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#073 Seb Answers Questions from our Podcast Audience. Seb Francis: Co-Founder, Titus Learning

3.5X Podcast: | Start-ups | Entrepreneurs | Scale-ups

In this episode we are changing things up a little and answering your questions. Seb breaks down his journey and shares some tips and tricks to get yourself started in business. The 10 questions from the audience focussed on Seb starting his edTech business; Titus Learning. Seb as always gives an honest account of what he's experienced in the hopes that you can all learn and take inspiration from it. We'll be releasing more content like this as well as our usual interview podcasts. Questions asked by the audience: 1. How did you come up with the idea for your business? 2. How long have you and your business partner worked together? 3. Did you need lots of money to start the business? 4. Did you write a business plan and do your market research. 5. What is the best way to do a business plan? 6. How do Virgin Startup loans work? 7. What did you spend your startup capital on and how long was it before your team grew? 8. Did you start the business without an office? 9. Do you hire Freelancers in your business? 10. Has your growth been steady? . Titus website: https://www.tituslearning.com In this episode we cover: Idea generation Business loans Business plans and much more We hope you enjoy the episode and please subscribe to our podcast. New episode every Wednesday. — — — — Remember to follow us on our social channels below where we deliver you valuable tips, tricks and content daily! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/threepointfiveX/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/threepointfivex/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/threepointfivex LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/threepointfivex/


25 Nov 2020

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#069 “Do you REALLY want this?!" Kapes CEO & Co-Founders Matthew Benjamin & Seb Francis

3.5X Podcast: | Start-ups | Entrepreneurs | Scale-ups

In this special episode we talk to CEO & Founder of Kapes: Matthew Benjamin alongside our very own Seb Francis who is also a Co Founder of Kapes. See the Episode on youtube here: https://youtu.be/SfCS2NNZTfQ "If you want a business that's going to be thriving in 20 ,30, 40, 50 years from now, then you got too, from a logical point of view, get sustainability in there from the start"! As you can see this episode is slightly different for two reasons. One, it's our first face to face interview as both founders are now based in Dubai. Two, Seb has invested in this company and is also the Co Founder working alongside the other Co Founders Matthew Benjamin and Michael Bennett. We learn in this episode all about Kapes and it's CEO Matthew and we see why Seb was attracted to the investment opportunity. Kapes is the world's most sustainable school uniform company. This is their WHY: "Kapes was born from wanting to find a way to fight the climate crisis and revolutionise the school uniform market at the same time. We place sustainability at the heart of everything we do, to help give a brighter future to as many children as possible. That’s also why for every uniform sold, we give a free one to a child in need. This helps children stay in school, giving them a better chance to rise out of poverty. And by teaching Kapes kids about how their clothes are made and how the people who make them are treated, we hope to influence a new generation of conscious consumers. But perhaps best of all, they can see how the simple act of wearing their Kapes uniform is already helping the planet and other kids all around the world." Matt is the CEO and founder of Kapes. He has been working in the clothing and textiles industry since 2010, starting out with Tom James (the world's largest custom clothing company) before launching sustainable menswear tailor Benjamin Siggers in 2017. In founding Kapes, Matt has combined his expertise for finding sustainable textile solutions with his natural passion for helping the next generation. He strongly believes in educating children to be more connected to the clothes they wear, the people who make them and the places they are made. Originally from London, he has resided in the UAE since 2012. Matt is an avid sports lover and a big fan of the West Indies cricket team. Kapes also gives back! They are passionate about helping all children fulfil their potential, so they can grow up to become the future change makers the world really needs. That's why Kapes gives away a free school uniform for every one they sell. See the website here: https://kapes.co/ In this episode we cover: Sustainability Business Growth Entrepreneurship Matt's journey Internationalisation Exporting Black Lives Matter Black History Month And much more... We hope you enjoy the episode and please subscribe to our podcast. New episode every Wednesday. — — — — Remember to follow us on our social channels below where we deliver you valuable tips, tricks and content daily! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/threepointfiveX/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/threepointfivex/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/threepointfivex LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/threepointfivex/


28 Oct 2020

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Championing Open Source learning in the UK and International Schools with Seb Francis, Titus

