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Solving the protein problem with Bruce Friedrich

Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition

In Episode #148 I sit down with Bruce Friedrich, the founder and president of Good Food Institute, a non-for-profit organisation developing the roadmap for a sustainable, secure, and just global protein supply. Their objective? To create a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative.Hope you enjoy the episode.Resources:Connect with Bruce on TwitterVisit the Good Food Institute's websiteListen to Bruce on Rich Roll's podcast from a few weeks agoWant to support the show?If you are enjoying the Plant Proof podcast a great way to support the show is by leaving a review on the Apple podcast app. It only takes a few minutes and helps more people find the episodes.Simon Hill, Nutritionist, Sports PhysiotherapistCreator of Plantproof.com and host of the Plant Proof PodcastAuthor of The Proof is in the PlantsConnect with me on Instagram and TwitterDownload my two week meal planWant to support the show?


4 Aug 2021

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Bruce Friedrich On The Meatless Meat Moonshot

The Rich Roll Podcast

Imagine a day when alternative protein is no longer alternative. Welcome to the moonshot for meatless meat.When it comes to meat, the news is both good and bad. On the one hand, alternative protein innovation is at an all-time high, with ever more options stocked at grocery stores across the country. However, despite the cultural ascension and mainstreaming of all things vegan & plant-based, the unfortunate reality is that globally, meat consumption is actually the highest it’s ever been. And according to the UN, global meat production is projected to double by 2050.So what gives?To address this conundrum and bring us up to speed on the cultivated and plant-based meat state of affairs, I’m once again joined by my friend & resident expert on all things meatless meat, Bruce Friedrich—returning for his third appearance on the show (catch RRP 286 & 402if you missed them).Graduating magna cum laude from Georgetown Law with additional graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins and the London School of Economics, Bruce is the founder & president of The Good Food Institute, an international non-profit focused on facilitating the reimagination of meat production. He is also a TED Fellow, a Y Combinator alumnus, and a popular food innovation speaker at places like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT. Bruce has been profiled in The New York Times and many other prominent outlets and has penned op-eds for The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Wired, and many other publications.Today we pick up where we left off almost three years ago to assess the current state of the union on all things alternative protein.We discuss advances in both plant-based and cultivated meat. We review how the latest technological breakthroughs in fermentation, 3D printing and funghi (or mycoprotein) harvesting are changing the game. And we cover the political and regulatory landscape that frames the alternative protein movement—and the policy changes we need to realize a better food system for all.In addition we discuss the many problems solved by a global pivot to alternative proteins—including zoonotic disease, greenhouse gas emissions, resource reduction, and animal suffering.Overall, this is an optimistic forecast of food system innovation—how technology, urgency, and popular demand are rapidly converging to create healthy, sustainable, and compassionate solutions to help solve our current food, health, and environmental crises.To read more click here. You can also watch our exchange on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.As you will soon discover, Bruce is super smart. This episode is our smartest yet. Enjoy!Peace + Plants,Listen, Watch & SubscribeApple Podcasts | YouTube | Spotify | Stitcher | Google PodcastsThanks to this week’s sponsors:Seed: Stewarding the future of how we will use bacteria to restore and sustain human and planetary health, Seed’s DS-01TM Daily Synbiotic combines 24 clinically verified and naturally-occurring, probiotic strains with plant-based prebiotics. Visit seed.com/RICHROLL to learn more.Squarespace: The easiest way to create a beautiful website, blog, or online store for you and your ideas. Save 10% on your first purchase when you visit Squarespace.com/RICHROLL and use the discount code RICHROLL at checkout.ROKA: Cutting-edge eyewear & apparel built for top performance. Ultralight construction. Arms-Up Design. Official USAT Partner. If you’re active like me and wear prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, ROKA combines the no-slip performance you’ve been waiting for with fashionable frames. Visit roka.com and enter code RichRoll for 20% off.Theragun: With an OLED screen, a personalized Theragun app, and the quiet and power you need, there is no substitute for the Theragun Gen 4, starting at only $199. Try it for thirty days and experience the percussive therapy device that’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt at Theragun.com/RICHROLLFor a complete list of all RRP sponsors, vanity URLs & discount codes, visit Our Sponsors.Show Notes:Connect with Bruce Friedrich: Website | Twitter | LinkedInGood Food Institute: AboutNew York Times: Let’s Launch a Moonshot for Meatless MeatNew York Times: This Animal Activist Used to Get in Your Face. Now He’s Going After Your Palate.New York Times: What, Exactly, Is Meat? Plant-Based Food Producers Sue Missouri Over LabelingForbes: Why Near-Monopolies In Plant-Based Meat Aren’t Such A Bad ThingFast Company: Once we have lab-grown meat, will we still need animal advocacy?Washington Post: Biden’s Climate Change Package May Not Nix Cheeseburgers, But Science Says Beef Should Be On The Chopping BlockHear This Idea: Bruce Friedrich on Protein Alternatives and the Good Food InstituteTED: Meat Without Animals: The Future Of FoodTED: Market Forces and Food Technology Will Save the WorldEating Well: Meet the Innovator Behind the Plant-Based Meat MovementWashington Post: Lab-grown meat is better for the planet — and government should get involvedLos Angeles Times: Op-Ed: Is in vitro Meat the new in vitro fertilization?Food Navigator: Introducing RhizaDD: West Sacramento alternative meat company opens new fermentation plantFood Ingredients: Global regulatory policies for cell-based meat spotlighted by Good Food InstituteThe Guardian: Lab-grown meat firms attract sixfold increase in investmentYouTube: Growing Trend of ‘Clean’ Meat Offers Environmental BenefitsHOW CAN I SUPPORT THE PODCAST?Tell Your Friends & Share Online!Subscribe & Review:  iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Soundcloud | Google PodcastsDonate: Check out our Patreon accountSupport The Sponsors: One of the best ways to support the podcast is to support our sponsors. For a complete list of all RRP sponsors and their respective vanity url's and discount codes, visit my Resources page and click "Sponsors".Thank The Team: I do not do this alone. Send your love to Jason Camiolo for audio engineering, production, show notes and interstitial music; Margo Lubin and Blake Curtis for video, & editing; graphics by Jessica Miranda & Daniel Solis; portraits by Ali Rogers, Davy Greenberg & Grayson Wilder; copywriting by Georgia Whaley; and theme music by Tyler Piatt, Trapper Piatt & Hari Mathis. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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26 Jul 2021

