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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jeffrey Epstein. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jeffrey Epstein, often where they are interviewed.

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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jeffrey Epstein. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jeffrey Epstein, often where they are interviewed.

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Jeffrey Epstein's Life and Mysterious Death

Killer Instinct
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Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier who was convicted of sex trafficking charges, and his mysterious death is the subject of endless fascination. This week, Savannah explores Jeffrey's life leading up to his death in a New York federal prison, including how he amassed his substantial wealth and why his exclusive clientele has led to suspicion over his suicide.

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May 20 2020



Quoth the Raven #193 - Whitney Webb on Coronavirus, Government Surveillance & Jeffrey Epstein

Quoth the Raven
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Whitney Webb joins me to talk about the coronavirus, the potential for government surveillance, AI, North Korea and Jeffrey Epstein.

Whitney Webb is a news journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism.

You can follow her on Twitter @_whitneywebb

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May 07 2020

1hr 52mins


25: The Construct - Jeffrey Epstein

The Portal
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Over half a year ago, immediately following the reported death of Jeffrey Epstein, Eric recorded a solo episode that he never released in hopes that its subject matter would be overtaken by investigative journalism. As this has not happened, it is being released with some trepidation in March of 2020 due to the issue of state involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.  

Eric discusses his memories of his single bizarre meeting (circa 2004?) with Jeffrey Epstein in Epstein's 71st St townhouse in Manhattan. While at that meeting, Eric was surprised by Epstein's strange behaviors and came to the conclusion that it was highly unlikely that Epstein was likely to be the money manager he claimed. Instead, Eric came to the conclusion that the person with whom he was sitting was more probably a construction of one or more intelligence agencies, interested alternatively in powerful actors and scientists.

This 15 year hypothesis and Epstein's mysterious death lead to Eric's four questions: 

A) Where are the newspaper stories tracking the financial records from the Villard House offices on Madison Avenue of Jeffrey Epstein's hedge fund and financial management firm J. Epstein & Co.? Who holds these records? What trades do they show? Who were the prime brokers? Where are any former employees who executed trades? Was there never a hedge fund at all? If not, is the inexplicable Epstein fortune and the missing Robert Maxwell fortune actually one and the same fortune? 

B) Where are the newspaper stories detailing the known border crossings where Ghislaine Maxwell's passports were last presented to the immigration agents of any government? Where was her last known social engagement? Is she continuing to file and pay taxes? Why is she not being sought by law enforcement and where is the government request for any information as to her last whereabouts? How did this person simply vanish in a world where Tech tracks everyone at all times? Where did her digital trail run cold? 

C) Where are the newspaper stories asking whether Jeffrey Epstein was known to be connected to any US or foreign intelligence agencies? Where are the on-the-record stories asking if the US and its allies categorically deny refusing to work with any known child sex traffickers? Why has have such questions not terminated in at least a categorical denial or "no comment" response or even a refusal to discuss "sources and methods"? 

D) Why is there no routine call from Journalists, Senators, Congressmen and women, Academics, Clergy or Business leaders for hearings into the intelligence communities in the wake of Epstein and related affairs, as there was during the 1970s when the Church and Pike committees uncovered dirty tricks campaigns against lawful citizens? Why are these agencies now protected and immune in a way that they were not previously? 

Mar 07 2020

1hr 9mins


199: The Perverse World Jeffrey Epstein Part 2 w Diana Espir

Be Here For A While
Episode artwork
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An ongoing series about the web of corruption and child sex trafficking of some of the world's 1% of wealthy individuals with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell at the center.

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Feb 23 2020

1hr 2mins


195: Deep Dive: The Perverse World of Jeffrey Epstein w Diana Espir

Be Here For A While
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To quote a recent Vanity Fair article about Epstein. 'Epstein liked having secrets and enjoyed the way those secrets kept people off-balance. “He always wanted to give the impression that he was an international man of mystery—‘I control everyone and everything, I collect people, I own people, I can damage people,’ ” says an ex-girlfriend.'  But that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Epstein was the mastermind behind a sex-trafficking ring of underage girls that crossed state and country lines and included a web of powerful people including a member of the royal family, politicians, professors etc. who either participated or simply turned a blind eye.  One of them being is longtime girlfriend/friend Ghislaine Maxwell, who young women have alleged that Ghislaine was both part of the sex-trafficking ring, bringing underage girls to Epstein, and a sexual participant.  The victims are survivors and they deserve their story told so please listen and also do your own research and talk to your friends and family about this important issue.



If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, reach out for help.  In the US, you can contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline by calling 1-800-656-HOPE. Or you can chat anonymously with a hotline staffer by messaging RAINN at

Also visit Virginia Robert's website Victims Refuse Silence

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Jan 24 2020

1hr 27mins


Jensen and Holes: Winter Distraction: Jeffrey Epstein (with Small Town Dicks)

Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad
Episode artwork
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On this week's Winter Distraction, Billy and Paul welcome the crew from the podcast Small Town Dicks. Billy, Paul, Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpsons from The Simpsons) and Detectives Dan and Dave will discuss one of the biggest pop culture crime cases in the past year—the Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide.” We delve into the background that first brought Epstein to the attention of law enforcement, the gross mishandling of his first criminal cases, those he was close to, his final days and the autopsy report. 

Jan 20 2020

1hr 20mins


Episode 366: The Truth Behind The Jeffrey Epstein Case w/ Ryan Dawson

Free Man Beyond the Wall
Episode artwork
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54 Minutes

Adult Themes

This is part 2 of an interview with Ryan Dawson. Ryan is the host of The Anti Neo-Con Report which appears on his YouTube channel, Ryan Dawson, linked below. Ryan has researched Jeffrey Epstein and has not only come away with information on the child trafficking and rape, but his business dealings going all the way back to his first "job."

Ryan's Youtube Channel

Ryan on Twitter

Trick or Treason by Robert Parry

Compromised by Terry Reed

Fool's Errand by Scott Horton

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Jan 20 2020



FF 210 - Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Hoax Exposed with Larry Levine

Lions of Liberty
Episode artwork
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Larry Levine joins John to discuss the Jeffrey Epstein suicide hoax, which is becoming more absurd by the day.

Larry is an expert in Federal Criminal Law and understands the prison system better than anyone. During a ten year stint in prison he served time in 11 different Federal Correctional Institutions in California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Oklahoma. 

Larry has been on the show three times previously. He is the founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants and host of the radio show Street Justice with Larry Levine. He's been a contributor to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and several major news organizations providing expert information on Federal Prison and what people experience when incarcerated.

Check out Larry's prior appearances on the show: How Larry Levine Turned the Prison System Upside DownLarry Levine on Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and the Hollywood CheatersLarry Levine Shares How he Predicted Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Jan 10 2020

1hr 3mins


Episode 222 - Forensically Deconstructing Jeffrey Epstein Part 14

Real Crime Profile
Episode artwork
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Suicide or homicide? Laura and Jim discuss their opinions with Lisa along with Virginia Guiffre's @VRSVirginia first UK interview with BBC Panorama and her response to Prince Andrew's interview.






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Dec 18 2019

1hr 1min


Episode 221 - A Behavioural Analysis of Prince Andrew - Forensically Deconstructing Jeffrey Epstein Part 13

Real Crime Profile
Episode artwork
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Laura, Jim and Lisa continue to discuss their behavioural break down of Prince Andrew's interview and discuss the fall out.






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Dec 13 2019