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The Chinese Communist Party at 100: How the CCP Tells its Story | Denise Ho, Karrie Koesel, Maria Repnikova


The July 2021 centennial of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will be an important milestone in China, accompanied by media fanfare and celebration. As the Party promotes the story of its successes and accomplishments to its people and the world, what does it choose to minimize or ignore? Through the lenses of museums, traditional and new media, and political education in schools, we examined how China projects its image in a rapidly shifting global landscape. On June 24, 2021, the National Committee hosted a virtual discussion with Denise Ho, Karrie Koesel, and Maria Repnikova as they explored how the Chinese Communist Party shapes and projects its identity to its own people and beyond.

1hr 13mins

30 Jun 2021

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Design for Mental Health: Creating an Effective Response to Student Loneliness with Denise Ho and Andrew Baker — DT101 E60

Design Thinking 101

Denise Ho and Andrew Baker are our guests today. Denise is a design researcher practicing in the design space since the early 2000s and the Director of Design at Hope Lab. Andrew Baker is living and working at the intersection of technology and experience design. He’s the Vice President of Product at Grit Digital Health and teaches Experience Design at the University of Colorado. Denise and Andrew collaborated on a way to combat loneliness in college students. We talk about designing for mental health, Nod, an app that is helping young people avoid negative health outcomes associated with loneliness, and how college students were involved in creating Nod. Show Summary Denise and Andrew had very different entry points into design. Denise’s journey began with a love for people and cultures. She started her undergrad as an anthropology student, but she wanted to not just study culture, but to shape it. That led her into design. She studied product design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and landed an internship at IDEO, where she ended up staying for eight years while also teaching design at the California College of Arts. Denise opened her own design practice and started doing design research into younger generations — not just designing products for them, but also working to understand their way of seeing and experiencing the world. Now, she works at Hope Lab, where the focus is on creating digital technologies that help young people live happier, healthier lives. Andrew’s interests were influenced at an early age by his father, a graphic designer, and his mother, a civic leader focused on social impact. He studied business and English literature at the University of Colorado, but also minored in technology, arts and media, where he studied software development and honed his self-taught graphic design skills. An internship at a Denver agency allowed him to continue developing that skill set, but also gave him the opportunity to dig into user experience and into understanding human behavior and using those insights to guide designing product solutions. He moved into a dual role with Cactus and Grit Digital Health, leading both companies’ creative technology practices before moving into a full-time position at Grit Digital Health, where the focus is on creating digital health solutions for college students designed to help them improve their mental health and wellness. Denise and Andrew talk about designing for mental health and their collaboration to create Nod, an app for college students. Nod is designed to help students make social connections and relationships in an effort to address the loneliness many students end up feeling when they arrive on campus and begin their higher education journey. Listen in to learn more about: Designing digital health products for younger generations The Nod app How Nod was designed and developed Co-creating with college students Hope Lab’s work and projects Grit Digital Health’s wellbeing tool and other projects  Our Guests’ Bios Denise Ho Denise Ho brings more than 15 years of creative leadership experience as a design thinker, strategist, and qualitative design research with expertise in healthcare, transformative technologies, and industrial design. She spent 8 years at IDEO, and is currently Director of Design at Hopelab. She leads a diverse team of design researchers, industrial designers, and creative strategists to create technologies that are engaging, sustainable, and scaled to impact as many lives as possible. Denise enjoys gardening and spending time with her twin daughters, husband, and puppy. Andrew Baker In his role at Grit Digital Health, Andrew inspires and guides the design of user-centered solutions across technology mediums and industry verticals. With a background in experience design and software development, Andrew and his team strive to develop wellbeing products that are rooted in research, behavior design, and business strategy. Outside of his role at Grit, Andrew is an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado, where he teaches user experience design in an MA program for Strategic Communication Design. Show Highlights [01:30] How Denise found her way to a career in digital design. [05:08] Andrew’s journey into digital design. [10:18] Denise gives an introduction to Nod. [11:12] Andrew follows up with his “elevator pitch” for Nod. [12:28] The question that drove Nod’s naissance at Hope Lab in 2017. [13:25] The connection between loneliness and college students’ mental health. [14:48] Denise talks about the early research and discovery stage of Nod. [15:45] Nod’s unique problem space. [16:58] Collaborating with college students using an early paper prototype of the app. [18:19] Nod’s next steps forward in development. [18:52] Andrew talks about reverse engineering health outcomes. [20:01] The three categories of psychological health outcomes Nod targets. [21:36] Successfully changing behavior requires small concrete steps. [24:15] College students continued to play an important role in the development of Nod. [25:30] The challenges of working on a solution for a very personal and private issue. [27:16] Co-creating with students on Nod has been an incredible experience. [27:56] Nod’s pilot phase with the University of Oregon. [28:20] Service design and delivery is one of the biggest challenges for digital products. [30:06] Nod’s pilot phase at the University of Colorado Denver focused on service design. [31:31] COVID-19’s impact on the development of Nod. [33:20] Hope Lab’s tri-discipline approach to collaboration and co-creation. [35:19] Denise talks more about the randomized control trial at the University of Oregon and how it proved Nod was working. [36:31] How people reacted when they heard about Nod’s development. [37:48] Andrew offers insights into the rise and future of digital-only health and wellbeing design. [39:15] Why Nod is such a special project and product. [41:31] Where you can find Nod. [42:22] Partnership with Snapchat to release Nod in 2021. [43:31] How universities can participate in Nod’s pilot program. [44:29] Denise talks about another project Hope Lab is working on, focused on identity affirmation of LGBTQ+ people. [47:25] Andrew talks about Grit Digital Health’s digital personalized wellbeing tool. [48:21] Grit Digital Health is hosting a panel at an upcoming Innovation Learning Network conference. Links Denise on LinkedIn Andrew on LinkedIn Andrew on Instagram Andrew on Grit Digital Health Nod Nod’s product overview Press release on efficacy data for Nod Hope Lab Hope Lab Milk Hope Lab’s LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health and Resilience Project Grit Digital Health YOU at College University of Colorado Boulder, Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Design Elon By Design Fast Company’s "Innovation by Design" award (Nod was honored in 2 categories) Journal of Medical Internet Research Mental Health: Smartphone App to Address Loneliness Among College Students: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Other Design Thinking 101 Episodes You Might Like Mapping and Service Design + Implementation + Accessibility with Linn Vizard — DT101 E17 Launching and Leading a University-wide Design Thinking Initiative with Danielle Lake — DT101 E31 Designing Health Systems + Creating Effective Design Workshops with Sean Molloy — DT101 E44 ____ Thank you for listening to the show and looking at the show notes. Send your questions, suggestions, and guest ideas to Dawan and the Fluid Hive team. Cheers ~ Dawan Free Download — Design Driven Innovation: Avoid Innovation Traps with These 9 Steps Innovation Smart Start Webinar — Take your innovation projects from frantic to focused!


