies with a healthy approach to work, Natalie’s team launched People-First Jobs, which is a curated list of companies looking for motivated people with similar values. Take a look! We want to hear from you! Write in and let us know what you think about the show, who you’d want us to interview on future episodes, and any feedback you have for our team.


29 Sep 2020

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#167 – The Most Sensible Debate on Hustle Culture and Work-Life Balance with Natalie Nagele and DHH

Indie Hackers

If you want to build a successful business, you have to be ready to work 24/7/365 to have a shot at success… or do you? Both Natalie Nagele and DHH bootstrapped their internet businesses to millions in revenue, yet they took different paths to get there, with DHH only putting in a small number of hours vs Natalie who ate, slept, and breathed her job as a founder in the early days. In this episode we discuss whether or not DHH's approach is truly repeatable for others trying to get their businesses off the ground, the limits to human productivity and happiness, and the role that society and hustle culture in  shaping how we feel about our work as founders.

1hr 52mins

24 Jul 2020

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Natalie Nagele from Wildbit: Planning a People-First Offsite Experience

More Beach Meetings

In today’s episode, we sit down with Natalie Nagale from Wildbit to discuss the importance of team retreats, how they use a people-first perspective to structure their offsite experiences, and the ways Wildbit is supporting workers in connecting with like-minded companies in other industries.


5 Jun 2020

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Ep 2: Keeping the Fun in your Buisness Life (with Natalie Nagele)

Business of Software Podcast

This week we have Natalie Nagele - CEO and Co-Founder of Wildbit. Natalie is striving to prove that you can grow your business whilst ensuring developers aren't spending time in the weeds of process, infrastructure, and communication. Their products and customers allow them to do the best work of their lives - design, code, and ship brilliant software, Recorded at Business of Software Conference USA 2017 in Boston, MA. To listen to more BoS Talks, go to https://businessofsoftware.org/videos.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/business-of-software/message


28 Jan 2020