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Kokomio Head Coconut (CEO) Alan Cohen

The Art of Improvement

Kokomio Head Coconut (CEO) Alan Cohen talks about Kokomio, a unique beverage that blends coconut water and pulp together for a taste that’s richer than water, lighter than a smoothie, and more refreshing than both. He discusses how it came to be and the growth of the company.


27 Nov 2021

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Alan Cohen – Medical Physicist with Arkansas’ CARTI Oncology Health network

Out of the Gray (Gy) - Standard Imaging

Join us as we discuss what’s new for CARTI with Alan Cohen and hear his thoughts on the future of RadOnc/MedPhys!


5 Nov 2021

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Episode 83: Alan Cohen of DCVC on Investing in Deep Tech For Humanity


Alan Cohen is a partner at DCVC, a highly regarded venture capital firm who pioneered the concept of investing in Deep Tech. Alan has helped lead and grow some of the most influential enterprise IT companies in the world. This includes serving as a VP of Enterprise for Cisco. He has also advised companies like Box, Cohesity, Netskope and Mobile Iron. He has been on the leadership teams of breakthrough companies like Nicira and Illumio. At DCVC he tracks innovations across multiple sectors of the economy and helps steer investments. He also sits on the boards of several DCVC portfolio companies, many of which we talked about in this OODAcast. We certainly talk tech with Alan, and he is the perfect guy to examine some of the more exciting breakthroughs being achieved through Deep Tech investing. But were pleased to learn his foundational story was not in a high tech field. He was an avid reader as a child and for his education pursued an English undergraduate and then completed a Master of Arts in English. In our discussion it becomes clear his love for a good narrative story paid off in his ability to seek out the deeper meaning of tech and express its impact in the language of business decision-makers. In our review of the narrative of Alan’s own career we suss out a significant lesson that informs his mental model for decision-making. There is a threat to good decisions, especially decisions in due diligence. This threat is the human mind’s ability to deceive itself, especially through confirmation bias. In Alan’s view, the hardest thing about being an investor or decision-maker is avoiding this confirmation bias. Things that make a person successful earlier in a career can be the things that trip you up at other stages. He sites Tony Soprano, who used to say ‘Remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation. Too much nostalgia leads to too strong of a confirmation bias. Note: At the time of our interview with Alan one of the partners at DCVC had just returned from Space, having flown on the same Deep Blue flight with William Shatner. We discuss some of the relevance of this to technology innovation and leadership with Alan. Some of the firms we discuss with Alan include: Evolv: Applies sensors, data, and machine learning to detect and prevent a wide set of global threats to people. Planet Labs: Planet uses over 150 of its satellites in orbit and powerful AI to image the entire Earth every day, making global change visible, accessible, and actionable. Rocket Lab: Delivers a range of complete rocket systems and technologies for fast and low-cost payload deployment. Capella Space: Persistent and reliable information from space independent of weather and light conditions using synthetic aperture radar. Atomwise: Breakthrough products for pharma and agricultural companies with novel AI for atom-by-atom chemistry. Recursion: Discovers transformative new life science treatments by applying breakthrough AI and computer vision to understand the behavior of millions of living human cells in parallel Primer: Primer helps parse and collate a large number of documents across several languages Illumio: stops cyber threats by dynamically enforcing segmentation and policy on every point of compute and storage, on premise or in the cloud, with lights-out, hands-free management. Agility Robotics: Bi-ped humanoid robots to automate pick/place tasks in logistics. Pivot Bio: Fueled by an innovative drive and a deep understanding of the microbiome, Pivot Bio is pioneering transformative advances in fertilizer and crop nutrition. These are just a few of the Deep Tech firms the DCVC team has been investing in and helping grow. These and many others have already made direct positive benefits in terms of helping fight global warming, defeating pandemics, reducing death from terminal diseases and helping defend democracy from hostile threats. For more see: DCVC


22 Oct 2021

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Alan Cohen: ACIM Made Easy

A Course in Miracles - Archive

Alan Cohen, longtime ACIM student and acclaimed author, has a new book titled A Course in Miracles Made Easy. Alan shares beautiful and inspiring stories of a practical application of ACIM teachings that are sure to help you deepen your practice. In this week's episode, Jennifer Hadley talks with author Alan Cohen who shares about how to be a happy learner in a world with terrorism and confusion. Together, Alan and Jennifer share how to truly live A Course in Miracles one day at a time. To learn more about A Course in Miracles, please visit JenniferHadley.com.Originally aired 12/08/2015


15 Sep 2021

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1218 | Alan Cohen: “If It’s Not a Hell Yes It’s a Hell No.”

