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Chris Spurvey - Selling Entrepreneurship

The Authentic Networker Podcast: Hosted By Richard Bliss Brooke

Chris Spurvey consciously chose entrepreneurship as a way to create a better life for his family. Yet there was one giant hurdle blocking his path to success: the negative way people view sales. He knew this was a problem, not just for his own business, but for the businesses of virtually every other entrepreneur. (Can you relate??) So he found a way to sell that felt right and went on to focus on helping other “non-sales sellers” grow their revenues –consistently and without all the stress!


12 Feb 2021

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238 = Chris Spurvey - Cultivating the Sales Mindset

The Today's Leader Podcast

Welcome to # 238 of The Today's Leader PodcastToday's guest is Chris Spurvey, the author of It's Time to Sell Cultivating the Sales Mindset, Chris has a great history of sales and now helps businesses globally working through their sales process founded on their value proposition.The conversation is incredibly and eye-opening for me, personally as sales is not a comfortable process for many, including me. During our conversation Chris shares some tips that you can apply immediately in your business. defining that everyone is a sales process, the sales disqualification process, making sales a habit, and transformative selling.Chris can be contacted at https://www.chrisspurvey.com/​Resources available at https://www.chrisspurvey.com/resources​Check out all of our episodes at http://todaysleaders.com.au/In today’s disruptive world, good leadership skills will always stand you in great stead. If you are looking to build better leadership skills, consider our sponsors. Think & Grow Business and the Coach Curl Academy.Think & Grow Business the home of the Think & Grow Business Mastermind, where we focus on personal, professional, and business growth. Check out thinkandgrowbusiness.com.auThe Coach Curl Academy has over 75 programs to help you build a better you. Join for just $1 for the first month. The Academy that equips you and enhances your mindset, leadership, and business. Check it out at thecoachcurlacademy.comYou are standing Stronger, Braver, and Wiser. Don’t forget the golden rule – Don t be an A-Hole


16 Sep 2020

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The Sales Success Mentality - How to Win at Selling Through Better Thinking with Chris Spurvey

Marketing Sales & Advertising - The Business Firm

Being successful at sales is partly tactical, but largely mental. A sales person's attitude and mentality largely determines their approach to selling and much of their financial performance. In this episode Chris Spurvey teaches us how he has helped thousands of business people grow their business by adopting a specific sales system and the correct emotional approach to selling. Learn how the most powerful sales people in the world think about selling. This is a must listen to interview that can change the course of a business' commercial success.  Hosted by Mr Steven Mario Cavallo CEO, The Business Firm www.thebusinessfirm.com.au Chris Spurvey www.chrisspurvey.com For more quality sales & marketing content watch our videos on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW7VTAWRMc9VJuHLCoqm1QA Watch a free webinar on marketing and business growth: http://www.thebusinessfirm.com.au/webinars.html Learn more about Steven Mario Cavallo, Founder of The Business Firm: http://www.thebusinessfirm.com.au/steven-cavallo-s.html Steven Mario Cavallo is available to speak and present at events on the topics of marketing, sales, economic development, fundraising and business growth. 

1hr 24mins

17 Jul 2020

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Chris Spurvey - You are Your Most Important Customer

The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps

Listen: if you go into sales thinking it's sleazy and pushy, it's going to affect how you perceive it. There are some excellent salespeople out there who love what they do because they seek first to serve. Today's guest, Chris Spurvey, is one of those people. We talk about what it means to create a vision and a story not just for your potential clients, but also to share with yourself, and rewire yourself with affirmations that create the right environment to make sales successful. Turns out you are your most important customer! Find more about Chris at www.chrisspurvey.com and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisspurvey/ ...and as always, enjoy the listen.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/archdevops/support


14 Jul 2020

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Episode #301 with Chris Spurvey - Human to Human Selling

Rise Up For You

ABOUT: Chris Spurvey has sold over $300 million in consulting services. His focus is on helping other “non-sales sellers” find a way to grow their revenue in a consistent, stress-free manner. Chris published, “It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mindset”, founded MyRevenueRoom.com and today is a growth advisor to business owners and their management teams throughout the world. STAY CONNECTED: www.chrisspurvey.com https://www.myrevenueroom.com/bundles/community https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisspurvey/ Thank you again for joining us today! If you know anybody that would benefit from this episode please share it with them and help spread the knowledge and motivation. Don’t forget to show your support for the Rise Up For You Podcast by writing a review on iTunes. Your feedback helps the success of our show and pushes us to continuously be better! Check out www.riseupforyou.com for more podcast episodes, webinars, events, and more to help you get to the next level in your personal and professional life! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube @riseupforyou


26 Jun 2020

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Chris Spurvey – The Ambivert Advantage – How to Sell When You Don’t Like Sales (AoL 176)

The Angles of Lattitude Podcast: Learn from the Successes of the Creatively Self Employed

