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#479 - Christian Listener vs. David C. Smalley

David C. Smalley

Reformed Baptist (Calvinist) Adam Szydlowski discusses his faith, the infallibility of Scripture, and human vs. animal intelligence, and gets into the doctrine of pre-destination, and even calls out another Christian for a live debate on this show in the extended version with no ads on Patreon/com/davidcsmalley!

1hr 29mins

20 Aug 2020

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#448 - Christian Listener

David C. Smalley

A Christian presents 8 reasons atheism is a flawed worldview: David & Michael defend their position. ONE EXTRA HOUR is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.

2hr 10mins

8 Mar 2020

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045 - Christian Listener Tom

Godless Heathens Podcast

On this episode after weeks of wild speculation and empty promises, we finally have our first guest! Local Meetup organizer, "Friend of the Pod" and the only Christian that I know of who regularly listens to the show, Tom sat in with us. We discussed theology, climate change, abortion, immigration, and area's where we might find common ground. Links: Recommendations: Jerry's recommendation: https://www.netflix.com/title/80215147 https://www.amazon.com/Trapped-Season-1-English-Subtitled/dp/B072M6D5Y1 Jeff's Recommendation: https://www.hulu.com/press/show/the-handmaids-tale/ Email - Godlessheathens@yahoo.com Twitter - @godlesspodcast Facebook Discussion Group - https://www.facebook.com/228801104333716 Patreon - https://www.patreon.comGodlessHeathens - Any help is greatly appreciated

1hr 48mins

21 Jul 2019

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#410 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

David C. Smalley

He believes humans are evil, God is good, and atheists are dead wrong. Chris Ullery joins David and KT for a 3.5 hour conversation, leaving David feeling like he may have pushed a little too hard for the first time, in the Patreon version. The full show is available without commercials at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.

1hr 43mins

30 May 2019

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The Bible Says What!? Episode 42: The Prideful Christian Deity with Christian Listener Duane White

The Bible Says What!?

This podcast is made possible by the NIV Bible, Don Francisco coffee, and the support of listeners like you. If you like what you hear, you can help us take the show full-time by visiting https://www.patreon.com/BSWthepodcast and becoming a Patron today! For as little as a $1 an episode you can get access to patron-only contents such as, the patron-only feed, bloopers and never been aired clips. As always, thank you for listening, sharing, and supporting the show. Whether you listen to us on iTunes, Android, or YouTube, you can help others find the show and let us know how we’re doing by giving us a rating and/or comment. Please send all questions, hate mail and guest suggestions to bswthepodcast@gmail.com. While you’re there don’t forget to hit the ’subscribe’ button so you don’t miss out on next week's episode. Until then, would you kindly pick up your bibles and read them. Other ways to tune in: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7FrIcfAfHHRr9ZkKSR11BQ/featured?app=desktop iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bible-says-what/id1383942979?mt=2 Google Play: https://play.google.com/music/listen#/ps/Iizrha4gh56jgb3s5d2cx6hwejm Follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/BSWthepodcast/

1hr 18mins

19 May 2019

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#399 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

David C. Smalley

His views are evolving! Christian listener and Patreon supporter, Jordy Moffat, joins David Smalley and KT Tatara for a Bible Quiz game, and then a deep discussion on what beliefs Jordy still holds on to. The full episode without commercials, and an extra HOUR of bonus content is available at Patreon.com/davidcsmalley.

1hr 25mins

24 Feb 2019

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#384 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

David C. Smalley

He's listened to all 383 episodes of Dogma Debate. And he's still a Christian. Now, Jared VanHorn joins David Smalley for #384 to tell the world why he hasn't been convinced.

3hr 37mins

13 Oct 2018

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#354 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

David C. Smalley

Is this a crisis of faith? More progress is made in this discussion than ever before on this podcast. A well-reasoned Christian supporter of Dogma Debate on Patreon, Tyson Mohr, joins David for an in-depth conversation which seems to allow doubts to surface. Also, Alex Malpass, who holds a PhD in Philosophy, joins David to discuss the most recent show, and the problems with apologist Tom Peeler's logical syllogisms.

3hr 54mins

22 Feb 2018

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#344 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

David C. Smalley

Jon Sedlak, a Christian follower of the show joins us via skype to talk morality, the many interpretations of Bible scripture, and to share his reasoning as to why he believes.

3hr 40mins

13 Dec 2017

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#331 - Christian Listener vs. David Smalley

David C. Smalley

A Christian 4th Listener who financially supports Dogma Debate on Patreon, talks with David about God, evil, natural disasters, and more.

3hr 11mins

13 Sep 2017