8 Dec 2020

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Denise Ho | Pop and Politics

It's a Long Story

Denise Ho was always going to be an activist. The canto-pop superstar had built a massively successful music career and could’ve continued on her path of major-label success. But, in 2012, she became the first mainstream female singer in Hong Kong to come out as gay, and was promptly abandoned by much of the industry. She responded by setting up her own label and becoming a high-profile advocate for the LGBTQI community. In 2014, when huge pro-democracy protests broke out in Hong Kong, Denise’s activism went to a whole new level. She’s become one of the most prominent figures in the umbrella movement, spoken at the UN and all around the world, and continues to risk her own life and freedom on behalf of the cause. In this episode, she’s speaking with Benjamin Law at Antidote festival in 2019.


6 Nov 2020

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JJ 99 - Denise Ho: Becoming the Song (드니스 호: 비커밍 더 송)

JJ Popcorn Talk

이번 에피소드에서는 다큐멘터리 "드니스 호: 비커밍 더 송"을 이야기 합니다. 중화권 슈퍼스타에서 정치, 사회문제 운동가로 거듭나고 있는 드니스 호에 대한 작품입니다. 버추얼 시어터에서 상영 중인 이 작품은 ;Kino Marquee' (https://kinomarquee.com/film/venue/5ef0ec20480594000185e696 ) 에서 티켓을 구입하실 수 있습니다. 늘 저희 팟캐스트를 들어주셔서 감사합니다. 그리고 모든 청취자 분들의 건강을 기원합니다. 의견, 질문, 응원 메시지는 jjpopcorntalk@gmail.com 으로 보내주세요. 인스타 계정은 @jj_popcorn_talk. Music from www.bensonsound.com. Be a Patron! (www.patreon.com/jjpopcorntalk) 페이트리온 사이트에서 먼저 들으실 수 있습니다.


20 Jul 2020

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Sue Williams Denise Ho Documentary

Illinois News Now

Denise Ho is one of the most unique and fascinating pop stars on the planet. Rising in fame in the world of Canto-Pop, she became the biggest star in China for a time until the encroachment of the Chinese government on the free state of Hong Kong pushed Denise to join the protest movement for a free Hong Kong. This moment in time also coincided with Denise coming out as a lesbian, putting her at the front of multiple protests. Now banned in home city, Denise is content traveling the globe performing for the small pockets of fans of Canto-Pop wherever they can be found. Sue Williams chronicled the fascinating story of Denise Ho for the new documentary Denise Ho: Becoming the Song.


17 Jul 2020

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Cinema Chat: 'John Lewis,' 'Denise Ho,' 'Mr. Topaze,' And More

Cinema Chat

Celebrate America's birthday with a good flick! In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's Mat Hopson and Michigan and State Theater executive director Russ Collins discuss the latest films and special screenings that you can enjoy at home this 4th of July weekend.


