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Avoiding the Comparison Trap with Jamie Ivey

Love and Relationships with Debra Fileta

Comparison is the enemy of contentment…the problem is, with social media, Instagram filters, and TikTok stories – there’s nothing easier in 2021 than comparing yourself to others. It’s literally a trap that’s right at your fingertips. Today I’m answering a listener question about dealing with the comparison trap, with my friend and today’s co-host Jamie Ivey. Jamie is the host of the Happy Hour Podcast, and I’m thrilled to have her help me tag-team this question as we share our own journey with comparison, and practical steps we’ve taken to overcome that trap. When it comes to mental health, so much of it starts with what you allow yourself to think. Comparison is an important area to avoid. Find out how to do that in today’s episode. If you’ve ever struggled with comparison…this episode is for you! It’s time for YOU to get real about how you’re doing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Are You Really OK? is available NOW!! It’s time to ask yourself the hard questions and get real about how you’re really doing. SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS BY CLICKING HERE Additional Ways To Listen: STITCHER – SPOTIFY – GOOGLE PODCASTS –  iHEART RADIO Debra’s New Book is HERE!! ORDER TODAY!! And Check out Debra’s Love + Relationships Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts! DEBRA FILETA is a Licensed Professional Counselor, national speaker, relationship expert, and author of Choosing Marriage and True Love Dates, and Love In Every Season and Are You Really OK?. She’s also the host of the hotline style Love + Relationships Podcast. Her popular relationship advice blog, TrueLoveDates.com, reaches millions of people with the message of healthy relationships. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or book an online session with her today!


22 Jun 2021

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One Possibility & A Million Choices :: Jamie Ivey

The Grove Podcast

Check out all of Jamie's work at JamieIvey.com and, as always, keep up with us at TheGroveOnline.com. 


7 Jun 2021

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Is It Really Downhill After I Get Married? - with Jamie Ivey

Have You Heard? with Emma Mae Jenkins

What an insightful and fun interview with author, speaker, talk show host, and podcast host, Jamie Ivey, as we talk about her and her husband's latest book, "Complement: The Surprising Beauty of Choosing Together Over Separate in Marriage". Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or married, I truly believe that this episode will be a blessing to you. Jamie is sharing lessons learned throughout her marriage, advice to those about to step into marriage, encouragement to those who are single, and so much more! You can stay in touch with Jamie through...Instagram: @jamieiveyWebsite: https://jamieivey.com


2 Jun 2021

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#362: How To Be a Better "Better Half" with Jamie Ivey

Java with Juli

A complement, according to Webster, is “something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect.” Romantic as that is, it’s a tall order in a relationship between two imperfect people! So then, what does it look like to be your spouse’s complement? In this episode, Jamie Ivey shares what God has taught her as she looks back on her own marriage of 20 years. No simplistic formulas, no easy answers, and no perfect people; just rich conversation and bold truth – so grab your Java and join us! Guest: Jamie Ivey I grew up thinking that a marriage is where the man works, makes money, then comes home and sits in his Lazy Boy, and the wife has dinner ready by the time he gets there... that's not what God says marriage is. He doesn't say the man goes and works and the woman makes dinner -- and there's no Lazy Boy in the Bible. -Jamie Ivey Show notes: Complement* by Aaron & Jamie Ivey Complement Bible Study Book* The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey (podcast) Your Sexual Differences Can Make You Better Lovers (Juli's blog) A Secret for the Guys (Juli's blog) Join an online book study! *This is an affiliate link. AI may earn referral fees from qualifying purchases.


10 May 2021

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#137: Can I Be the Me God Created? With Jamie Ivey

4:13 Podcast with Jennifer Rothschild

Making your mark on the world doesn’t happen by mimicking someone else’s life or calling. In fact, when you learn to be yourself, satisfaction and success are closer than you think. Today, Jamie Ivey, author and host of “The Happy Hour” podcast, helps you uncover your own uniqueness, gives you a green light to be yourself, and shows you how living faithfully in the here and now is the key to an abundant life. SHOW NOTES: 413podcast.com/137


15 Apr 2021

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12 - Content > Comparing with Jamie Ivey

Made For This with Jennie Allen

It's about time my friend Jamie hangs out with us! If you don't know Jamie you need to. Let's talk about why we've got to stop looking side to side at other people and start living the purposes God has set out just for us. Pine Cove is a Christ-centered life-changing investment in your child’s future through a week of outdoor adventure and fun with a purpose! Check out pinecove.com! Use the code: JENNIE250 for $250 off a first-time overnight, youth camp registration.Find Jamie and Aaron's new book on marriage here: https://www.amazon.com/Complement-Surprising-Choosing-Together-Separate/dp/1535996692Watch Jamie's new show here: https://www.youtube.com/c/JamieIvey/videos


11 Mar 2021

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MARKED | Aaron and Jamie Ivey


This week Kelly and Elizabeth sit down with Aaron and Jamie Ivey to discuss their new book, Complement. Complement shines a compelling light on the beauty of marriage as God […] The post MARKED | Aaron and Jamie Ivey appeared first on Lifeway Women.


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 33: You Be You with Jamie Ivey

A Love Like This

Who out there struggles to just be yourself? This episode is for you. Between Instagram “highlight reels” and “picture-perfect” editing, today’s culture makes it easy to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side. Bombarded with messages that everyone else is living a better life, and hustling more is the key to achieving their goals, women are overwhelmed as they seek contentment and God’s calling for their lives. In this week’s episode, we are joined with Abi’s favourite author Jamie Ivey to talk about the importance of you being you and changing the narrative to be each other’s cheerleaders rather than comparers. Enjoy this conversation.Also, just a quick thank you to everyone who entered our February Giveaway and joined our mailing list. We appreciate you all so much and feel so blessed to have an amazing community supporting us. Thank you.Learn more & purchase You Be You here: https://jamieivey.com/youbeyou/


26 Feb 2021

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036 • Jamie Ivey

Instrumental with JJ Heller

Because she’s the host of the incredibly successful podcast “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey,” Jamie is used to being the one asking the questions. It was such a treat to flip the narrative a bit and hear pieces of her story. Listen to find out which instrumental moments led her to become the thoughtful, empathetic listener she is today. www.jamieivey.com www.jjheller.com/podcast


17 Feb 2021

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Steps to Getting On The Same Team with Your Spouse with Aaron and Jamie Ivey

The His and Her Money Show

Never let it be said that His & Her Money is JUST a finance podcast. As you probably already know, we've got you covered across all bases, from money and business to marriage and beyond. And it just so happens that we're entering the month of love right now and it's quickly getting up to be Valentine's Day, so we think it's fitting that for this episode, it's all about love! Naturally, we brought in a couple of experts on the subject! Aaron and Jamie Ivey are popping in for this episode of the His & Her Money Show, and we can't wait for you to hear what they've got to say! Aaron is a singer-songwriter and pastor, and you can find Jamie over on YouTube and hosting the Happy Hour podcast. But most importantly?  This Austin-based couple has been married for almost 20 years and they're still going strong! On that subject, Aaron and Jamie have created an amazing book to chat with us about today, and it's called Compliments: The Surprising Beauty of Choosing Together Over Separate in Marriage -- where they're unlocking the secrets to their happy, healthy marriage and sharing it to the world!   Resources Mentioned Compliment: The Surprising Beauty Of Choosing Together Over Separate In Marriage by Aaron Ivey and Jamie Ivey 2021 Marriage Challenge The Happy Hour Podcast On The Other Side Podcast


8 Feb 2021