The Quote of the Day Show | Daily Motivational Talks

On today’s episode, Alan Cohen shares his valuable insight on the two most essential life lessons. As he says, “Do what brings you life, and quit what deadens you.” To put it simply, consider first before you do or pursue something if what you’re about to do would either enliven you or deaden you. If you can’t do it with all your heart, then don’t do it. It’s either a hell yes, or it’s a hell no.Source: Seminar of The Century - Woodstock for the mindGet your FREE copy of The Course Cure here.Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on InstagramWant ad-free episodes? Visit your App Store and download the Stitcher app. Join Stitcher Premium and listen to QOD commercial-free!


3 Aug 2021

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Ep #325: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence - with Alan Cohen

The ShiftShapers Podcast

This episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast is called "The Importance of Emotional Intelligence" with Alan Cohen, President at ASC Coaching & Speaking, TEDx speaker, and author of "The Connection Challenge" and "Those Difficult Talks." Today, Alan defines emotional intelligence and a key aspect of it known as empathy. He also discusses the role of self-assessment in leadership to overcome blind spots and how a shared purpose can make people transcend pettiness and achieve greatness. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3joyysI


31 Aug 2020

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Harry Potter, Building Connection, and Emotional Intelligence with Alan Cohen

Master Your Mind, Business and Life

Today’s guest is Alan Cohen, Alan is an executive coach, team consultant and Emotional Intelligence expert. Alan Cohen spent decades as both a marketing expert and Human Resources consultant, he presided over the successful launch of the Harry Potter series as Scholastic’s Director of Marketing, as well as Director of Communications for the Broadway League. Alan then shifted into becoming more purpose driven, became a coach, and has since helped helped and inspired senior level executives and teams to become more connected to their lives and business goals, resulting in greater performance, and highly improved business results. Did y’all catch those little two words I dropped in there…. Harry… Potter? Yeah, we’re going there. Grab the full episode notes on: mindbizlife.com


29 Jul 2020

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Love University with Dr. Alexander Avila

