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084 Work Less to Make More: The Hot Seat with Claire Pelletreau

Hello Seven Podcast

Join us this week as we talk numbers, details, and all things juicy, and I coach Claire on her business and finances. Claire shares her story about how she ended up in digital marketing, what she has implemented from We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club and how this has impacted her business, and her advice to anybody considering joining The Club. Get full show notes and more information here: https://helloseven.co/84

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22 Apr 2021

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EP05: Coming Back from a 2-Year Hiatus with Claire Pelletreau of The Get Paid Podcast

Podcast Ally

Remember when you got that perm that you'd been dreaming of and strutted around town proudly, even though it had more of a rat's nest vibe than a Madonna vibe? Or even better, remember when you got those parachute pants that you'd been eyeing at the mall and saved up all your babysitting money for? That hair and those pants were SO COOL to you at the time, but now you look back at the old pictures of yourself and can't help but laugh at yourself and wonder, What was I thinking? All of us grow and change every year — not just in our style preferences, but in every aspect of life. So if our tastes are constantly evolving, why do so many of us expect the same podcasting style and business model to work for us forever? On Podcast Ally, we invited Claire Pelletreau of The Get Paid Podcast to talk about how she changed her podcast after a brutally honest conversation she had with a friend about her show and content. Claire goes in detail about: Why she pressed pause on her podcast How it felt to come back 2 years later The difficult conversation that sparked changes that made her podcast and business stronger than ever The steps she took to make her podcast more impactful and intentional after her hiatus Where the idea for her show came from How she gets her guests comfortable with opening up about their finances. Please check out The Get Paid Podcast at www.clairepells.com/podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts. And if you’re interested about Claire’s work as a Facebook and Instagram ads consultant, you can watch her masterclass, the 5 ad formula for selling online courses on autopilot, at www.clairepells.com/5ads/.


15 Sep 2020

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EP 37: How to Be Successful WITHOUT the Hustle featuring Claire Pelletreau

Work Less, Earn More

Imagine this: you can be a totally lazy entrepreneur yet create amazing, high-quality work and accomplish everything you want in business—and more. And I don’t mean lazy in a negative way. I actually consider myself a pretty lazy person. Yet given the current hustle culture, being a lazy entrepreneur probably sounds hilarious at best and an impossibility at worse. So how on earth can you be a successful entrepreneur and be lazy at the same time? Most importantly, creating high-quality work is at the top. Being smart about where you spend your time is key, too. And, sometimes, running Facebook ads is the most efficient way to engage potential customers and sell your work. In this episode, I’m chatting with Claire Pelletreau who is a self-proclaimed lazy entrepreneur. She’s also a Facebook and Instagram ad consultant, teacher, conversion optimization expert, and creator of Absolute FB Ads. Claire spends her days writing about Facebook and Instagram ads, troubleshooting ad problems with her students, and managing campaigns for 7 and 8 figure business owners. She specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads that sell online courses and programs, but she’ll happily geek out with you on ways to test advertising for any type of business. Claire also LOVES talking about money—profit, loss, the whole shebang. She asks her guests how much they charge—and how much they earn—on her show, the Get Paid Podcast. Listen to the full episode to hear: Why social media may not be worth your time or effort Strategies Claire uses to consistently *make sales* without big launches or constantly posting on social Why spending money on ads makes sense... even if you're only breaking even How Claire has maximized the results she's gotten from investing in copywriting services Learn more about Claire Pelletreau: Clairepells.com Connect with Claire on Instagram The Get Paid Podcast Learn more about Gillian: Join Startup Society (promo code: earnmore) Profit Planning Challenge Get in touch! Other resources from this episode: Natalie Taylor from The Missing Ink


14 Sep 2020

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Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List, with Claire Pelletreau

Content Heroes

#44: Claire Pelletreau is a Facebook and Instagram ads expert and host of the Get Paid Podcast.In this episode we cover how to run paid ads to grow your email list, what is and isn't working in facebook ads today, and the three biggest mistakes rookies make when running their first ads.If you're the type of person wants to get more customer with Facebook ads without wasting a ton of time and money, you'll definitely want to listen to this episode.Show notes and episode transcript at contentheroes.com/44Get the Content Heroes Book ☝️ Get a FREE copy of THE Content Marketing Book of the Year!Join Content Heroes Podcast Community ☝️Join our community for more resources, behind-the-scenes, and connect with other Content Creators.