For many people, the main reason they don't start a business is simply because they don't want to (or feel they can't) sell. In fact, many of the most successful books in business are those that teach the reader how to sell. And interestingly, many of those books teach tactics that reinforce the reader's perspective of sales. This perspective being that sales is all about bypassing objections that a potential buyer would have.However, what I've learned in the last few years is that sales, when done right, is more about adding value or service to someone who needs a particular solution. Meaning that, if you're looking to develop a sales process, it needs to include a phase where you can ask questions from the potential buyer. It also needs to include a point where you suggest the solution based on the buyer's needs. And then, if they need help, they'll ask for it.This session's guest, Chris Spurvey, is all about that process. And, in fact, he suggests that ambiverts, who are people who aren't quite extroverts or introverts are the best equipped to do sales.Interestingly enough, most people who can't think of doing sales the "traditional" way, are, in fact, ambiverts.In this session, we learn from Chris why ambiverts like him, have this special power to be super successful at giving people what they want.If you've dreaded sales in the past because you don't want to come across as being sleezy or pushy, then this chat is one you don't want to miss.Enjoy!SPECIFICALLY, YOU’LL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT:How did Chris get over his initial perspective on sales? 12:19If someone wants to change their perspective on how to sell, what kind of mindset shift would help directly with that? 19:21What does he think about the concept of people trying to do the smallest amount of work for the greatest ROI when it comes to their effectiveness as a business owner? 25:34Why does Chris believe business systems are so important? 29:04What was the decision process like for Chris to write a book even though he didn't see himself as an author? 33:25Does he have advice for those who feel they're being pressed to write a book but they don't feel that they're an author at heart? 37:50What's Chris' pandemic pivot looking like and what has him excited about it? 40:27Which song, book, and film would he add to the national curriculum? 44:55Is there something he's been recently learning about he's excited to start implementing? 46:52What's something he'd like to do in his lifetime that no one knows about? 48:04Is there something that's changed his life for under $100? 48:50What's the secret to achieving personal freedom? 49:48ITEMS and PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Chris Online: Website, LinkedIn, YouTubeCohost: Veronica KirinPowered By: Uncover Your Personal MissionGregory Diehl AoL PodcastReiss Motivation ProfileAndy Dix AoL InterviewThe Greatest Networker in the WorldMach2 with your Hair on Fire - Richard BrookBlueprint your Bestseller - Book Architecture MethodI Remember You - Skid RowShawshank RedemptionEvernoteRight click here and save-as to download this episode to your computer.SHOW NOTE EXTRAS:How to Sell - Business Begins When You Start a ConversationMake Potential Clients More Invested in the Buying ProcessWhat Your Customers are Actually Buying from You3 Tips How to Break out of A SlumpThanks for Listening!Thanks so much for joining us again this week. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Leave a note in the comment section below!If you enjoyed this episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the top of the post.Also, please leave an honest review for The AoL Podcast on iTunes! Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the rankings of the show, and we read each and every one of them.If you have any questions feel free to email them over via the email mentioned in the show or by our contact form.


8 Jun 2020

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152: Effective tips for people in non-traditional sales roles with Chris Spurvey

Predictable Revenue Podcast

On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, co-host Collin Stewart welcomes Chris Spurvey, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of Chris Spurvey Sales Growth Consulting. Chris has been leading sales, in one for or another, his entire career: from a burgeoning design startup in college, to a sizable IT consulting firm, and, finally, at KPMG.  Throughout the pod, Collin and Chris discuss how to build and evolve critical sales skills for those who never thought they’d be salespeople. Highlights include: Chris’ journey (5:55), the importance of a positive mindset in sales (13:55), re-framing sales (18:38), The Ladder (26:33), how to ask for referrals (34:23), and cold call Collin (47:38).


14 May 2020

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EP192: Chris Spurvey – What You Need To Know About Sales Conversations

The Successful Bookkeeper Podcast

Sales. It’s a tough task for many introverted bookkeeping business owners, but when mastered, it can unlock an income stream that you wouldn’t have had before. Today’s guest is an expert in having sales conversations that convert. Chris Spurvey is also an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host and the author of the book, It's Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set. During this interview, you'll discover... The different conversation tactics you can use with your prospects The importance of asking the first question and how to reply with a question that could generate a high energy response How you can master the Diagnostic Conversation To find out more about Chris, visit https://www.thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com.


12 May 2020

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Catch Chris Spurvey on the PirateBroadcast


Today on the #PirateBroadcast Russ Johns talks with Chris Spurvey. Chris’ mission and journeys are about helping entrepreneurs become better sales people. He gives an example of reading his journal and tracing his fingers along the images of things that are part of his goals and says that it helps become your goal, it helps you produce ideas, thoughts, feelings and helps you move forward in the future in the direction of your goals.


10 Apr 2020

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127 | Chris Spurvey | How I Scaled and Sold My Consulting Business to KPMG

Leaders Of Tomorrow Podcast

In today’s show, we interview Chris Spurvey, Founder, Chris Spurvey Sales Growth Consulting Inc., and Plato Consulting Inc. This show starts with Chris sharing an interesting anecdote from his childhood. Back in 1983, Chris recalls how an Electrolux salesman managed to sell a $3,000 vacuum cleaner to his parents using manipulative sales techniques. Chris shares how we have gravitated towards a more positive and long-term sales philosophy. Have you noticed that sales are the first crucial aspect of business that we ignore once we get busy? So, what are some simple hacks for sticking to a consistent and effective sales strategy? Topics discussed in this segment of the show include the importance of celebrating small wins, avoiding analysis paralysis, and time blocking. The next segment of the show is about Chris’s business, Plato Consulting Inc. which was eventually acquired by KPMG. How did Chris manage to grow his consulting business to a 75-person operation? What are some of the main challenges that solo consultants face as they attempt to scale up their business? We discuss how he aimed for geographical diversification for sustained growth. Additionally, Chris shares how he managed to develop and sell a data masking tool at Plato. Today, Chris helps growth mindset entrepreneurs achieve their moon-shot goals. The last segment of the show is full of nuggets for aspiring and young entrepreneurs. What did Chris have to change about himself as he went from being a college student to an entrepreneur? How can you create a life that aligns with your vision? Topics discussed include cultivating a healthy attitude towards money, the importance of good health and consistency. We wrap up this show by sharing some crucial attributes that define a leader of tomorrow. We hope you enjoy this show! Resources: Chris Spurvey’s Website A Time To Sell Vivid Vision Student Works Chris Thomson LinkedIn Chris’s Email


31 Mar 2020