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the bigger picture, boba fett, and convictions

no creamer

guest: benjamin cheatham @benjamin.cheatham--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nocreamer/support


10 May 2021

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Case File 035: Boba Fett

Rogues Gallery

The level of fandom surrounding Boba Fett always seemed a little disproportionate to what he actually does on screen. The costume certainly makes an impression, but the way The Empire Strikes Back seemed to be building him up made his unceremonious sendoff in Return of the Jedi feel so perplexing and anticlimactic. For decades, the only place to turn for more substantial Boba Fett stories was the Star Wars Expanded Universe - a series of novels, comics, and other tie-in merchandise that helped flesh out some of the unexplored corners of this galaxy. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, however, it was decided that the EU was no longer canon. One of the consequences of that was Boba Fett's fate post-Return of the Jedi. Did he even survive the Sarlac Pit? Fortunately, season two of The Mandalorian would eventually provide fans with an answer. For the first time in live-action, they'd get a version of the character that attempted to live up to the legend. Topics include: how the Lucasfilm design team retooled a concept for "Super Stormtroopers" to create our favorite intergalactic bounty hunter, Boba Fett's actual first appearance, the much more ambitious plans George Lucas had for Fett in the original trilogy and why those were scaled back, Disney's controversial decision to wipe the Expanded Universe from canon, notable projects featuring Fett that never came to fruition, our thoughts on his inclusion in season two of The Mandalorian, how we feel about the upcoming Book of Boba Fett series, and more! Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify Chris's Instagram & Twitter | Kristen's Instagram Chris & Kristen's Web Series: The Strange Case of Lucy Chandler

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5 May 2021

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Episode 28: NEW BOOK OF BOBA FETT SET LEAK! | Kessel Run Radio

Kessel Run Radio

Welcome to the the fastest Star Wars show in the Galaxy, Kessel Run Radio! Hosted by Noah Outlaw, Corey Van Dyke, and Clare Stribling. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!In this episode, Corey, Clare, and Noah discuss Book Of Boba Fett set leaks and more! Enjoy!


27 Mar 2021

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John Celestri: Star Wars Holiday Special Animator of Boba Fett

Talking Bay 94: Star Wars Interviews

The first time anyone caught a glimpse of the now infamous bounty hunter was in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. Yep. That one. We talk to Boba Fett's animator, the great John Celestri all about it: how Lucas got involved, what their inspirations were, and just a ton of great stories. Some other topics include: - Growing up wanting to be an animator (and being self-taught) - Getting involved with Nelvana (known for Ewoks and Droids), as well as how George Lucas first heard about the studio through Cosmic Christmas - Inspirations for the short ranging from Heavy Metal magazine and Moebius to Clint Eastwood You have a week, as of this publishing, to help with Mr. Celestri’s Kickstarter and get that Boba Fett sketch for yourself: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johncelestri/john-the-animator-comicx For even more Lucasfilm animation stories, check out Skytalkers’ incredible 3-part deep dive about animation: https://skytalkers.com/2020/07/25/star-wars-animation-1978-2012/ It is always so appreciated if you can leave a 5-star review of the show right here on your favorite podcast app, or on Podchaser: podchaser.com/TalkingBay94 Transcripts of previous episodes are starting to become available over at talkingbay94.com, which I hope will serve as a resource. For the rest of October, we have some incredible guests lined up: pre-production wizard David Dozoretz, the geniuses at BLIND LTD, and author of the infamous but beloved Glove of Darth Vader series: Paul Davids. As well as a few Mandalorian-related surprises. For more behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as a link to some of our other in-depth interviews, check out: Website: www.TalkingBay94.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/TalkingBay94 Facebook: www.facebook.com/TalkingBay94 Instagram: www.instagram.com/TalkingBay94


14 Oct 2020

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3. Boba Fett in the Mandalorian, Clone Wars Finale and the Future of the MCU with Ethan Farina

Protecting the Paint with Dylan Hunter Carter

I began today's episode on a solemn note, discussing the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and others at the hands of the police. Here's the link to my article on the subject: https://medium.com/@DylanHCarter/dont-be-afraid-to-use-your-voice-a6055d4f3d01 Then, we get Into the fun stuff! Today's episode is dedicated to chatting about Star Wars and the MCU. I'm rejoined by Ethan Farina to talk about our hopes for The Mandalorian Season 2 and Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano (4:31), our reactions to the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (22:57), other Star Wars characters that deserve recognition on Disney+ and in the extended universe (40:31) and what comes next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (51:36).Follow the Podcast on Twitter: @PTPwithDHC Follow Dylan on Twitter @DylanHCarter Follow Ethan on Twitter @EthanMarcel

