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Episode 5: Minding the Knowledge Gap by Daisy Christodoulou

Progressively Incorrect

Wielding a popular inquiry cycle, Zach attempts to demonstrate that progressive thought encourages teachers to devalue knowledge, while Brad is reminded of (bad) teachers from his education who drilled isolated facts without helping students make connections between the facts.


31 Jan 2022

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Daisy Christodoulou 2

Filling The Pail

Daisy Christodoulou was the second guest on this podcast back in 2020. Daisy returns in this episode to talk about writing with Greg Ashman. Daisy and Greg discuss comparative judgement, banal writing prompts, the limits of moderation and the contribution of a knowledge rich curriculum to writing. Along the way, Daisy and Greg chat about quick fixes for improving writing and the correlation between multiple choice questions and writing scores. 


29 Sep 2021

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Talking to Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education at No More Marking

Snaresbrook Prep Uncovered

#003 - In this episode we speak to Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education at No More Marking, about Comparative Judgement software for schools. Daisy is also the author of three books about education: Teachers vs Tech, Making Good Progress, and Seven Myths about Education. As always, this is a three-way conversation with the host, Simon, and Ralph Dalton, Headteacher at the school. Step inside and listen in on this conversation.Daisy's website: daisychristodoulou.com Snaresbrook Prep Online Website: snaresbrookprep.org Facebook: facebook.com/SnaresbrookPrep Twitter: @SnaresbrookPrep 


11 Jun 2021

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Comparative Judgement with Daisy Christodoulou

The Dynamic Deputies Podcast

Daisy Christodoulou joins us to talk through Comparative Judgement - a different way of assessing Writing than is perhaps conventional in most schools. Full of helpful insights about the need for more reliable and useful writing assessment information.


24 Apr 2021

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On The Anxieties of Evidence in VAR & DRS. With Daisy Christodoulou, Jonathan Wilson and Daniel Norcross - II

A Cricketing View

In February 2020,  Daisy, Jonathan and Daniel came on the podcast to discuss DRS and VAR. A year later, they are back to reflect on the developments in both during the past year. The conservation is about the anxieties of evidence in VAR & DRS.  How to watch sports in the age of VAR/DRS? How does evidence work? Does the fact the evidence is produced in disciplined fashion (through measurement, and not just observation - (for example: consider the difference between what's available to the TV umpire on outside edges via RTS/UltraEdge/HotSpot, and what's available to the TV umpire on low catches) entail that spectators need to at least understand the difference between these two types of evidence and their possibilities? Is there an appetite for spectators to understand this? And if such an appetite is limited, then does VAR/DRS have a chance in the long run? Daniel could not join us for this episode. He is a friend of the podcast, and he has made both episodes of this particular conversation possible. Our conversation from February 2020 Daniel Norcross is a cricket commentator with the BBC's Test Match Special @norcrosscricket Daisy Christodoulou's newsletter - I Can't Stop Thinking About VAR. She tweets @daisychristo Jonathan Wilson is a sports writer and reporter for The Guardian. He tweets @jonawils I tweet @cricketingview This episode was recorded on April 12, 2021.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cricketingview/message


13 Apr 2021

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Daisy Christodoulou's Teachers vs. Tech: A Book Review

Emma & Tom Talk Teaching

It's high time for another book review, and our podcast pair have reached for the latest work by Daisy Christodoulou. Tom still lives in a safe house under an assumed identity after being less than effusive about the famous Seven Myths About Education a while back, so here's hoping he can redeem himself with some much happier thoughts about Teachers vs. Tech, an amazingly timely book given the global pandemic that ensued shortly after its publication. With help from some audio extracts from the famous Cardiff Met ITE staff book club, Emma and Tom explore some of the issues raised by Christodoulou as she presents a thought-provoking look at the vexed question of where education and technology could be a marriage made in heaven, and where the pitfalls lie for those who are too wedded to the shiny toys. Our short slots all come from a single article - The Binge Breaker, published in the Atlantic. Check it out here: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/11/the-binge-breaker/501122/ Meanwhile, Tom's additional wellbeing tip is to ban all power tools from campus, as yet another recording is disrupted by the sound of distant pressure-washing by the seemingly ever-present hordes of people who are drawn to fire up their machinery as soon as a microphone is switched on. Check out Tom's possibly violent forthcoming publication Lecturers vs Power Tools, available soon. -------------------- Recorded at Cardiff Metropolitan University's Cyncoed Campus on 22nd September 2020


11 Dec 2020

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Episode 20: In conversation with Daisy Christodoulou

The Impact Podcast

Fin and Jane are joined by Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education at No More Marking, to discuss assessment, marking and professional learning and development. Hosts: Finola Wilson and Jane MillerProducer: Darren EvansVisit us at: www.impact.walesMusic: Power Shutoff by Craig MacArthur--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/impacthome/message


11 Nov 2020

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'Knowledge Is Power' With Daisy Christodoulou and Clare Sealy

The Dynamic Deputies Podcast

In Episode 21, we are joined by two great minds from education: Daisy Christodoulou and Clare Sealy. We talk about the value of knowledge, how cognitive science has helped us to understand how we learn and the implications for how technology could be used more effectively in schools. There is so much to take away from this conversation, regardless of your level of experience or your role within education.


30 May 2020

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Daisy Christodoulou

Filling The Pail

Daisy Christodoulou is a former teacher and is currently director of No More Marking, an online engine which aims to help teachers with comparative-judgement assessment of school work. Daisy's influential 2013 book Seven Myths About Education reflected on her work as a teacher and some of the myths she once subscribed to. In this episode, Greg Ashman talks to Daisy about lockdown, her new book, Teachers versus Tech, teaching writing, and bad ideas in education.

1hr 3mins

26 May 2020

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Episode 14 - Teachers vs Tech - Daisy Christodoulou

From page to practice

1hr 3mins

3 May 2020