11 Aug 2020

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98. Bigger Isn't Always Better with Claire Pelletreau

Jereshia Said

This episode features the wonderful Claire Pelletreau, someone who has truly created her ideal lifestyle as her business has grown. She focuses on consistent quality over potentially burdensome growth, proving that bigger isn’t always better. Claire is all about Facebook and Instagram ads. While she may run the occasional client ad campaign, her core offerings consist of a course to get people running their own Facebook ads, and a mentorship program for those that want to grow a business running ads for clients. While working full-time at an info-product business, Claire gained all the expertise and confidence she needed to start her own business. Initially hustling for clients, over time she understood the true value of her worth, growing her business to six-figures and beyond. After enjoying this episode, I highly recommend you check out my episode on her excellent podcast, The Get Paid Podcast.   Key Highlights of the Episode This episode was extremely actionable and insightful. Here are a few key highlights: Working with multiples - Claire sells online courses AND runs a mentorship program, she launched because her course clients wanted more. This allowed Claire to charge premium prices. However raising your rates and enrolling clients at your raised rates are two different things. Claire’s mentorship program is hugely transformational for the members because they gain access to her expertise and a whole community for support. Be an authority and have confidence in your abilities - When working with a client, Claire clearly sets expectations from the beginning. She has such confidence in her expertise that if a client experiences challenges, they trust and rely on her expert explanations without second guessing. Set your boundaries - Claire has given herself the freedom to be flexible in how she serves clients. She prioritizes her lifestyle over business growth. She doesn’t want the burden of running an agency and only chooses to work with a client if she feels their values align. Focus on your core offerings - Even though Claire focuses her efforts on her two successful core products it wasn’t always that way. She remembers creating other things that seemed like a good idea and after expensive launches, realized that no one wanted them. Know when to slow down and when to speed up - “If you’re on the beach, shouldn’t you just enjoy the beach?” Claire knows how to appreciate family and vacation time and points out that it’s a totally different world when you have a kid. There’s a time to speed up, for example, if a client is about to launch a new product, and there’s a time to slow down and focus on life. And lots more! Tune in now.   This episode is brought to you by SERVICES THAT SELL: This episode was brought to you by my premium program, Services that Sell.  If you've been thinking about niching down and creating a four-figure service that you can sell consistently, And if you have been searching for a simple way to sell your services without a complicated funnel, I encourage you to sign up for my FREE masterclass at  www.jereshiahawk.com/raiseyourrates. I'll make sure you know everything you need to gain the clarity you crave to confidently sell your services online.  Visit  www.jereshiahawk.com/raiseyourrates to register for the next masterclass training today!


1 Jul 2020

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Facebook Ads with Claire Pelletreau