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12 Jun 2020

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Altered Geek - 353 - Studio Owned Theaters, Boba Fett and Kickstarter Series


Steve is joined by TFG1 “The Retired” Mike to discuss Amazon and AMC, Movie Theaters being owned by Studios, Joker and Nightwing, BTS GCRN, Eidos Special, ‘The Mandalorian’: Temuera Morrison Returns to ‘Star Wars’ Universe to Play Boba Fett, Maimovie App and a plethora of other topics. All this and more on Altered Geek!(Syndicated From Our Friends At The Geekcast Radio Network)


17 May 2020

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New Batman Doesn't Work Out | Boba Fett is Returning | Avatar 2 | The Sean Chandler Podcast #14

The Sean Chandler Podcast

*** This is a live streaming of The Sean Chandler Podcast. We will do our best to respond to SuperChats and comments when appropriate *** GUEST - Zach Pope * Batman Will be Dark* Robert Pattison refuses to workout* Karen Gilliam to Replace Johnny on Pirates of the Caribbean* Temeura Morison returning as Boba Fest* Katee Sackhoff Joins ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 as Live-Action Version of Bo-Katan Kryze* Deadpool 3 Not Happening* Avatar 2* Capone Review

1hr 19mins

15 May 2020

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Studio Owned Theaters, Boba Fett and Kickstarter Series

Altered Geek

Steve is joined by TFG1 "The Retired" Mike to discuss Amazon and AMC, Movie Theaters being owned by Studios, Joker and Nightwing, BTS GCRN, Eidos Special, 'The Mandalorian': Temuera Morrison Returns to 'Star Wars' Universe to Play Boba Fett, Maimovie App and a plethora of other topics. All this and more on Altered Geek!


15 May 2020

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Episode 134 - Klee Wiggins GOATS Boba Fett, The OG Mandalorian

Nerd GOAT w/ Ed Greer and Ron Swallow

Ron and Ed go EEEEVIL -- kinda?! -- with Klee Wiggins and her villain-ish GOAT: Boba Fett from Star Wars! Witness the continuing saga of Ed Greer vs The Jedi! Klee is a super-talented comedy writer and standup comedian who can be seen on the MOVIE TRIVIA SCHMOEDOWN this Wednesday, 2/26! Follow @KleeWiggins on Twitter and @Klee_WigginsSF on Instagram to keep up with her insights on life, Star Wars, and her old ball-and-chain - our very own Ed Greer. — SUBSCRIBE TO 'REBOOT IT' ON YOUTUBE! Coming soon: Season Two! THIS WEEK ON PATREON: The Greatest Cartoons Of All Time! (and the Saturday morning cereal that helped make them great) — QUOTES: “I’m sorry that you can’t have fun with fantasy, or magic, or interesting things happening. I’m sorry about that for you, Ed. That there’s no joy in your heart to just enjoy a hero’s journey with a little bit of magic! That the idea that someone could get a little bit of luck, and have something good happen to them, is anathema to you!!” “I bet you ‘evil’ still gets more clicks than ‘chaotic neutral’.” “My mom is a nerd, and so she was an early adapter of the VCR. She’s one of those people that paid like $9000 for a VCR back in 1981, and then bought videotapes that cost like $150 each.” “Uh, ancient cloning? Cool, we’ll pull that. But Boba Fett being super cool? Uh, well, Jon Favreau will pull that and put it on TV, rather than the fking movies.” “Jacen. With a ‘c’. Because it’s fking space.” “We closed the store early, then we went in the porn section and smoked some hash, and then we went to go see Phantom Menace.” — SIGN UP FOR TOOTHBRUSHME.COM! Clean mouth. Clean planet. Dirt cheap. A lifetime-guaranteed handle and biodegradable toothbrush heads delivered direct to your door, for the same price you'd pay at a grocery store! See Ed every Monday and Tuesday on the Screen Junkies Universe livestream! Catch Ron on Jack of All Nerds! Subscribe, rate and review Nerd GOAT on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.

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24 Feb 2020

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#1 Marvel Netflix Black Widow Crossover -Boba Fett Is Back! - the downfall of the Avengers

As Art


7 Dec 2019