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Dr Jason Wilson on Charlottesville & Biden

Yeah Nah Pasaran!

Our semi-regular US correspondent Jason Wilson checks in to reflect on the five year anniversary of Charlottesville, plus his prediction that Trump will never run for President again.

13 Oct 2022

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The Gangsters Son - Jason Wilson Tells His Story

Anything Goes with James English

Anything Goes with James English Ep/277The Gangsters Son - Jason Wilson Tells His StoryYou can contact James English on his social media platforms ⬇️⬇️http://instagram.com/jamesenglish2http://twitter.com/jamesenglish0 Sound Edited by Stephen Pettigrewhttps://www.facebook.com/shinersp/https://soundcloud.com/shinersp Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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9 Sep 2022

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Embracing Emotions for a More Christ-Like Perspective: Dr. Gary Chapman and Jason Wilson

Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

Emotions can be a sticky topic for Christians. While most of us know having a healthy range of emotions is good for us and those we love, we are often dissuaded from leaning too much into our emotions or feelings for the fear of becoming swept away by them, and distracted from our calling. But Jesus shows us a true picture of how emotions can give us perspective and language for relating to ourselves and others. He shows the gamut of emotions from anger to those who are exploiting the things of God for their own gain, to compassion for the Samaritan woman at the well who had been discarded by her people (John 4 NIV). Jesus exemplified how our emotions can inform us as to how we show up in the world, and having a healthy balance of emotions keeps us in touch with ourselves and others. Today's guests discuss emotions from two different perspectives. Dr. Gary Chapman looks at his seminal work, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, not only as it relates to human relationships but also in our relationship with God. His discussion comes as the book celebrates its 30th anniversary, having sold over twenty million copies world-wide and being translated into fifty languages. Jason Wilson is a writer and non-profit CEO who advocates emotional intelligence among men. He shows the example of Jesus as the “comprehensive man,” in the fact that He was not only bold, strong, and aggressive, but compassionate, nurturing, and caring. Links, Products, and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Podcast Jesus Calling Jesus Always Jesus Listens Past interview: Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. Daniel Amen Upcoming interview: Todd Hoffman John 4 NIV Dr. Gary Chapman The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts www.5lovelanguages.com Jason Wilson Yunion Obama administration This Is Us Cry Like A Man Laurence Fishburne Battle Cry Romans 12:2 NIV Matthew 5:16 NIV Matthew 6:25-34 NIV www.mrjasonwilson.com Interview Quotes: “There's an ancient Hebrew proverb that says life and death is in the tongue. We can kill people by the way we talk to them or we can give a light. And for some people, affirming words really communicates a love to them or an emotional level.” - Dr. Gary Chapman “Each of us has a primary love language. And if you don't speak [your loved one's] primary language, they will not feel loved, even though you're speaking some of the other languages.” - Dr. Gary Chapman “One of our deepest emotional needs as humans is the need to feel loved by the significant people in your life.” - Dr. Gary Chapman “My life has never been the same, it was almost like God was saying, ‘I have something for you to do, but I don't know if you're ready for it yet.’” - Jason Wilson “Like Moses, when his desire was to free the Israelites, he did it his way at first and it almost cost him his life. That's the majority of us. When I became a follower of Christ, I had the t-shirt, hat, bumper stickers, you know, everything Jesus, okay? But it was really my way, not His way.” - Jason Wilson “When you make mental health as important as this world says we should maintain our physical bodies, it becomes a part of the culture, so we have to change our culture.” - Jason Wilson “As the scriptures say, the power of Christ is perfected through our weakness. But what do we always say to each other? ‘Stay strong.’ So when we fear being weak, now the power of Christ can't really be perfected through us.” - Jason Wilson “[God] never said, ‘Do not be concerned about anything.’ So, we will always have concerns. We will always be nervous. And it's okay, you know, allow yourself the freedom to be human, but also allow yourself to walk by the power of His spirit to move through those fears, those anxieties, nervousness, depression, etc.” - Jason Wilson ___ Enjoy watching these additional videos from Jesus Calling YouTube channel: Audio Playlist: https://bit.ly/2PrbuwH Video Playlist: https://bit.ly/2PsmEkJ What’s Good? Playlist: https://bit.ly/3i7VUlZ ___ Connect with Jesus Calling Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Jesus Calling Website


28 Jul 2022

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SUMMER BREAK 2022: Jason Wilson on Emotional Incarceration and How Men Win the War Within