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59: 'What is Plant-Based Meat?' and 'Stanford Medicine Study Shows Nutrition Benefits of Plant-Based Meat' by Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute at GFI.org

Plant Based Briefing

Learn what plant-based meat is and listen to Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute explain the Stanford Medicine “Swap-Meat” study proving it’s better for you than animal meat. The Good Food Institute is an international nonprofit reimagining meat production in order to make the global food system better for the planet, people, and animals. GFI understands that with “alternative proteins” we can mitigate the environmental impact of our food system, decrease the risk of zoonotic disease, and ultimately feed more people with fewer resources. Visit GFI.org for more information.  Original posts:  https://gfi.org/plant-based/ https://gfi.org/blog/swap-meat/ Follow Plant Based Briefing on social media: Twitter: @PlantBasedBrief YouTube: YouTube.com/PlantBasedBriefing  Facebook: Facebook.com/PlantBasedBriefing  LinkedIn: Plant Based Briefing Podcast Instagram: @PlantBasedBriefing #GFI #plantbasedmeat #alternativeprotein #protein #meat #cholesterol #saturatedfat #PlantBased #Vegan #plantbasedpodcast #veganpodcast #plantbasedbriefing


15 Jul 2021

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#142 - Bruce Friedrich: From Alternative Proteins to Alternative Food Systems

Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

Bruce Friedrich is founder and president of the Good Food Institute, an international nonprofit that is reimagining meat production. With more than 100 team members across GFI's U.S. team and five affiliate offices, GFI is building a world where alternative proteins are the default choice.Questions explored on this episode: What problem(s) connected to the food system is the Good Food Institute trying to solve? What are the causes of the problems? Who is responsible/who bears the responsibility? What are the solutions? How can technological solutions tackle the problem with industrial animal agriculture without addressing those responsible (a handful of big meat and dairy companies)? What’s the evidence that alternative proteins are displacing animal proteins? Is it too early to know?  Can alternative proteins have a positive benefit even if nothing changes with corporate consolidation and control over the food system? Can the movement for alternative proteins coexist with parallel efforts in the good food movement focused on food sovereignty and food justice? How can we use policy effectively to pave the way for an alternative food system? What is the potential future of plant based and cell-cultivated meats and what would a just transformation of the current system look like? Show Page: https://eftp.co/bruce-friedrich-3Newsletter signup: https://eftp.co/newsletterFollow us on InstagramFollow Nil Zacharias on Twitter Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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10 Jun 2021

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29. Bruce Friedrich Thinks There’s a Better Way to Eat Meat

People I (Mostly) Admire

Levitt rarely interviews advocates, but the founder of the Good Food Institute is different. Once an outspoken — and sometimes outlandish — animal-rights activist, Bruce has come to believe that market-driven innovation and scientific advancement are the best ways to reduce global meat consumption. Steve and Bruce talk about the negative externalities of factory-farmed meat, and why Bruce gave up antics like streaking at Buckingham Palace.


29 May 2021

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Ep. 156: Bruce Friedrich, Founder & Executive Director of The Good Food Institute

My Climate Journey

Today's guest is Bruce Friedrich, Founder & Executive Director of The Good Food Institute.The Good Food Institute is an international non-profit that promotes plant-based meat, dairy, and eggs as well as cultivated meat as alternatives to conventional animal products. GFI was founded to answer a fundamental question: how to feed almost 10 billion people by 2050 without burning the planet down.Inspired by Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé, Bruce has focused his career on food systems and global justice. Prior to founding GFI, Bruce ran a homeless shelter and food kitchen in inner-city D.C., served as the Vice President of International Grassroots Campaigns at PETA, was a Teacher in Baltimore, and, most recently, worked as the Director of Policy at Farm Sanctuary. In early 2016, Bruce founded Good Food Institute and currently serves as Executive Director. He oversees GFI's global strategy, working with the U.S. leadership team and international managing directors to ensure that GFI implements programs that deliver mission-focused results. Bruce is a TED Fellow, Y Combinator alum, and popular speaker on food innovation. He has penned op-eds for the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Wired, and many other publications. In this episode, Bruce explains the importance of reimagining the food system and how it affects climate. He walks me through The Good Food Institute's mission, what inspired him to pursue global food justice, and why meat is dangerous to public and environmental health. We also discuss the "holy grail" of scaling meat alternatives, the timeline for broad adoption of these products, and where policy fits in. This is a great episode and expanded my understanding of the meat industry and its role in climate change.Enjoy the show!You can find me on twitter @jjacobs22 or @mcjpod and email at info@myclimatejourney.co, where I encourage you to share your feedback on episodes and suggestions for future topics or guests.Episode recorded April 30th, 2021For more information about Good Food Institute, visit: https://gfi.org/For more about this episode, visit: myclimatejourney.co/episodes/bruce-friedrich

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10 May 2021

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21. Bruce Friedrich on Protein Alternatives and the Good Food Institute

