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Colorado & Nevada Breakdown with Jason Wittwer

Finding Backcountry Podcast

I surprise phone call my brother for a discussion on our upcoming plans this fall. We talk general strategy in Colorado and specific unit breakdown in Nevada, our home state. Enjoy! Instagram: @finding.backcountry.podcast @backcountry_logistics @dustinwittwer @teambackcountry Email: teambackcountry@gmail.com rentpackllamas@gmail.com

1hr 15mins

2 Apr 2021

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Packing Llamas with Jason Wittwer


Jason Wittwer joins us today to talk about hunting and packing with Llamas. He covers the benefits of using a pack animal and discusses the differences between Llamas, Goats and Horses. If you are interested in saving your knees and trying out Llamas, Jason provides a Llama rental service known as Backcountry Logistics. You can find more information here -> http://rentpackllamas.com/Also interested in goats? Check out a recently released pack goat article -> https://www.rokslide.com/pack-goats-for-backcountry-hunting/We have an entire sub-forum called Backcountry Stock, dedicated to talking pack animals. You can join that conversation here -> https://www.rokslide.com/forums/forums/backcountry-stock.122/


8 Feb 2020

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Jason Wittwer - 2019 Hunt Recap: Wyoming Elk, Utah & Colorado Archery Deer

Finding Backcountry Podcast

New Year's Eve podcast! My brother and I celebrate the New Year by talking hunting. Big surprise! We recap hunting elk in Wyoming, along with our two archery mule deer hunts in Utah & Colorado. Thanks to everyone who has listened along the past year! I hope I have brought some value. Please reach out with any podcast episodes or guests you would like to hear from over the next year. Happy 2020!

2hr 3mins

3 Jan 2020

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Arizona OTC Archery Hunting Story with Jason Wittwer

Finding Backcountry Podcast

Jason Wittwer joins the podcast to tell the story of chasing mule deer in Arizona with his bow. With no shortage of stalking opportunities, Jason experiences the frustrations of chasing mule deer with a bow. These hunts are available to anyone who is willing to try and run on a calendar year basis. Hunters can start hunting in January in most general season units. Units usually open back up in August. Then, if you haven't filled your tag, hunters get one last chance in the month of December. Enjoy! Have a podcast episode suggestion? Email findingbackcountry@gmail.com Stay up-to-date on podcast episodes by following @finding.backcountry.podcast  If you need to rent pack llamas for an upcoming backcountry hunt or adventure, email rentpackllamas@gmail.com or follow on IG @backcountry_logistics

1hr 11mins

5 Jul 2019

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#41 - Trail Camera Regulations, Momentum vs Kinetic Energy, Archery Setups with Jason Wittwer

Finding Backcountry Podcast

Nevada trail camera regulations will change hunting this year in Nevada for many hunters. We discuss the changes and how it will effect our season. We also discuss our current arrow setups including the advantage of momentum over kinetic energy calculations. This was a relaxed episode with me and my brother, my favorite way to record a podcast. Enjoy!

1hr 4mins

16 Jul 2018

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#25 - Nevada State Breakdown - Dustin & Jason Wittwer

Finding Backcountry Podcast

Nevada application strategy! We suggest the best units for backcountry hunting! Jason and I tell our favorite Nevada hunting story. We discuss all the new changes to Nevada's draw system. Enjoy!

1hr 18mins

26 Mar 2018

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#17 - Jason Wittwer - Western Hunt Research & Application Strategies

Finding Backcountry Podcast

How to draw the best tags! We break down the exact thought process, including tips, tricks, and secrets, we use to draw tags each year. We discuss why we choose a hunt, what statistics we look for, and what research application services we use when deciding to burn our points each year. The first step to killing a monster buck or bull is drawing the right tag. In this episode, we tell you how! This is an absolute hidden gem of information! Enjoy!


5 Feb 2018

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#5 - Jason Wittwer

Finding Backcountry Podcast

Jason is my younger brother and hunting partner. He prefers to talk about killing big mule deer but in this episode we discuss an epic story of his Utah archery bull elk hunt. We ran into problem after problem, including more bear encounters, but persevered to put a bull elk on the ground! Jason and I briefly discuss what hunting was like when we were kids as well. Enjoy!


16 Nov 2017