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#71 Dr. Emilia Thompson - Emotional Eating

The Coached By Dan Podcast

Emotional Eating with Dr. Emilia Thompson This week, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Dr. Emilia Thompson on the topic of emotional eating. In this podcast, we discuss what emotional eating is, what it looks like, what causes people to eat emotionally. We also touch on the problems emotional eating can lead to and how we can manage them. @emiliathompsonphd https://eiq-nutrition-s.teachable.com/p/home


11 Jun 2021

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Dr Emilia Thompson

The Proper Mental Podcast

Welcome to Proper Mental Episode 12! This week I’m joined by Dr Emilia Thompson! Dr Emilia Thompson is a PhD Qualified Nutrition Consultant, University Lecturer and Bikini Competitor. She is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (RNutr Sports / Exercise), Lecturer and Educator in Sports Nutrition and qualified Life Coach. She has a BSc degree in Sports Biomedicine, an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a PhD in Exercise Physiology. As well as being a PhD Qualified Nutrition Coach, Emilia is a former bodybuilding competitor so she knows first-hand the complexities of food and our relationship with it.  We talk about disordered eating and common behaviours around food and really get in to where some of these negative behaviours come from and the thought processes behind them.  Emilia goes in to her coaching process and how she begins to help her clients unpick and unpack how they feel about themselves and how that reflects how they think about food. How you think and how you feel can have a massive impact on how you eat and food can be used to cope with or to deal with, any number of mental health related problems.  Emilia’s approach goes so much deeper than food.  She has a complete holistic approach to all facets of health and we chat about how what you’re feeling affects what you’re eating and vis versa. We chat about the importance of knowing yourself and understanding your values.  We chat about meditation, gratitude, self-talk and loads of other powerful concepts that you probably never thought related to your diet but are actually completely linked to your diet and in turn linked to all aspects of health. I asked Emilia some big questions and the amount of knowledge she had at her fingertips, ready to go, was staggering.  Her approach to her work and her clients has such an incredible level of depth to it and although we talk a lot about nutrition, her methods could be applied to any aspect of mental health. It’s a great listen and I definitely took a lot away from the conversation and I’m sure you will too! You can connect with Emilia via social media @emiliathompsonphd or for education via @eiq_nutrition. Her website is www.emilia.fitness You can connect with the podcast @propermentalpodcast on all the usual platforms! Let me know what you think by leaving a nice review and please feel free to share with anyone you think will benefit!  (Spoiler alert: everyone will benefit from hearing this one!) Thanks for listening!  Enjoy!


17 May 2021

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Psychology in the Health & Fitness Industry, with Emilia Thompson

The Head First Podcast

In this episode, I speak with Emilia Thompson who is a Nutrition Consultant, founder of EIQ, and a former bodybuilding competitor. We speak about what needs to change in the health and fitness industry, the role of a coach in supporting clients, and why so many nutritionists are retraining in psychology. I must say, this is one of my favourite episodes so far!  For professional enquiries: www.headfirst.ie Instagram: @headfirst0


5 May 2021

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#95 Emilia Thompson PhD on authenticity & vulnerability

A Need To Read

Emilia Thompson PhD is a university lecturer, nutrition myth buster, and nutrition coach she intertwines evidence-based nutritional programming with the equally evidence-based methods of mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, and behavior change to support her clients. In this episode we discuss; values, how the fitness industry is destroying eating habits, my ayahuasca trip, if you can combine holistic healing and science, how to set boundaries, non-violent communication, showing up with authenticity, just how amazing Brene Brown is and the importance of vulnerability. Books discussed  The Games People Play - Eric Berne  Lying - Sam Harris Dare To Lead - Brene Brown Daring Greatly - Brene Brown Rising Strong - Brene Brown Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle Love Factually - Laura Mucha Untamed - Glennon Doyle The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer Support Patreon Book Club: To support the podcast and be part of the growing community of like-minded readers head to www.patreon.com/aneedtoread BetterHelp: For 10% off your first month of online therapy head to www.betterhelp.com/aneedtoread Book bags & Bookmarks:  www.buymeacoffee.com/aneedtoread Contact: If you want to ask me anything shoot an email over to Aneedtoread.podcast@gmail.com 