Who is your daily companion?  Fear or Love?  This is the fundamental question you need to answer on a daily basis. For many people, fear, worry, and stress are their daily tormenters—harassing them with the dark and catastrophic possibilities of what could go wrong in our uncertain and topsy-turvy world. Now there is hope in the form of love and miracle lessons, courtesy of our Love University friend, Alan Cohen, bestselling spiritual author and contributor to the inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Here some nuggets of wisdom that Alan shared with us on how to live our life like a miracle and receive the love and riches the universe has to offer us. *Kill your ego.   Our ego is the false perception of who we are—an accumulation of critical thoughts from our past, societies’ expectations, and labels (name, physical appearance, social status). According to Alan, we need to get rid of this false ego and substitute it for our true self: Our loving, powerful, and intuitive higher nature.  You can do this by doing the things you love:  a meditative/spiritual practice, spending time with loved ones—love partner, children, animals—doing creative and humanitarian work; making a contribution to the world. When you live from your higher self, your lower self of fear, doubt, and self-pity will disappear—leaving you free to be who you really are:  A lover of life and others. *End the world. In our current world crisis, some people fear that the world is going to actually end—in a physical sense: Destruction, war, pestilence, and mass death are their predictions.  Yet, according to Alan, that is not the end of the world we need or want.  What is required is that we end the false world (our mistaken mental image) of fear, hate, sadness, and division—leaving behind the previous nasty world of strife, fear, and pain. Instead, says Alan, we need to ask (pray) for a new world—one of peace, unity, and humanhood.  By asking for a miracle—a transformative collective change of mind—we can bring the positive elements of love, compassion, and empathy into the earth and into our personal lives as well. *Love attracts riches.  Many people have money and wealth all wrong. They think that if they have money, they will find happiness, love, or peace.  Alan explains that we need a reversal. We need to feel and express love, and then the money and prosperity will come to us.  "Do what you love and the money will flow to you" is a classic, but true, statement.  Be generous and give your customers, clients, employees, and associates more than they expect, and you will receive abundance in return—maybe not from the person you gave to, but from some other source you didn’t expect.  The truth is that the universe rewards you when you use money as a form of loving energy.  When you buy a product or service you want, you pay for it with this symbol called “money.”   When you see money as a form of loving energy, instead of merely a financial transaction, you visualize yourself expressing gratitude and love for the product or service you just received. Then, the person who receives your money can feel gratitude and appreciation for what you gave them. Now, they can use that money to buy products and services with loving appreciation. On and on, this loving money energy is spread around the world and becomes an instrument for contribution, comfort, and joy to the earth’s inhabitants.  *Give up struggle; burn with the fire of purpose.   In our workaholic, 24-7 technology society, it is commonly believed that we have to struggle, sacrifice, and suffer pain to accomplish our dreams and goals. That is false, says Alan.  The word “struggle” refers to a mentality, not an action. It is a mindset based on fear, chasing, and insecurity—in which you frantically strive after things, people, and outcomes without knowing when you can ever rest. Struggle is a painful mindset. On the other hand, hard work toward a beloved goal is action combined with faith and vision.  You can accomplish great things if you work hard, persevere, and overcome obstacles from the perspective of celebrating your vision—building a great family or career (business), fulfilling your creative (spiritual) potential, leaving a legacy of love and goodness.   In reality, struggle is not required for success; in fact, it can debilitate you and take away your energy. What is needed is that you burn with your purpose in life—your meaning for being here on earth—while at the same time relaxing and allowing your Higher Nature (God, spirit, reality) to bring you the things you really need. Working in partnership with your Higher Nature, you can have the best of both worlds: a calm, secure, and peaceful mind that is still determined, hardworking, and achievement-oriented.  When you achieve this ideal balance, obstacles will evaporate before your very eyes, and you will see the results you want sooner than you could ever have imagined. *Practice inward comparison.  Mark Twain said, “Comparison is the death of joy.”  Yet many people compare themselves with others to try to feel better. Social psychology tells us about upward and downward comparison. When people compare themselves to another person who is doing better than them, they’re likely to feel inferior in comparison. When they compare themselves to someone who is doing worse (making less money, less attractive spouse, smaller house), they’re likely to feel better—until the next person comes along who has more than they do.  When they live from outer comparison, they will undoubtedly end up feeling shaky and insecure—always looking over the shoulder to see if the next comparison will be in their favor. The solution is to practice inward comparison—only compare yourself to yourself. Ask yourself: How much have I improved, grown, or learned since my previous days?  Perhaps, you still need to grow and improve, but chances are, you can point out some areas where you are better, or at least grateful, for what you have.  Think of your accomplishments, successes, and lessons learned—be grateful for your talents, your loved ones, your experiences. The more you compare yourself to your own inner growth, the more positive you will feel about your life and the more motivated you will be to achieve even more. Yes, you can live a miraculous life worth living, despite the turmoil and uncertainty of the world. By ending your false perception of yourself and the world, and substituting a vision of love, contribution, and unity, you can start to achieve your fullest potential and help others achieve theirs. Along the way, you will reverse your old way of thinking: You will relax instead of struggle, give instead of frantically trying to receive, love instead of waiting to be loved.  Once you do this, you will realize that the miracle was inside you all along: Love has always been your companion; the door to miraculous living has always been open. All you have to do is walk through the entrance and claim the world of joy, happiness, and contribution that belongs to you.


23 Jul 2020

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Alan Cohen

Write A Way Podcast

Write A Way Podcast host Jeffery Martin and his guest Alan Cohen discuss poems, writing, and the importance of getting out in nature.   plantmypoetry.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/jeffery-martin/message


11 Jul 2020

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Growing In Uncertain Times - Alan Cohen

Market Impact Insights

DCVC Partner Alan Cohen, a strategic advisor, investor and technology executive for multi-billion dollar companies, joins Dan Albaum for a thought provoking look at what businesses should be doing to successfully overcome today's market uncertainties to achieve long term success.


7 Apr 2020