The eLearning Podcast

№8 Seb Francis, TitusMy guest for today’s episode is Seb Francis. Seb is the Co-Founder and CEO of Titus, A Certified Premium Partner of Moodle in the UK, Hong Kong and UAE. In these countries, Titus helps organizations of all stripes to get started, scale and make the most of Moodle, and more recently Moodle Workplace.For the company’s efforts on “championing” and capitalizing on high-profile initiatives, including the largest installation of Moodle Workplace in the world to date, last year Moodle HQ recognized Titus with the Moodle Appreciation Partner of the Year Award, the first time ever given.You can get a glimpse of Titus and Seb’s philosophy in his talk on our Elearning Success Summit, titled “Zero Stress LMS Implementation.”In this exciting conversation Seb and I talk about:Why, despite Moodle’s track record in innovation and new features, Seb believes Workplace has the potential to take the Open Source LMS into a completely new chapter.Why the value of Open Source systems like Moodle does not lie on them having all the best features, but on achieving a level of interoperability that allows you to connect the best integrations without hassle.How remote working and learning arrangements are opening people’s minds about increasing team productivity and reaching many times more students in more engaging ways.The importance of understanding the diverse landscape of students’ own learning environment and homes. (And why Netflix is your ally when working on issues of race and social justice in your classroom.)~💗💍~ Visit LMSPulse.com and subscribe to get our newsletter and let you know when next episodes come out. Join our eLearning Success Summithttps://www.elearningsuccesssummit.com/ LMSPulse Mediahttps://linktr.ee/lmspulse


29 Sep 2020

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#051: '3 things I’ve learned from starting a business' with Seb Francis

3.5X Podcast: | Start-ups | Entrepreneurs | Scale-ups

In June, podcast host Seb Francis featured on the Venturi Podcast speaking about the '3 things I’ve learned from starting a business'. Venturi are an incredibly innovative company that help with tech recruitment. You can find out more about Venturi here. Here is what they wrote about the episode -      Sebastian is the co-founder and director of Titus Learning. As the co-founder of Titus Learning Sebastian has always championed e-learning and alternate educational routes. After a brief stint at university, he found he worked best when engaging in ‘non-traditional’ educational avenues. This realisation saw him set up Titus Learning to bring the advantages of e-learning courses to as many people as possible.         Key points covered in this show include: How e-learning is disrupting the ‘traditional’ education sectors How can we create a tech curriculum that can adapt to the pace of change of technology   Seb's three lessons These are the three key lessons Seb learned when running his own company: Hire Quicker / hire more‘I would have hired quicker and hired more people if I could have done. There were times where I was probably too cautious. I had cash sat there and I thought I could get people in but said ‘lets hold off until we’ve got to X point’. That point may never come, so hire people when you believe it is right too. The real turning point for my business was when I started hiring and getting more people onboard.’       Make sure what you're doing is affecting your companies bottom line ‘You need to make sure everything you’re doing is positively affecting your businesses bottom line. You might go through a good few months of sales and be tempted to shift your focus on to an untested idea at the expense of your sales. Be careful about that. Always ask yourself is this action increasing my profits and if it isn’t doing that straight away make sure you have a vision for how the project can make you money in the future.’   Have fun with it‘This one’s a bit cheesy but seriously have fun running your business. It can be really tough at times and there are times where you lose motivation. I find it’s expected of people running companies that they never lose any motivation. But ultimately anyone running a company is only human so don’t be too hard on your self and enjoy your work because you’ll find if you do that your staff will too.’  


15 Jul 2019

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#5: "An idea is only worth anything when it's put into action" with Seb Francis

3.5X Podcast: | Start-ups | Entrepreneurs | Scale-ups

So this episode is a little different :) A while back I was contacted by Lisimba Pink who hosts his very own podcast. I was super excited to hear that he wanted to feature me, and chat about what I've achieved with Titus, and my own entrepreneurial journey to date. I really enjoyed chatting with Lisimba, and felt there were some useful pointers in my own story to share with everyone. I've kindly 'borrowed' Lisimba's show notes and details below for you to refer to. Hope you enjoy! In the episode we discuss: An introduction to Seb Francis Seb's motivations for becoming an entrepreneur We hear a story about one of Seb's first money making ventures Seb explains if you need to reinvent the wheel in creating a new business? What is a lifestyle business? We find out if sacrifices helped get Seb to where he is today Seb shares how his company grew internationally We learn how to deal with the cultural challenges of doing business abroad We find out how Titus Learning is doing in business We find out how technology is affecting the education industry What to do if you want to create software for your business What to do if you don’t have money to develop your idea, and your scared of someone stealing your idea Seb shares where he gets his inspiration from What Seb learnt from Sir Richard Branson We find out more about Seb's up and coming podcast, Startup Secrets Seb shares a story about one of his failures in business We learn what Seb wishes he knew before he started in business Good places to network We find out what is working in promoting Titus Learning Links and resources mentioned: Seb Francis Twitter  Seb Francis Instagram Titus Learning Website Titus Learning Twitter Education is GREAT Blog post Department for International Trade  Lisimba Pink Podcast Homework: Make a list of problems or things that bug / pester you everyday Review your notes to see if there is anything in your list, that could be applied to a wider audience Use this to find a real market pain point, not just an irritation, and a solution thereafter


19 May 2017