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3 May 2021

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Dr. Emilia Thompson

Good Muse

Dr. Emilia Thompson is a registered nutritionist, coach, and university lecturer. Her progressive approach to nutrition includes compassion and mindfulness in order to empower people build and maintain positive relationships with food. She is also a feminist and has spent a lot of time studying and speaking about feminism and patriarchy; we were able to have an excellent conversation around these issues and discuss what we can do at an individual as well as societal issue to overcome inequality. Emilia also recently appeared on a television dating show, so we were able to have an amusing chat about that too!-Get involved in the conversation by reaching out to me…Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rorymallace/Email: rory@rorymallace.comWebsite: www.rorymallace.com

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24 Apr 2021

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Guest Interview #32 - Emilia Thompson PhD: Human Behaviour & Coaching

The Muscle Mentors Podcast

Emilia Thompson PhD returns for a 3rd time to The Muscle Mentors Podcast!Want to learn more from us and access the extended version of this interview? Head over to The Muscle Mentors Education Portal and join our epic community of coaches there: www.themusclementors.co.uk/We're not talking about our favourite foods this time, however. This was an incredibly valuable conversation centred around Emilia's new ventures in the form of studying to become a therapist.We discussed different types of psychotherapy, the process of referring clients out, and most importantly, Emilia's top tools and tactics for safely implementing these areas within her coaching practice. This is often the hardest part to grasp, as, like many other areas, it is far too easy to start straying too far from our wheelhouse as coaches when we start looking into human behavioural science.Thank you, Emilia, for coming back onto the platform. As per usual, it was a great pleasure to chat with you and bear witness to the ton of value you brought to the podcast. We'll look forward to getting you back in the near future to hear more about your amazing personal and professional development.Make sure to follow Emilia on Instagram @emiliathompsonphd and to check out her educational work at www.eiqnutrition.comThanks to our partners & sponsors as always:Precision Prep UKCheck out the epic Pro Prep Range here:https://precisionprep.uk/collections/pro-prepUse code 'musclementors15' for 15% off your first order. Then code 'musclementors' for 10% off any subsequent orders.Supplement Needshttps://www.supplementneeds.co.uk/Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders.RaOpticshttps://raoptics.com/Use code 'musclementors' for 10% off all orders.Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!– The Muscle Mentors

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12 Apr 2021

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S3 E11: Kindness and Callouts with Dr Emilia Thompson

Fitness Unfiltered

Unofficial Fitness Unfiltered Fourth Member Dr Emilia Thompson PhD joins us in a chat about all things callout. The quest for decent quality information in the world of fitness and nutrition is long and winding, and littered with misinformation and questionable practices. But how do we tackle the correction of the incorrect without causing harm in other ways? We hope you enjoy this episode, and if you do please give us a review and rating and subscribe to the podcast, tell all your friends and tag us in your social media posts! As always your Fitness Unfiltered Team is: @DrMikeThe2nd @ace_dan_osman @esgfitness


6 Feb 2021

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Episode 2 | Dr. Emilia Thompson | Understanding your core values for business & holistic coaching

The Remote Coach Podcast

Dr. Emilia Thompson is a PT, Nutritionist, and educator who wants to change the way people view their bodies and food.  In this episode, Emilia discusses battling with identifying as a Bikini Athlete and how that was contradictory to her message and values.  We also discuss coaching in a more holistic way to create lasting changes with clients. You can find out more about Emilia through her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emiliathompsonphd/


2 Feb 2021

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Ep8 - Emilia Thompson on competition recovery, mental health, body image and feminism

The Bodcast with Chloe Madeley

Dr Emilia Thompson joins us to talk about extreme dieting, competition recovery, mental health, body image, feminism and how to have a healthy relationship with food.Please SUBSCRIBE / FOLLOW and leave us your lovely comments. To support the podcast and get a FREE year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs, go to athleticgreens.com/BODCAST. ​This is a Pomodo Production @PomodoPodcasts www.pomodo.co.uk.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


26 Jan 2021

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Episode 34 - Emilia Thompson

Healthy Minds with Carly Thorton & Kerry Sexton

Carly Thornton and Emilia Thompson sit down to discuss how 2020 has impacted business and life in general.  A very relatable subject that we are all currently feeling right now.


18 Nov 2020