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41 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sofie Hagen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sofie Hagen, often where they are interviewed.

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41 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sofie Hagen. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sofie Hagen, often where they are interviewed.

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Goofing Off with Sofie Hagen

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In this episode, we’re hanging out AKA goofing off with comedian and Happy Fat, Sofie Hagen!

CALL TO ACTION: Pool your pocket Change

From Sr. Producer Lynn: My friend Josie Naron has been pooling donations to a huge variety of organizations and activists doing anti-racist, anti-incarceration, and housing justice work. The idea is “pocket change,” like one dollar here, five dollars there, and then Josie pools all those small contributions together to make one significant donation to that day’s org. Even if you can’t donate to every pool, you can follow the orgs, you can pass along the pooling info; people have even been just tagging twitter celebs to retweet the pools and get more donations. It’s really cool.” 

Follow Josie @nosiejaron on Twitter for daily updates on ongoing and past pools, and join the TinyLetter for more information! 

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Sep 03 2020 · 37mins
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Happy Fat by Sofie Hagen (EN) and the Fatfobia

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So this one is a little bit long, but I had to talk about this Fatfobia subject for a long time...

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Aug 19 2020 · 21mins
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152. Drain "Snask" and Discount Tattoos, with Sofie Hagen

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This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by comedian Sofie Hagen.

Sofie talks to Fi and Jane about her home country of Denmark, attitudes toward fatness, discount tattoos, leaky ceilings and her slightly unusual method of moving to the UK.

Before Sofie logged in... Jane has a niche public service announcement, Fi weighs up a quiz show appearance and there's some impromptu stair excercise.

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Aug 07 2020 · 51mins
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Ep 24: Sofie Hagen

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Comedian, writer and host of their own Made Of Human podcast Sofie Hagen talks all things cuddly.

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Jul 31 2020 · 33mins
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Sofie Hagen on fat activism and taking up space in a fatphobic world

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Sofie Hagen is a Danish comedian who co-created the Guilty Feminist podcast with Deborah Frances White. Hagen is non-binary and uses pronouns she/they/he. Hagen is a fat acceptance campaigner and plus size fashion designer, who speaks candidly about our culture’s ingrained anti-fat bias and the subtle and overt ways society continues to marginalise and discriminate against fat people. 

In this episode of History Becomes Her, Hagen discusses her admiration for civil rights activist Rosa Parks. Hagen also shares how she got started in the fat acceptance movement and how people can unlearn their ingrained anti-fat bias. In her book Happy Fat Hagen writes about the reality of being fat in a world that wants you to take up less space. She talks about being spat on and having someone tell her, “if you weren’t so fat, I’d rape you.” Hagen wants to reclaim the word “fat” and live in a world built on self-acceptance and loving your body.

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Special thanks to Sofie Hagen and HarperCollins.


Host and creator: Rachel Thompson

Producers: Maria Dermentzi and Nikolay Nikolov

Editor: Shannon Connellan

Music: Christianne Straker

Illustration: Vicky Leta

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Jun 11 2020 · 39mins
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Happy Fat by Sofie Hagen with Ameya and Pallavi from the Fat. So? podcast

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I am an avid podcast listener and when I found Fat. So? the podcast, I was in love.  I have binge listened to the first season of Fat. So? twice!  You will realize why I am in love, by listening to my interview with Ameya and Pallavi, the hosts of Fat. So?.  We have a long discussion using Happy Fat by Sofie Hagen as the springboard.  No topics are off the table in this discussion as we touch on:

  • Their different fat liberation journeys
  • How books have impacted their journeys
  • What it means to grow and have break throughs in fat liberation
  • Fat in three different languages
  • Slurs and the word "Fat"
  • Disagreement about the words overweight and morbidly obese
  • Micro-aggressions toward fat people and why these are just so wrong
  • Self-care and self-preservation as a fat woman
  • A discussion about how there are more raped and murdered women on TV than there are fat women.  Representation!!!!
  • Why thin allies need to open their mouths when people make fun of fat people
  • How they learned to love and appreciate their bodies
  • Sex. Guys, we talk a lot about sex!
  • Being fat in India

I learned a lot from these two amazing ladies.  Their vulnerability and laughter just made my day.  I hope you enjoy this conversation.


Happy Fat by Sofie Hagen

Fat. So? Podcast

Fat. So? Instagram

Fat. So? Blog

Ameya's Instagram

Pallavi's Instagram

Jun 11 2020 · 1hr 38mins
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Ep 334: Badass Rewind with Sofie Hagen and Natalie Lue

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Sick of Covid-19 chat? Harriet is looking back over some of the best badass women of 2019.

This week Harriet is providing some light and of course badass relief in amongst all of the current Covid-19 content, by delving back into the badass woman’s hour back catalogue to share some highlights from the past four years and to showcase amazing conversations and guests who can offer some insight and inspiration in our current climate

The two incredible women this week are comedian and author Sofie Hagen who is discussing fat liberation and the societal structures that she is trying to break down in her book “Happy Fat”

And relationship expert Natalie Lue who was discussing with the ladies how to have a healthy view on monogamy, the sort of conversations we should be establishing in our relationships to ensure everyone is on the page.

For information on your host you can follow the link below:

Harriet Minter

If you want to get in touch you can find us on all the socials under this name: @badasswomenshr

And for more about the podcast head here:

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Mar 29 2020 · 30mins
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Episode 173: Sofie Hagen on fat activism and being funny

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Episode 173: Sofie Hagen on fat activism and being funny

She's a multi-award winning comedian, an author, podcaster, activist and fashion designer - it's the amazing Sofie Hagen! 

She tells us all about how a need for revenge initially inspired her move from Denmark to the UK. We hear how she feels about Brexit, and learn some mindblowing things about a feet-themed website and the world's best mayor. Then it's time for some chat about Sofie's role in the fat liberation movement, and why she's not a big fan of body positivity. 

Sofie's brilliant book, Happy Fat, is out now. You can buy tickets for her tour, which is happening now, and listen to her excellent podcasts via And don't forget to sign up for her newsletter

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Mar 17 2020 · 58mins
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Ep 03: Sofie Hagen

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Our guest this episode is comedian, author, podcaster, designer Sofie Hagen. Susan and Sofie chat about dealing with trauma, offensive jokes and living live to the fullest.

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Feb 16 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Sofie Hagen

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Joining Helen and Rosie in the studio this week is the brilliant Sofie Hagen. Sofie is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, author and activist. She's gigged in 28 countries so you've probably heard of her, but if not, you're in for a treat!

It takes a certain type of person to work in showbiz, and often it was clear from the start that they were destined to end up on stage. Daddy Look At Me takes the time to explore these scenarios with a guest every week.

Helen Bauer and Rosie Jones will probe the guest on the pivotal moments in their early life; from childhood, to romance, and everywhere in between, we want the highs and lows that make it so obvious that this craving for attention ensured our guest was a born entertainer.

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Dec 05 2019 · 46mins