Savvy Social Podcast

Knowing your audience is crucial for any business owner but how you reach your audience is just as important. Whether you’re feeling unsure if Facebook ads are for you or you’re ready to dive into the online ads world, Claire Pelletreau has fantastic advice to make sure you spend your time and money wisely.  Claire joins me and talks about all things Facebook ads, the easiest types of ads to start with, how to know if you’re even ready for ads, and how Facebook ads are kind of like Viagra if you’re eager to give your business a boost!   In this podcast episode, we share:  Claire’s experience working with Facebook ads and starting her own ads service  What to consider before you start spending money on Facebook ads  Two types of spending on ads: Money and Time Ad types that are great for beginners   Tips for podcasters to leverage ads to get more listeners Recommendations for tools to set up and manage ads  Caution for those ready to run ads for clients  Advice for anyone ready to start using Facebook ads or offering it as a service Memorable Quotes:  “...You should only spend money on ads when you’re already making money in your business...”  “If you’re not closing the sales calls that you’re having, there might be a messaging issue or a pain point thing you haven’t identified, ads aren’t really going to fix that.” “Facebook ads are like Viagra; they’re definitely going to give you a lift but they’re not gonna make you good in bed.” “If you have the money to spend on ads, great! But realize you might be spending it just to get the data and not to get results.”  “People can come with this idea of putting in a dollar and getting two back every time, and that just isn’t always the case.”  About Claire: Claire Pelletreau is a Facebook and Instagram ad consultant, teacher and conversion optimization expert. She spends her days writing about Facebook and Instagram ads, troubleshooting ad problems with her students, and managing campaigns for 7 and 8 figure business owners. She specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads that sell online courses and programs, but she’ll happily geek out with you on ways to test advertising for any type of business. Claire also LOVES talking about money - profit, loss, the whole shebang. She asks her guests how much they charge - and how much they earn - on her show, the Get Paid Podcast. Connect with Claire: Get Paid Podcast Website Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Links Mentioned: FREE 5 Facebook Ads Webinar  Absolute FB Ads Course   This Episode Is Made Possible By: Traject Social (formerly Social Report): The world’s most complete social media management platform and my social media management tool of choice. Savvy Social School: Everything you need to increase visibility, growth, and engagement on social media


21 Apr 2020

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How Do You Get Paid with Claire Pelletreau

Rebel Uprising

Hey rebels, this week Claire Pelletreau joins me on The Rebel Rising Podcast. Claire is one of my own favorite podcasters, and a rebellious entrepreneur that I've looked up to and learned a lot from myself. Today we talk about the journey of her podcast and it's own transformation, as well as how she uses her show to grow her list and her income. More importantly, Claire shares why she's rebelling against shiny happy marketing and how she's trying to create less bullshit in the world. Visit this episode's blog post here: https://drmichellemazur.com/2020/03/how-do-you-get-p…laire-pelletreau.html


3 Mar 2020

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Building a Profitable Course, Podcast + Client List like Jasmine Star w/ Claire Pelletreau

Brand With Bite

Claire Pelletreau is a straight up go-getter who’s so busy she’s having to turn away clients, has a killer course and runs the amazing, no BS “Get Paid Podcast”. In this no-fluff interview, you’re going to hear exactly how Claire went from fired to a skyrocketed Facebook & Instagram ad business with clients like Jasmine Star & Brooke Castillo.  Especially if you have mindset blocks around what’s possible or find yourself juggling different business ideas, this chat is a MUST listen.  Go for a walk or make your next drive more productive - pop in your earbuds and join this conversation to hear: Claire’s ongoing juggle between both 1:1 work and group courses + programs How much Claire charges per month and why (even though at 4-figures) this can be a *distraction* from bigger money makers The role star power has actually played in Claire’s business (names like Jasmine Star + Brooke Castillo) Claire’s struggle with asking for feedback and what mindset shifts did for her second launch One of the biggest milestones in Claire’s business, that ended with tears in a closet The channel Claire is NOW testing to drive more traffic The surprising word Claire adores *that’s different from almost anyone else the show’s ever had!* As shared:WANNA TAKE YOUR BRAND AND WEBSITE TO THE A-LIST LEVEL?!MY ACTUALLY-FUN, GET S*** DONE PROGRAM IS NOW OPEN:  → WEBSITE COPY CATALYST IN MERE WEEKS, HONE YOUR CLIENT MAGNETIZING MESSAGE, UNIQUE BRAND VOICE AND HAVE YOUR WEBSITE PAGES ALL WRITTEN -- DONE!  ONLY OPEN JAN 31 - FEB 9, 2020  LEARN MORE AND SEIZE CHANCE WHILE YOU CAN -  https://allisonevelyn.com/copy-catalyst 


4 Feb 2020

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152: Simplifying Facebook Ads with Claire Pelletreau