2 Jul 2020

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Cinema Chat: 'John Lewis,' 'Denise Ho,' 'Mr. Topaze,' And More

89.1 WEMU: Cinema Chat

Celebrate America's birthday with a good flick! In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's Mat Hopson and Michigan and State Theater executive director Russ Collins discuss the latest films and special screenings that you can enjoy at home this 4th of July weekend.


2 Jul 2020

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Denise Ho: Pop & Politics in Hong Kong at ANTIDOTE 2019

Ideas at the House

LGBTQI activist, and Cantopop singer, Denise Ho has become a prominent figure in Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution. In this exhilarating conversation, she talks about what's happening in Hong Kong, and resistance to state control. Hosted by Zing Tsjeng.

1hr 1min

6 Dec 2019

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Democratic Crisis in Hong Kong | Denise Ho


“For this very small city of 7 million people being able to stand up to this ruthless machine, for sure it is inspiring to other people in different countries.”- Denise Ho- - - - -Hong Kong has a complicated political history, which must be understood to understand the current protests.For 156 years, Hong Kong was under British rule, but on June 1st 1997, it was returned to Chinese sovereignty. As part of the handover negotiations, it was agreed that Hong Kong would operate under ’one country, two systems', a principal outlined in The Basic Law. The treaty agreed between China and Britain would maintain the rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong for 50 years.In 2014, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress proposed reforms to the Hong Kong electoral system. These proposed changes were seen by many as oppressive and allow the pre-screening of political candidates by the Chinese Communist Party. As such, the people of Hong Kong recognised the changes as anti-democratic and a clear indication that Hong Kong had failed to achieve universal suffrage, outlined under Basic Law.What followed was a series of protests, often referred to as the Umbrella Revolution. Starting in September 2014 protesters demonstrated outside government buildings and brought the city to a standstill by occupying many key intersections which remained closed to traffic for 77 days. Police intervened, and their use of excessive force, tear gas and the brutality shown to protesters led to a backlash from the citizens and escalating tensions.Denise Ho, a Cantopop star and human rights activist, was an active supporter of the Umbrella Revolution. During the protests, Denise and a group of high profile demonstrators were arrested. For this and her action of speaking out against the Chinese authoritarian regime, the Chinese government blacklisted Denise.In 2019, Hong Kong again witnessed mass protests in response to the Hong Kong governments extradition bill. Extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China would put residents at risk of facing the Chinese justice system and thus a tool to suppress political opposition.Following months of violent protests, the Chinese government formally withdrew the Extradition Bill on October 23rd. While this appeared to outsiders as a victory for the people of Hong Kong, demonstrations are ongoing as protestors are seeking further protection of their rights:- The government to withdraw the use of the word "riot" instead of protest- Amnesty for protesters- An independent commission enquiry into police brutality- Universal suffrageIn this interview, I speak to Denise Ho, a singer, LGBTQI activist and pro-democracy campaigner from Hong Hong. We discuss the Umbrella Movement, the extradition bill protests, and how this has impacted the world.- - - - -Show notes and transcription:https://www.defiance.news/podcast/democratic-crisis-in-hong-kong-denise-ho- - - - -Timestamps:- 00:00 - Show Intro- 01:54 - Welcoming Denise to the show- 02:15 - Withdrawal of the extradition bill- 03:33 - Denise's background- 08:33 - Coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community- 09:37 - The transition from musician to activist- 11:51 - The Umbrella Movement- 16:47 - Denise's arrest during the Umbrella Movement protests- 19:17 - Being blacklisted by the Chinese government- 26:19 - The current protests in Hong Kong- 27:57 - Other protests around the world- 34:51 - The creative tactics used by the protesters- 37:32 - People being shot as protests escalate- 40:18 - The protester's demands- 44:14 - Denise's view on Hong Kong's future- 46:56 - Denise's work with the Human Rights Foundation- - - - -The success of Defiance will be largely down to the support of you, the listener. Below are a number of ways you can help:- Subscribe to the show on your favourite app so you never miss an episode:iTunesSpotifyDeezerStitcherSoundCloudYouTubeTuneIn- Leave a review of the show on iTunes (5* really helps, if you think the show deserves it).- Share the show and episodes out with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.- Follow Defiance on social media:TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube- Subscribe to the Defiance mailing list.- Donate Bitcoin here: bc1qd3anlc8lh0cl9ulqah03dmg3r2uxm5r657zr5pIf you have any questions then please email Defiance.- - - - -


4 Nov 2019

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Deep Dive #95 | Denise Ho - Sacrificing Pop Stardom For Social Activism

The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Denise Ho, also known as HOCC, was a "pop diva" who was playing shows to tens of thousands of screaming fans before being blacklisted by the Chinese government for her role in the 2014 Umbrella Movement. In this episode, we dive deep into her decision to stand up for human rights and the backlash she received from it. http://www.AdamRoa.com


2 Oct 2019