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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Amy Shaw. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Amy Shaw, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Amy Shaw. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Amy Shaw, often where they are interviewed.

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Source Saturday: Dr. Amy Shaw and “Making the Best of It: Canadian Women during World War Two"

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Dr. Amy Shaw discusses her co-edited collection on women and girls in Canada and Newfoundland during WW2. *Dr. Shaw underscores that by listening to the women themselves – the archival sources and oral histories that are available – we can complicate the ways we understand wartime for women in Canada and Newfoundland. We also talk about a photograph from the Royal Canadian Navy and how camaraderie and safety was presented to young women and their parents as being aspects of military service.

Buy the book here: https://www.ubcpress.ca/making-the-best-of-it

More about Amy: Amy Shaw is an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Lethbridge and a research associate with the Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic, and Disarmament Studies. She is the author of Crisis of Conscience: Conscientious Objection in Canada during the First World War and coeditor of A Sisterhood of Suffering and Service: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland during the First World War.

Learn more about me at https://www.SamanthaCutrara.com/

Order Transforming the Canadian History Classroom: Imagining a New 'We': 



#MeaningfulLearning #RemembranceDay #ChallengeCdnHist

Nov 13 2020 · 26mins
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#7 - Amy Shaw on Fitness, Food and Feeling Good!

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This week we are joined by co-owner, co-founder and coach, Amy Shaw. We are talking about fitness, food and the relationship between the two. Being able to talk from experience, Amy shares the things she has struggled with over the years, the things that have helped her improve her own relationship with food and the role that fitness plays in allowing her to feel good, eat well and get the most out of life. I really enjoyed hearing Amy's story and I hope you do too!

As always, share with those you feel may benefit from taking a listen and give us a shout with any thoughts, questions or suggestions.

Head to @valescofitnesscollective and @vfcapparel (exciting right!?) on Instagram and Facebook and www.valesco.fitness to find us online and see what else is going on in our world!

Thanks for listening Team!

Oct 03 2020 · 39mins

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Episode 15: Hard Decisions & the Power of Customer-Centric Design, featuring Amy Shaw & Deb Evans

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This episode features a conversation with Amy Shaw, COO and Deb Evans, Project & Event Manager of the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. Listen in as we dive into their story of how to know when it's time to do away with something even when it's making you money...and the journey, and courage, of launching something brand new.

Connect with the Greater Binghamton Chamber: https://greaterbinghamtonchamber.com

Learn more about Bing Biz Con 2020 and register: www.BingBizCon.com

Connect with Rachel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thebrandboss

Connect with The Brand Boss Show: www.thebrandbossshow.com

Follow The Brand Boss Show on Instagram: @thebrandbossshow

Show Summary:

  • If it's not serving them, it's not serving you...even if it's making you money
  • The Rebrand Journey
  • Bing Biz Con 2020
Mar 10 2020 · 46mins
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046: Amy Shaw, Director of Production and Business Development at Canal Collective

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Amy comes on the show today to share her award-winning experience in broadcast TV, digital, and content creation for luxury and beauty brands. She also provides insight into working brand direct and the art of celebrity and social influencer talent.

Key Takeaways

[:30] Heather introduces Amy and asks her to share how she made her way into production from being a magazine photo editor to jumping into advertising and proceeding to work for a long list of brands endorsed by celebrities!

[9:53] Heather’s dogs make an appearance in the podcast.

[10:51] Amy touches on the changes she’s seen at the agency, brand and freelance levels.

[12:59] Heather breaks down a timeline of what used to be asked of her in terms of content as opposed to what is being required nowadays.

[17:20] Amy currently does mostly brand direct work, she explains why this type of work is increasing as well as how the creative process goes on in-house.

[21:32] Getting work as a freelancer unfolds at a different pace, but networking still takes the cake!

[24:17] LinkedIn is an interesting tool and Amy has used it as a pool for resources on projects. Amy shares a funny story about Instagram’s parents!

[27:22] Amy speaks to her various involvements in the art community as a source for new artists.

[29:44] Each brand has its own process for approving jobs, Amy shares some examples and touches on treatments and their almost standard nature.

[32:06] Amy touches on a new trend she’s been seeing where brands will fall in love with a photographer that represents them well and keep working with them for as long as possible. Heather agrees and drives the point home as well as opens up the conversation about surprising partnerships.

[38:12] Heather thanks Amy for coming on the podcast!

Thanks for listening.

In an industry where the rules are always changing, it’s helpful to hear from those on the front line. Heather Elder is the visionary behind NotesFromARep’sJournal.com; visit her website for industry updates, stunning photography and video, and the artists behind the work.

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Mar 02 2020 · 39mins

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203. Amy Shaw: Interim President and CEO at Nine Network of Public Media

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Guest Amy Shaw, Interim President and CEO at Nine Network of Public Media, stops by to talk about the importance of branding, public media, and how our area leads the nation in a surprising way.

Jan 27 2020 · 12mins
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Amy Shaw

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Amy and I talk about engagement and content, Nine Network, favorite curse word, Jorge Riopedre of Casa de Salud, Public Commons Area, safe and sacred space, issues of Ferguson, spontaneous chanting, Whose Streets?, American Graduate, give voice, give life to stories, Jim Kirchherr, nickname Rolodex, Ruth Ezell, bad mortgage, it's your fault, wrong narrative, pathway to trusted help, big and juicy, Sue Livingston (Sue, where are you?!), highest need for highest impact, nobody's phoning it in, the opening of Six Flags, re-homed pets, hiding in the furnace room and Meeko.
Jan 14 2019 · 25mins
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How to Present a Virtual Press Conference, with Amy Shaw

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Amy K. Shaw, Associate Director of Public Relations at SNM (http://www.snm.org), shares the results of her organization's amazing success with obtaining media coverage at their annual conference by presenting a well-planned press conference, including the element of a virtual press conference created with Ustream live streaming online video. To download Amy Shaw's PowerPoint presentation (11 slides) about this press conference, visit http://www.adfero.com/viralvideopdfs/... Conversations in Public Relations is produced by Mary Fletcher Jones and David Hyson. Recorded December 2009.
Dec 21 2009 · 8mins
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Anatomy of a Press Conference; with Amy Shaw

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If you've ever wondered what kind of work goes into producing a press conference, tune in as SNM's Associate Director of Public Relations Amy Shaw shares best practices for obtaining media coverage. Amy discusses how to connect with reporters, how to hold a virtual press conference, and how to maintain momentum and relationships after the press conference. Recorded in December 2009. Produced by Mary Fletcher Jones and David Hyson for Conversations in Public Relations.
Dec 21 2009 · 4mins