Hear This Idea

Bruce Friedrich is the co-founder and executive director of The Good Food Institute — a nonprofit that works with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to support the development and marketing of cell-cultured and plant-based alternatives to animal food products. In this episode we discuss: [00:02:21] Bruce's path to GFI [00:06:01] Inefficiencies of animal agriculture [00:10:06] Other external harms of animal agriculture [00:18:27] GFI's theory of change [00:27:54] Why focus on affluent markets? [00:32:53] Is regular meat-eating an historical abberation? [00:35:22] Protein alternative research [00:38:49] Plant-based vs cultivated meat [00:42:40] Marketing protein alternatives [00:47:27] Nomenclature [00:49:44] Policy [00:53:46] Why do we need government spending on R&D? [00:57:40] GFI's counterfactual impact [01:01:08] Religious influences [01:04:43] The supreme court [01:09:16] Three book recommendations [01:13:14] Outro You can read much more on these topics in our accompanying write-up: earthisidea.com/episodes/bruce. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future guests, feel free get in touch through our website or by using the star rating form on each episode page. Please also consider leaving us a review wherever you're listening to this (e.g. Apple Podcasts_ — it's probably the easiest (free) means of growing the show. If you want to support the show more directly and help us keep hosting these episodes online, consider leaving a tip. Thanks for listening!

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11 Jan 2021

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Best of: Ending the age of animal cruelty, with Bruce Friedrich

Vox Conversations

You often hear that eating animals is natural. And it is. But not the way we do it.The industrial animal agriculture system is a technological marvel. It relies on engineering broiler chickens that grow almost seven times as quickly as they would naturally, and that could never survive in the wild. It relies on pumping a majority of all the antibiotics used in the United States into farm animals to stop the die-offs that overcrowding would otherwise cause. A list like this could go on endlessly, but the point is simple: Industrial animal agriculture is not a natural food system. It is a triumph of engineering.But though we live in a moment when technology has made animal cruelty possible on a scale never imagined in human history, we also live in a moment when technology may be about to make animal cruelty unnecessary. And nothing changes a society’s values as quickly as innovations that make a new moral system easy and cheap to adopt. And that’s what this podcast is about.Bruce Friedrich is the head of the Good Food Institute, which invests, connects, advises, and advocates for the plant and cell-based meat industries. That work puts him at the hot center of one of the most exciting and important technological stories of our age: the possible replacement of a cruel, environmentally unsustainable form of food production with a system that’s better for the planet, better for animals, and better for our health.I talk a lot about animal suffering issues on this podcast, and I do so because they’re important. We’re causing a lot of suffering right now. But I don’t believe that it’ll be a change in morality or ideology that transforms our system. I think it’ll be a change in technology, and Friedrich knows better than just about anyone else alive how fast that technology is becoming a reality. In a rare change of pace for the Ezra Klein Show, this conversation will leave you, dare I say it, optimistic.Book Recommendations:Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie JoyClean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World by Paul ShapiroEating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 21mins

4 Jan 2021

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Conversation on New Agrarian Revolution with Bruce Friedrich, Jim Mellon and Michael Corcoran - Longevity Week 2020

The Longevity Forum's Podcast

Bruce Friedrich, Co-founder of The Good Food Institute will be interviewed by Jim Mellon, co-founder of The Longevity Forum and Michael Corcoran, Partner at Hill Dickinson on the future of clean meat in a resilient world.Clean meat is not only better for the environment, but it also decreases dependence on antibiotics and improves food security. From cat food to cellular grown fish, we are creating new, sustainable ways to cultivate meat while avoiding the negative externalities of traditional agriculture. The field of agronomics is experiencing tremendous innovation and growth.  https://thelongevityforum.com


12 Nov 2020

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How is eating meat affecting our planet? with Bruce Friedrich

Dan Churchill's The Epic Table

Hey legends, in this week episode we are shifting gears into another area of performance… our planets. Is eating meat affecting our planet? Are we in need of a new agricultural revolution? Today’s guest is Bruce Friedrich, the Co-founder and Executive Director of The Good Food institute, breaks down what is currently going on in the agricultural industry and what the future of food must look like in order for us and our planet to survive. Specifically we touch on:-What is The Good Food Institute?-The Plant Based Industry at large-Nutrition of biomimic foods, are Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods products actually good for you?-Nutrition of Cultivated Meat-Does plant based foods reduce the onset of Covid-19, preventing the pandemic Resourceshttps://www.gfi.org/blog-swap-meathttps://www.gfi.org/


16 Oct 2020