Win Today with Christopher Cook

Our guest today, Jason Wilson, is a prolific coach to many men, young and old, across the nation. He says, "Strength depends on the physical ability of the body, but power is based on the spiritual rule over the body." For decades, Jason Wilson was losing the war within—the internal battle that many men wage daily but were never taught how to win. As a result, he could not combat his toxic thoughts and emotions. Instead, he was conquered by them and communicated without composure—hurting those he loved and himself. This went on until he renewed his mind by releasing years of past trauma. His life and relationships were transformed when he learned how to master his emotions and express them with self-control. In the process, Jason became a better husband, father, and leader. And today, you'll hear from Jason and learn how to do the same. If you enjoy this episode with Jason, I'm sure you'll also enjoy: 255: Triggered and Insecure? It’s the Thing Beneath the Thing. (feat. Steve Carter) 250: Louie Giglio on The Battle for Your Mind Episode Links: Jason's Website | Facebook | Instagram | Buy Jason's New Book Subscribe to #WinTodayShow on YouTube. Join the conversation wherever hashtags are welcome using #WinTodayShow. Get the brand-new "Win the Week" email newsletter here. Connect with The Art of Leadership Network of podcasts here.

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20 Jul 2022

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Live Interview With Author Jason Wilson at CrimeCon London

UK True Crime Podcast

At CrimeCon London last weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing author Jason Wilson about his excellent new book, 'The Old Man And Me'. In front of a live audience, we chatted about why he wrote his book about growing up and living with his gangster father. The book is no nonsense and talks about the reality of crime, not the glamourised versions you hear about elsewhere, and in this interview Jason was very open about his life. I hope you enjoy and there is link to the book below. Buy your copy here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Old-Man-thrilling-biography-understand/dp/1913406881


19 Jun 2022

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Casual Magic Episode 124 - Jason Wilson and the New Player Experience

Casual Magic with Shivam Bhatt

Today I'm joined by my dear friend Jason Wilson (@jason_wilson), a veteran video games journalist, long time RPG fan, and newcomer to Magic, to discuss Magic, D&D and learning the game. This show was brought to you by CoolStuffInc, Coalesce A+D, and Archidekt.

1hr 12mins

14 Jun 2022

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Jason Wilson on Culture Wars

Yeah Nah Pasaran!

This week we have a yarn with regular US correspondent Dr. Jason Wilson about Todd Sampson, gym nazis in the Marines and Scott Morrison's anti-trans Captain's Pick.

5 May 2022

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Boys, Feelings & Safe Spaces. How To Have One And How To Raise One With Jason Wilson

Cat & Nat Unfiltered

On today's episode Cat had a great conversation with Jason Wilson about what parents can do to help create a safe place for their boys to open up and share their feelings. This is a topic a lot of parents feel uncomfortable with when raising boys and Jason really explains it well and tells how to change the dynamic to help raise boys to be open about their mental health. Want our podcasts sent straight to your phone? Text us the word "Podcast" to +1 (917) 540-8715 and we'll text you the new episodes when they're released!Tune in for new #MOMTRUTHS episodes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!Follow @momtruthspodcast on Instagram: https://instagram.com/catandnatunfilteredHave you tried our new Twin Truths Wine yet? It comes in either a White or a Rosé! Head to www.twintruthswine.com to try yours today!Our new book "Mom Secrets" is now available! Head to www.catandnat.ca/book to grab your autographed copy! Come see us LIVE on tour!! To see a full list of cities and dates, go to https://catandnattour.com.Become a member of The Common Parent for the parenting resources and support you need for just $5.99/month or $59.99/year: https://thecommonparent.comFollow The Common Parent over on Instagram: https://instagram.com/thecommonparentMake sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for our new cooking show and our #momtruth videos: https://bitly.com/catnatyoutubeCheck out our Amazon Lives here: https://bitly.com/catnatamazonliveOrder TAYLIVI here: https://taylivi.comGet personalized videos from us on Cameo: https://cameo.com/catandnatCome hang with us over on https://instagram.com/catandnat all day long.And follow us on https://tiktok.com/@catandnatofficial! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


7 Apr 2022

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257. Redefining Men Ft. Jason Wilson

REAL AF with Andy Frisella

In today's episode, Andy and the crew are joined in the studio by the founder & CEO of Yunion, Jason Wilson. They discuss the misconceptions of what it takes to be a real man, how to gain control over your emotions so that you're not a slave to them, and why it's more important now than ever for men to be men.

1hr 55mins

19 Mar 2022

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S4BONUS - Jason Wilson Interview With The Hodder Show

The Grey Rooms

On January 6th, 2022, the creator and executive producer of The Grey Rooms Podcast, Jason Wilson, sat down with The Hodder Show for an interview. All the blood and all the secrets were spilled, and many lives were lost that day. Most of them were found again, but still...This is that interview.Featuring:Jason Wilson - GuestTJ Hodder - Host Check out The Hodder Show from your favorite podcasting app. Established in 2016, The Hodder Show has released 300+ interviews with musicians, content creators, dynamic personalities, album showcases, storytelling, mysteries, paranormal, relationships and more! New episodes every Thursday.Support The Hodder Show on their Patreon!https://www.patreon.com/thehoddershowThank you for everything, TJ! We love you, man!

1hr 31mins

2 Feb 2022