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Ep 152: Simplifying Facebook Ads with Claire Pelletreau Description: Facebook ads can be an incredibly powerful tool, if done well, but it can be tricky to navigate. What kinds of ads are effective? How can you target your audience effectively? How much should you spend on ads? Claire Pelletreau has the answers to these questions and more. Claire is a Facebook and Instagram ads consultant, and host of the Get Paid Podcast where she asks tough money questions. By using a process of data gathering, analysis, strategy, and experimentation, Claire helps clients get real results from Facebook ads, and prides herself on simplifying the complex Facebook and Instagram advertising for her clients. She offers clients Done-For-You Ad Management and in-depth consultations, as well as FB ads courses and other resources for those looking to DIY their Facebook ads.In this deep-dive interview about Facebook ads, Claire shares her expertise on how to use Facebook ads to target a location specific audience, the difference between doing ads yourself and hiring someone, and why video ads may be the most effective type of ads for yoga teachers.  This episode is perfect for everyone, from someone who’s been dabbling in FB ads and wants to make the most of their ad dollars to the beginner who wants to know how to use paid advertising to boost their business. Key Takeaways: [7:09] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode - Claire Pelletreau. [10:19] Claire makes a case for why Facebook ads are not just a good way to get new clients, but also to get back time. [13:25] Claire walks through the process of re-targeting visitors to your website. [16:09] Why are there dips and peaks in terms of site traffic and conversions and leads? [18:18] How can yoga teachers get started with Facebook ads? [21:42] Claire and Shannon discuss what a video ad would look like with an example. [26:26] What are some of Claire's tips for what makes a good video ad? [29:10] What are some of Shannon's hesitations when it comes to putting out Facebook ads? Claire addresses some of her concerns. [32:32] Does Claire recommend doing ads for freebies? [33:58] Claire and Shannon dive into how Shannon's podcast makes her money, and how to track different lead magnets from podcast episodes. [39:57] What is Claire's recommendation for a video ad strategy? [43:05] What should your budget be for Facebook ads, and how do you choose your audience? [47:05] Claire highlights some of the things that Facebook doesn't allow in ads. [49:28] Step 1: Get a tracking pixel on your website! [50:23] What are some of Claire's offerings to help people with Facebook ads? [55:04] Shannon shares her one action step from this interview. What's yours? Links: Claire Pelletreau The Get Paid Podcast Claire Pelletreau on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Nanaco on Instagram Consultation Call with Shannon Useful Resources from Claire How to Set Up Facebook's Pixel on Wordpress/Squarespace How to Set Up Facebook Retargeting Ads How to Target Facebook Ads (Set up Pixels) Conversion Tracking Pixels vs. Retargeting Pixels 5-Part Ad Formula Facebook Ad Copy: 5 Steps to More Conversions Absolute FB Ads Roadmap Instagram Story Ads: Why I'm Obsessed + How to Set Them Up Toronto Yoga Conference April 2020 Gratitude to our Sponsor Schedulicity and Yoga for Pelvic Health Teacher Training Quotes from this episode: "It's so funny how a bigger investment just makes us think that something's going to be better." - Claire "You're working really hard to get in front of people, then let Facebook and Instagram ads repeatedly put you in front of them." - Claire "One of the best ways to really spend a small budget is by putting video ads in front of brand new audiences." - Claire "I think video is probably THE tactic to do for 1:1s in particular." - Claire "If you're struggling to get people to buy to begin with, Facebook ads is not going to fix that." - Claire "Identify the objections, and then create content that helps people get over them." - Claire


20 Jan 2020

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389: How to Get Over Self-Sabotage and Increase Your Take Home Pay by 20 with Claire Pelletreau

The Strategy Hour Podcast: Online Business | Blogging | Productivity - with Think Creative Collective

Today on the podcast our guest is Claire Pelletreau, a Facebook add and conversion optimization expert. Her genius involves brainstorming, strategizing, training and overseeing aspects of add spend for her clients – but that’s not what we’re picking her brain for today. We hear her take on what it means to show up in your business and focus on things that increase profits. We also talk about the nagging sense that you’re not growing as you ought to in your business and those things that lead to self-sabotage. If you’ve ever suffered from imposter syndrome, this episode offers you loads of questions and points of consideration that will help you to move past those gnarly mindsets. Thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate and review The Strategy Hour Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. For show notes go to thestrategyhour.com. To download the transcript of this episode head to: thestrategyhour.com.


12 Dec 2019